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During the process of losing weight in the last turn it turns out to get rid of the sides and abdomen. It is noticed that even in people of thin physique these parts of the body are clearly visible. This is physiologically justified by the fact that in our rhythm of life, the abdominal muscles are involved less than others. Therefore, often there is a desire to reduce it and tighten it. This helps fitness, gymnastics, exercise to remove the stomach: they contribute to weight loss, the formation of a beautiful waist.

What is exercise for the abdomen

The fastest way to “collect” extra pounds on a zone of the female abdomen. Often women experience this problem after pregnancy (childbirth or cesarean). You can begin physical activity after consulting with your doctor, because each one has individual contraindications. After childbirth, a problem such as diastasis, which is treated with a special set of exercises, can only occur under the supervision of a specialist.

Remember that charging may not start the process of burning internal subcutaneous fat, but rather contribute to the opposite effect – the muscles will strengthen and grow in volume. It is important that the exercises for weight loss of the abdomen at home were aimed at all the muscles in turn, had different intensities. The main thing is regularity (at least a month), after which the result will be noticeable. Strength training is needed to remove loose skin and get an elastic tummy.

What to do to remove the stomach and sides

Understanding what the result is planned to get, you can easily choose an exercise program. At this time, you should not adhere to a strict diet, you must exclude from the diet semi-finished foods, fried and greasy, focus on fruits and vegetables. Be sure to do a warm-up, it does not depend on where the training takes place – at home or in the gym. At first, muscle discomfort will be felt, but in a couple of days it goes away, and after 2-4 weeks the first results will be noticeable.

Man closes his eyes to fast food.


Before proceeding to the exercises, you need to understand the causes of obesity, the manifestations of the male beer belly. These include:

  • inactive lifestyle;
  • improper diet;
  • the presence of problems with the endocrine system;
  • bad habits (smoking, alcohol abuse);
  • metabolic diseases (e.g. diabetes);
  • gastrointestinal congestion.

First you need to minimize all possible negative factors, and then already begin to perform exercises from the abdomen. Charging in order to pump the cubes most effectively takes place using the following exercises:

  • twisting (pumping of the rectus and oblique muscles of the press);
  • “Rock climber” (running in place from an emphasis lying down);
  • hanging on the horizontal bar while raising legs;
  • strap;
  • dumbbell bench press;
  • push ups and squats.


Every girl dreams of having a sporty flat tummy. Only by combining proper nutrition with training does it become real. Follow the diet, pay special attention to breakfast: eat any dishes. Dinner is preferably made light, for example, salad, kefir or cottage cheese. Eat slowly, from small plates. It helps psychologically. Forget about snacks and satisfy hunger with dried apricots or fruits.

Training should be regular (mandatory minimum 3 times a week). Each type of load is done 15 times in 3 sets. A break between exercise blocks is 1.5-2 minutes, during which you can’t sit: you need to walk and warm up. One hour before the workout and two hours after its completion, it is not recommended to eat. If training is planned outside the gym, it is recommended to prepare weights and dumbbells (they can be replaced with flasks with water).

The girl does exercises for weight loss.

Exercises to clean your stomach

It is believed that with daily press loads, the fat layer will decrease faster. But this will only add relief to the muscles, and in no way reduce them in volume. Fat burning requires powerful and lengthy movements (the body-flex does just fine with this). Exercise in combination with diet, proper water balance in the body and breathing exercises give excellent results..

For belly and waist

Charging to remove the stomach and lose weight is performed as follows:

  1. Take a horizontal position, bend your legs. Between them hold a towel, lift a torso. Hold on like this for a second, repeat the exercise 15 times.
  2. The starting position is similar. We set bent legs at 50 degrees, hands behind the head. Raise the body, delay for 3-5 seconds. The more time you can stay in this position, the higher the effectiveness of this exercise.
  3. Training with such a simulator as a hoop perfectly helps burn calories and remove sides. Twist hula hoop must be at least 20 minutes a day.

For the press

The leaders among the exercises for pumping the press, which even beginners will cope with, are the following types:

  1. Vacuum. To perform, we position the legs shoulder-width apart, hands on the waist. Take a deep breath so that the lungs are completely filled with air. Having pulled in a stomach, begin to exhale slowly, sometimes being late in this or that position. Then inhale while continuing to draw in your stomach. One repeat lasts 20-30 seconds.
  2. Strap. Lie on your stomach, from this position, stand on your toes and forearms, so that the body forms a straight line. Pull in your stomach, tighten your abs. Stay in this position as much as possible time for you.
  3. Bike. Sit on a flat surface, put your hands behind your head, legs stretch forward over the floor. Bend your right leg, bring it to the body, touch it with your left elbow. During the exercise, change arms and legs.

Exercise bike

For the lower abdomen

For effective training, focus not only on muscle tension, but also on their retraction. A set of exercises for the abdomen looks like this:

  1. Lying on the floor, press the buttocks to the floor, hands along the body. Pull out your socks, raise your legs. Then at a fast pace, raise and lower them, trying not to touch the floor.
  2. While in the same position, bend your legs, put your left hand behind your head. With your free hand, reach for the left side, lifting your shoulder off the floor. Repeat the same for the opposite side..
  3. Sit down, bend your legs. Turn your back until you feel that the press is tense. Then twist left and right.

What exercise best cleans the stomach? One thing cannot be distinguished. It is important to change your habits and get used to regular loads in order to clean your stomach, make the body sculpted and slim. The basic exercises are described above, but this is far from all. The following are effective exercises for the abdomen in video tutorials, which are recommended for everyone to lose weight.

Fat burning exercises for the abdomen and sides

What exercises remove the stomach

Gymnastics for the press

Attention! The information presented in the article is for guidance only. Materials of the article do not call for self-treatment. Only a qualified doctor can make a diagnosis and give treatment recommendations based on the individual characteristics of a particular patient.

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