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The waist area is the most problematic in many people. In women, the accumulation of subcutaneous fat as a helper in childbearing is genetically laid down there, then it increases due to a lifestyle. In men, another type of fat is more often formed, which envelops the internal organs. Physical exercises aimed at the problem area will help rid the figure of imperfection. There is a wide variety of effective workouts, among which you can choose which exercise best removes the stomach and helps absorb fat on the sides.

What exercises can you remove your stomach

An integrated approach will help to make your stomach flat and beautiful. You can’t expect that the implementation of a single exercise will solve all the problems. It is important to combine two types of training: aerobic and strength. Aerobic training makes the heart train, improves blood circulation and oxygen saturation of cells. This enhances metabolism, and with it, weight loss. If a layer of fat has accumulated at the waist, then only classes in the form of running, jumping rope, bicycle, swimming in the pool, fitness will help to drive it away..

Strength training is the exercises that we perform, lifting weights or the weight of our own body. They focus on certain muscle groups. Combining them with aerobic exercise, you will provide simultaneous weight loss and the formation of a beautiful relief. In order to tighten the stomach, you need to use:

  • Top press. The exercises “bar”, body raises, “cot”, squats, deadlift work with him.
  • Lower press. For this, “scissors”, “bicycle”, leg lifts are suitable.
  • Lateral and oblique muscles of the press. Pumped up with twists on the back, side, fitball.

Girl shakes the press

Abdominal Fat Burning Exercises

The best exercises for weight loss are three classes that make the shape of the press beautiful. They comprehensively work out all the muscles and quickly reduce the fat layer:

  • Bike. Performing it, you will put a strain on the rectus and oblique muscles. It is done lying, legs are raised 45 degrees. One leg goes out with the heel to the buttocks during inhalation, while exhaling the knee is pulled to the chest. The second leg is straight at this time. Then everything repeats with a change of legs.
  • Twisting with a fitball. They force the rectus muscle to work, working on the upper and lower press. To do this, lie on your back with a fitball, put your hands behind your head and raise the body up. Stretch your muscles in the upper position.
  • Leg lift. They work out the rectus and oblique muscles. To perform, you need to hang on the bar and pull your legs to the chest.

Exercises for the abdomen and waist

All exercises for the abdomen will involve the waist. With regular exercises with the following exercises, you can note a decrease in volume per month by several centimeters:

  • Twisting with the rise of the pelvis. This movement is performed from a prone position, legs need to be bent at the knees and raised above yourself. Raise the body and legs at the same time, folding in half.
  • Side twists will make maximum emphasis on the waist. Lie on your side, stretch your hand, which is located below, forward. Take the second behind the head. Try to lift up the body and legs, keeping the position on the side. Knees bend slightly.
  • Lowering the pelvis. Lie on your side, lean on one elbow. Lower the case all the way down, then return to its original position.
  • Slopes. They are working on the sides. For greater efficiency, you can perform with weights in the form of dumbbells.

Side twisting

Flat stomach exercises

To lose a couple of kilos will help one effective exercise. Performing 5 times a week, twice a day on an empty stomach, after a month you will notice the result. We are talking about the exercise “vacuum”, which increases the tone of the internal muscles and gives the stomach a flat shape. It is suitable for those who have sagging skin below, and muscles are very stretched. It is done in standing, sitting, on all fours. The bottom line is that at first a deep breath is taken, and then a full exhalation so that the walls of the abdomen seem to stick to the back. On the exhale we spend 15-20 seconds, inhale and repeat again.

Looking for the answer, what exercise best removes the stomach, many come to the conclusion that this roller skating. Performing this movement, you feel the enormous tension of the abdominal muscles. Adapting to it is not easy, but the result in the form of cubes is worth it. Start riding on your knees. Slowly roll the roller back and forth as far as the forces allow. In an extended position, hold for a couple of seconds. For starters, do not do more than two approaches 10 times.

A set of exercises for the abdomen

If once you had a flat tummy, but gradually it became fat, an apron appeared, such a simple complex helps to lose weight. It includes the most effective exercises for the abdomen. They must be performed every other day and try to bring the number of repetitions to 3 sets of 25 times. You can start with the amount that you are able to master:

  • Scissors. The movement is done lying. Put your hands under your buttocks. Raise your hips about 30 centimeters from the floor, cross them, alternatingly raising up one leg or another.
  • Push. Made from the same position, but the legs are bent at the knees. Bring your knees to your chest, then sharply push your legs up, straightening them. Buttocks, lower back lift up, then smoothly come back.
  • Complex twisting. From a prone position, raise your legs, body up at the same time. Hands that were on the stomach, while folding the body, stretch between the knees.
  • Planck with a twist. Turn your face to the floor, rise on your elbows. The whole body is stretched in one line. Then you turn on your side, lifting one arm off the floor. Go back, turn on the other side. Hold on for 30 seconds in all three positions..

Exercise scissors

The correct execution of classes is very important to achieve the desired result. Not to make mistakes, to become in the right poses, to learn how to breathe and move will help videos in which professional athletes tell how to perform certain movements. Any of the complexes can be taken as a basis and, doing it regularly, get a good result.

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