Elos rejuvenation – faces, photos before and after the procedure. Contraindications to elos rejuvenation

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For more than 15 years, women and men have the opportunity to experience all the charms of cosmetology technology of the highest level. Israeli doctors invented a unique technique aimed at the natural regeneration of the skin. Elos rejuvenation returns skin freshness and youth, helps get rid of scars, scars, deep wrinkles. The procedure has a minimal effect on the surrounding tissue and has virtually no side effects..

What is ELOS rejuvenation technique?

Elos rejuvenation procedure

Elos rejuvenation is possible thanks to an apparatus that simultaneously produces two different types of energy – light flux and electric current. The system generates light pulses, thereby creating a temperature difference between the area that is being processed and the surrounding tissues. The energy of light in this case is converted into heat, which leads to an increase in temperature values ​​in modified tissues. This phenomenon changes the electrical conductivity of tissues and causes them to produce more elastic fibers over time..

This hardware method of cosmetology selectively acts on damaged skin cells, destroying their structure. Features of Elos rejuvenation – the penetration of healing energy into the deeper layers of the dermis. The formation of elastin and collagen is triggered. These substances of a protein nature are responsible for the firmness, elasticity of the skin. Processing with the Elos device gives a tangible result after 4-5 weeks, the first changes will be visible after 4 days. Laser facial rejuvenation is a slightly different procedure, it should not be identified with Elos, which is safer..

Indications for the procedure

Lifting and elimination of external defects is carried out in different areas: corners of the eyes, eyelids, nasolabial triangle, neck, décolleté. Experts recommend resorting to Elos rejuvenation after 30-35 years to prevent wrinkles. In a more mature age, such plastic is also effective. Non-surgical facelift and correction of problem areas is indicated in such cases:

  • age-related aging;
  • deep wrinkles;
  • folds in any part of the body;
  • dark spots;
  • changes in the shape of the face;
  • unhealthy skin color;
  • traces of blackheads;
  • scars, scar tissue;
  • rosacea;
  • enlarged pores;
  • keratosis;
  • bright vascular network;
  • stretch marks.

Is pre-training necessary

A woman undergoes an Elos rejuvenation procedure

In order for the rejuvenation system to be as effective as possible, it is necessary to adhere to several rules:

  1. 2 weeks before the procedure, it is forbidden to do any injection.
  2. 2-3 weeks before the rejuvenation of Elos, you can’t visit the solarium, take sun baths.
  3. 3-4 days before the procedure, it is not recommended to do peeling, masks, steam the skin.
  4. On the day of skin rejuvenation do not use cosmetics, perfumes.

How is the Elos procedure

The duration of the first session is 45-60 minutes. If there are serious defects, facial rejuvenation takes twice as much time – up to 2 hours. The procedure is gentle: specialists give a 97% guarantee that the patient will not get a burn. The operation of the device is almost painless. Only when removing the vasculature and processing the wings of the nose can a slight discomfort arise, which does not require the introduction of anesthetics. Standard sensations during Elos rejuvenation – warmth and light tingling of the skin.

Non-surgical facelift is as follows. Before the procedure, the skin is cleaned, a cooling gel is applied, for example, with aloe vera extract. It deeply moisturizes the layers of the dermis, evens out its color. Eyes should be worn with safety glasses. Next, the specialist processes the skin with an Elos device, on which a nozzle is installed to fix your specific problem. The nozzle is equipped with filters that muffle the flash. After a rejuvenation procedure for about half an hour, you can observe redness, swelling of the skin is normal.

How many procedures are needed to achieve the effect

Preparation for the rejuvenation procedure

Elos rejuvenation requires 4-6 sessions with a frequency of once every 3-4 weeks. If you want to fight against wrinkles, you will need a minimum number of procedures, removing scars and scars will require a lot of effort. Results do not appear immediately:

  • Zones with a vascular network, age spots darken after 2-3 days. Sometimes this process is accompanied by the formation of a crust, which eventually disappears.
  • The skin takes on a light shade after three days. Along with this, the lifting effect begins to appear. If age spots are present, they are still visible..
  • After 2-4 weeks after the first Elos rejuvenation session, the dark areas are almost compared with skin tone, and disappear after 8-10 weeks. The vascular network turns pale.
  • For comparison: laser rejuvenation promises results in 1-2 weeks, but the procedure gives many side effects and requires more time for rehabilitation.

How to care for your skin after treatment

At home, you need to carefully treat your skin after Elos rejuvenation. Rules:

  1. Three days you can not warm the epidermis. Under the ban – taking a hot bath, shower, visiting the solarium, baths, active physical activity.
  2. Four days you can not treat the skin with chemicals and have a mechanical effect on it.
  3. Two weeks after the rejuvenation procedure, it is forbidden to take sun baths, to put injections in the treated area.
  4. For a month before going out, apply sunscreen with a filter of at least 30 units.

Skin examination before therapy

Are there any contraindications and side effects?

The Elos rejuvenation procedure can not be done in such categories of the population:

  • people allergic to the sun;
  • women in position;
  • patients with formations of a benign and malignant nature;
  • very tanned people (this can cause burns);
  • men and women who have taken vitamin A in the last six months;
  • patients with skin pathologies, acute cold sores, AIDS, HIV;
  • people taking antibiotics that increase the sensitivity of the epidermis to the rays of the sun;
  • patients with a pacemaker;
  • people with an insulin-dependent form of diabetes.

In any case, everyone who wants to undergo Elos rejuvenation should visit a dermatologist and find out his opinion. Before the procedure, you must conduct a mini-test on the susceptibility of the skin to this kind of energy. This will prevent burns. Side effects are a very rare occurrence. Edema and redness are often formed, which pass after a maximum of 24 hours. The second point is the darkening of the defective areas, since their processing is more intense.

Photos before and after the procedure

Woman's face before and after elos rejuvenation

The photos show the final result of the Elos rejuvenation procedure. You will see that the skin has become a few tones lighter. The “crow’s feet” around the eyes smoothed out, the upper eyelid tightened, the oval of the face, and age spots disappeared. The result (visually) is minus 10 years. Pleasant minimum period of rehabilitation, increased self-esteem and success in all areas. A confident person whose appearance is important for a career will evaluate the results of the procedure positively.

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