Exercise bike for weight loss – how to do for the abs and legs with video

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Performing an exercise bike is of tremendous benefit and helps to strengthen the body, make the muscles of the abs, hips and legs beautiful. This easy element of physical activity is known from school physical education and gymnastics lessons, used as morning exercises. It’s hard to believe, but a simple workout that includes this exercise gives you truly excellent results. An important advantage is the fact that classes do not require the use of additional equipment.

What is exercise bike

When a sporting element does not look complicated, it seems that it will not have the desired effect. The bicycle in the classical sense, on the contrary, with its apparent unpretentiousness gives a visible result. However, this will be effective only in case of regular execution. An exercise is done while lying on your back, and with your feet, while simulating riding a real bicycle. To engage more muscle groups, you can add “pedaling” with additional elements and do bicycle twisting.

What is useful exercise bike

Among sports training, there is no one that would be harmful to the body, but the presence of contraindications to certain loads has not been canceled. You can work on building a beautiful body only with good health. The benefit of exercise bike is that it involves a whole group of muscles. This means that at the same time, you can bring the area of ​​the press and hips into the desired shape. In addition, the bicycle will have a preventive effect on some parts of the body, preventing, for example, cellulite from developing..

For the press

With excess body fat, counting on only one exercise is not worth it. A bike for the press will be effective only with an integrated approach. It will help to draw cubes and oblique muscles, but they will be hidden under a layer of fat and all efforts will simply not be visible to the eye. To make them visible, you need to include cardio loads in your training program to help deal with hated deposits. After defeating fat, you can diversify twisting classes, allowing you to get a more beautiful relief.

Girl performs an exercise bike lying on her back

For legs

Beautiful external data, especially when it comes to a taut athletic body, are important for both women and men. However, health promotion plays a decisive role in deciding whether to exercise. A bicycle for legs has a positive effect on blood circulation, greatly enhancing it. This means that with regular and proper exercise, you can not be afraid of vein diseases, such as varicose veins. The benefits of such training are not limited to this: you can tighten the back surface of the legs, on which it is difficult to work.

For weight loss

The presence of excess weight and flaws in the figure can not but worry the person, especially when it comes to women. To feel more confident, to look beautiful, you need to develop a balanced diet scheme and training complex for yourself. Exercise bike for weight loss will be a great option. Easy to perform, it will help to tighten those parts of the body that need it. To do this, you need to give him a few minutes a day, but do it regularly. However, it is important to remember that 80% of success in losing weight depends on nutrition, so you need to adjust it first.

For the hips

The figures of different people are so different that they require a special approach in everything related to sports. With the pear type, for example, the hips are one of the main problem areas. You need to work on them especially actively and seriously. A bicycle for hips will not only help to acquire beautiful forms, but will also become a good preventive measure against cellulite, which is such an unpleasant problem for many women.

Girl doing bike exercise

What muscles work

The effectiveness of classes for body shaping is determined by how many parts of the body are involved: the more they are, the more comprehensive and effective the training will be. If we talk about what muscles work during exercise bike, then we can mention different groups:

  • Back. The latissimus and puscularis muscles are involved.
  • Stomach. The work of the oblique abdominal muscles is activated.
  • Press. Above and below the load leads to an equally beautiful result..
  • Hips. Gluteal and femoral muscles work well at runtime.
  • Legs. A less active group, but the load is enough to lose weight and increase blood circulation.

How to do exercise bike

The execution technique is very simple, but required:

  1. Take a starting position. To do this, lie on the floor, laying a mat under the back and press the shoulder blades.
  2. It is necessary to slightly raise the upper part of the housing..
  3. Feet need to try to raise 45 ?, but if it is difficult to do, then 90 is enough?.
  4. Hands during execution must be kept behind the head, bent at the elbows. They must remain motionless to avoid injuring the neck muscles..
  5. Start “pedaling”: alternately pull the knee of one leg to the chest, and straighten the opposite parallel to the floor. Watch your breath.

How many calories burns

To compensate for the excess amount eaten, most people immediately resort to sports. This decision is justified, since training can provide real help. However, when people find out how many calories a bike burns, their enthusiasm decreases, since with average activity this figure is about 10 kcal per minute. Such training is more aimed not at losing weight, but at acquiring a beautiful relief.

Girl with weights in hands

How much do

The amount and intensity of physical activity directly depends on the form in which the person is. Only the level of sports training will be able to answer the question of how much exercise the bike should do for the abs and hips. On average, 3 approaches are enough with short breaks between them. The number of repetitions at first should not exceed 10, but gradually it should be brought to the maximum value – 20 times.

Mistakes during exercise

The correct implementation of any training element is the guarantee that it will give the expected result. When doing a bike for the press or hips, beginners make a number of mistakes that not only reduce efficiency, but can also harm health. Among them stand out:

  • Beginners “cyclists” tend to perform the exercise on a soft surface, such as a couch. Doing so is not recommended, as this gives an unnecessary strain on the lower back..
  • In attempts to accelerate the action of the exercise, beginners try to make quick sharp movements. However, on the contrary, this solution slows down the process, because the muscles do not work at full strength..
  • The desire to stretch your elbows to your knees is normal just not for this exercise, so try to overcome this impulse. Otherwise, you run the risk of feeling unpleasant tension in the neck every time..

Exercise bike after childbirth

In the postpartum period, women need to be especially attentive to their body and not allow too much sports overvoltage. A bicycle is an approved exercise. However, in order for women to benefit, it is necessary at first to reduce the intensity and number of repetitions. You can start doing the bike 8 times in each approach and be limited to two.

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