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Why spend time on the gym if you can buy a sports unit for training and put it at home? Modern exercise machines completely replace cycling, equipped with all necessary functions. To understand which of them is best helped by information about the features of each unit.

Types of exercise bikes

Today, there are many types of exercise bikes for the home. The variety is the convenience of choice, because everyone can find a sports unit based on the purpose of destination, physical fitness and desire to achieve results. Four types are distinguished by design and type of landing: portable, hybrid, horizontal, vertical. The table shows the characteristic differences of species and pronounced features:

Type of unit Features Differences
  • track bike simulator;
  • load from both road racing and road bicycles;
  • the location of the pedals is under the seat;
  • all muscles are involved due to the type of fit.
It does not take up much space at home, compact (seen from the photo), makes you feel like a cyclist.
  • comfort;
  • comfortable back;
  • created for people who have health problems;
  • the load is removed from the back due to the type of landing;
  • leg muscle load.
Suitable for the rehabilitation period after injuries, stabilizes the activity of the heart and respiratory system.
  • specialized design;
  • You can train at home both reclining and sitting;
  • the chair is easily adjustable in planes;
  • result of compatibility of horizontal and vertical types.
On sale are rare due to low demand. Well-known brand producing such simulators – Matrix.
  • issued without sitting;
  • easy to transport;
  • small size makes it possible to put it at home in the closet.
Due to its design, it is not as effective as a horizontal or vertical type. Difficult to distribute the load.

Which exercise bike is better – magnetic or belt

Professionals advise choosing the type of unit depending on your personal convenience. The load adjustment in the belt model is carried out using a belt and pedals, and in the magnetic model with two magnets. The latter type is more functional, but also costs more. The main difference between the best magnetic or belt exercise bike is in the life and noise level. Based on comparative parameters, it is better to purchase a home exercise bike with a magnetic type of resistance.

Magnetic and belt exercise bikes

Which exercise bike is better – magnetic or electromagnetic

In the previous review, magnets won, but the bike simulator for the home was improved and provided with new advantages: improving the system, improving technical parameters, full energy autonomy. Thanks to electronics, you can determine your physical activity at home, adjust the appropriate mode and duration of training. The built-in heart rate sensor tells you when to take a break. On a convenient monitor displays statistics and parameters. Therefore, when thinking between a magnetic or electromagnetic type, choose the second.

Which exercise bike to choose

A home sports bike simulator is selected according to customer preferences. For home use, both large-sized and portable models are popular, taking up little space and which can be hidden in a closet. Such simulators are equipped with load adjustment functions, a monitor with information, a heartbeat sensor. In addition to those popular models presented in this article, it is worth paying attention to such best companies:

  • Alex
  • Bodycraft
  • Esprit;
  • Kampfer;
  • Kettler (Kettler);
  • Lifegear;
  • Starfit
  • Sven
  • Torneo (Torneo);
  • Zipro fitness.

Exercise bike professional

Employees of Spirit Fitness have developed a professional exercise bike for the home, which is perfect for sports people. The XBU55 unit model is distinguished by a multi-stage training program:

  • model name: Spirit XBU55;
  • price: 89 990 r.;
  • characteristics: vertical type, autonomous operation, weight up to 148 kg, magnetic load system, unit weight 52 kg;
  • main advantages: the presence of programs, the display of the pulse, there is a stand for accessories.
  • cons: no angle adjustment, flywheel weight only 13 kg.

An example of an improved simulator for the home is another model of the previous brand:

  • model name: Spirit CB900;
  • price: 109 990 r .;
  • characteristics: vertical spin-bike, autonomous operation, weight up to 154 kg, inertial load system, unit weight 66 kg;
  • pluses: flywheel weight increased to 19 kg, block flywheel gripper;
  • cons: no heart rate sensor, calories and speed display.

A budget, but no less good professional simulator for the home is considered to be an Oxygen unit:

  • model name: Oxygen Turbox U;
  • price: 25 890 r.;
  • characteristics: vertical bicycle ergometer, autonomous work, max. user weight up to 150 kg, electromagnetic load system, unit weight 38 kg;
  • pluses: inexpensive price for excellent quality, the number of training programs (32);
  • Cons: no bookends, not suitable for rooms with low ceilings (height 146 cm).

Two models of professional exercise bikes

Simple exercise bike

Against the background of the best simple exercise bikes, the Carbon Fitness unit stands out brightly. The presented model is ideal for home use:

  • model name: Carbon Fitness U200;
  • price: 13 790 r.;
  • characteristics: vertical exercise bike, autonomous work, weight up to 120 kg, magnetic load system, unit weight 19 kg;
  • Pros: reasonable price, low weight, cadence is displayed;
  • cons: no fitness assessment, steering wheel adjustment, seat adjustment.

The second in the list of the most top home units by reviews is the Oxygen simulator, which costs a little more:

  • model name: Oxygen Pelican II UB;
  • price: 18 890 r.;
  • characteristics: vertical exercise bike, autonomous work, weight up to 130 kg, magnetic load system, unit weight 27 kg;
  • pluses: built-in handheld heart rate sensor, there is a fitness score and a BodyFat score;
  • cons: cadence is not displayed, there is no possibility of training hands.

An original-looking and easy-to-use simple exercise bike of the German brand Svensson:

  • model name: Svensson Body Labs CrossLine BTA;
  • price: 26 990 r.;
  • characteristics: vertical bicycle ergometer, autonomous operation, weight up to 120 kg, magnetic load system, unit weight 24 kg;
  • pluses: pulse measurement, fitness assessment;
  • cons: oversized, there is no way to program training.

Home exercise bikes Carbon Fitness U200 and Oxygen Pelican II UB

Portable exercise bike

Judging by the reviews among portable exercise bikes, the most popular is the Sport Elite belt mini exercise bike:

  • model name: Sport Elite BY-810;
  • price: 2 760 r.;
  • characteristics: portable exercise bike, autonomous work, weight up to 100 kg, belt load system, unit weight 5.6 kg;
  • pluses: the parameter of the speed of pedals is displayed, inexpensive cost;
  • cons: no training in time and distance.

The next good simulator that will help support the body on trips is the DFC unit:

  • model name: DFC SC-W002;
  • price: 3 221 r.;
  • characteristics: portable exercise bike, autonomous work, weight up to 110 kg, belt load system, unit weight 6.3 kg;
  • pluses: the number of load levels (8), inexpensive cost, suitable for training legs and arms, does not require a network connection.
  • cons: no display of cadence.

Among the novelties of mini exercise bikes for the home of this company DFC, a portable type unit with a magnetic system stands out:

  • model name: DFC 1.2-1;
  • price: 2 990 r.;
  • characteristics: portable exercise bike, autonomous work, weight up to 100 kg, magnetic load system, unit weight 4.4 kg;
  • pluses: budget price, low weight, does not require a network connection.
  • cons: there is no display of the current speed, training on distance and time.

Mini Sport Elite BY-810 exercise bike

Exercise bike for the elderly

The best exercise bike for the elderly in Germany, the Titan brand is equipped with an electric motor and is great for training arm and leg muscles at home:

  • model name: LY-901-FM;
  • price: 3 900 r .;
  • characteristics: pedal exercise bike, reverse mode, electric drive, load capacity up to 120 kg;
  • pluses: display of calorie consumption, display of training time, display of the number of revolutions per minute, display of the distance traveled;
  • cons: not created for professional use.

For the elderly, it is very important to maintain proper nutrition and keep your body in shape. Particular attention should be paid to arm training and the shoulder area of ​​the house, which the Titan exercise bike will do just fine:

  • model name: CuraMotion Exer III with a mat;
  • price: 42 000 r .;
  • characteristics: the number of levels of adjustment of effort 8, weighs 9 kg, the design is made of steel;
  • pluses: trains the upper body, there is a loading system, stability on the floor;
  • cons: high price.

For training the lower and upper body, an Armed brand trainer is on sale, which, judging by the reviews, is convenient to carry:

  • model name: Armed T70110;
  • price: 8 740 r.;
  • Characteristics: pedal type of product, weighs 10 kg, design is made of shockproof plastic; there is a collar ring;
  • pluses: trains the upper and lower body, there is a display that displays important information;
  • cons: not for professional use.

Elderly mini exercise bike LY-901-FM

Exercise Bike Rating

The below rating of exercise bikes will allow you to quickly make a choice. Do not forget that it’s not enough to buy the most professional product, you need to read the instructions and use them correctly. Rating table for manufacturers of exercise bikes and how much the product costs:

A place Brand name Rating Price


5/5 from 89 thousand to 109 thousand rubles.


5/5 from 12 thousand to 48 thousand rubles.
3 Carbon fitness 4/5 from 8 thousand to 22 thousand rubles.
4 Svensson Body Labs 5/5 from 14 thousand to 27 thousand rubles.

Sport elite

3/5 from 2 thousand to 17 thousand rubles.
6 Dfc 5/5 from 3 thousand to 26 thousand rubles.

How to choose a home exercise bike

The main criterion for choosing exercise bikes is the purpose of use. Units vary in type of load and come with electromagnetic, magnetic, shoe, belt drive, bicycle ergometers. Before buying, it is important to understand what muscle groups you want to train. The best exercise bikes are those that are suitable for you and solve your tasks. Pay attention to gross weight, net weight (if transportation is important), length and width of the goods, the ability to adjust the seat vertically and horizontally, are there transport rollers / wheels.

You can pick up and order goods in the catalog or buy in the online store. The table below shows the characteristics that will help you make your choice:

Unit Name Characteristics Buy recommendations
  • does not require an electrical connection;
  • have a belt worn on the flywheel that adjusts the degree of load;
  • you can use the chain drive system by acting on the pedals.
Simple and cheap option, but noisy and has a low ride.
  • alternative to track bike;
  • the design contains a heavy flywheel with brake pads;
  • great resistance;
  • maximum smoothness;
  • load on all muscle groups;
  • there is no possibility of microtrauma.
Popular among professional cyclists. Such a unit replaces bicycle loads in winter.
  • weighty flywheel;
  • two magnets create resistance;
  • adjustable by moving or removing magnets to the flywheel;
  • more load levels.
It does not produce noise and has a high smoothness. Durable and reliable, has a long service life.
  • modern functionality;
  • high quality;
  • electromagnetic field provides resistance;
  • network independent;
  • built-in current generator.
The most expensive models of units are electromagnetic type. Thanks to the electronics system, you can record your result and select the appropriate mode.
Bicycle ergometer
  • used in the process of rehabilitation and in wellness therapy;
  • smooth and smooth running;
  • electromagnetic load system;
  • orthopedic landing reduces the load on the back;
  • your heart rate is displayed on the screen.
You can choose your own user program. Good prophylactic results have been shown for heart diseases. Used for weight loss..

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