Exercises after Caesarean section for weight loss

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Every woman wants to restore her shape lost during pregnancy as soon as possible. As for the caesarean section, then immediately after the operation, you can not start active classes. Mandatory consultation with a doctor is needed: each organism is individual. If there are no medical contraindications, then you can proceed to gentle training.

Exercise After Cesarean Slimming

It is possible to follow a moderate balanced diet literally a month after surgery. It is required to establish a diet and include in the daily menu only healthy foods, excluding sweet, fried and flour. With physical activity, you have to wait. Specialists in this field do not recommend doing weight loss exercises after cesarean for two months.

The very first load will be the care of the baby, to which mothers who underwent a caesarean section begin on the second day. Further, within 8 weeks of the postoperative period, it is necessary to allow the body to recover itself. Exercises after cesarean should begin with regular school physical education, excluding running and squats. Six months later, you can go to the pool and water aerobics.

Exercises for the abdomen after cesarean

The divergence of muscles in the abdomen, called diastasis, is a common occurrence both during surgical intervention and in the case of natural childbirth. Removing excess fat and a bulging tummy can be a very difficult task. Press exercises after cesarean can only be started with the permission of the doctor who is watching you. It’s better to start with simple elements, but you need to do it regularly.

The best time when you can pump the press after a cesarean section comes in six months. To start losing weight initially, you can use the bodyflex breathing technique, which involves breathing in and out of your stomach. Next, you can engage in a bicycle, which will also help to lose weight and return to its former shape. Do not overwork when exercising on the simulator or walking around the city to avoid damage to the seam.

Girl doing abs exercises while lying on her back

Fitball exercises after cesarean

The process of recovery of the body that underwent surgery lasts up to six months or more. If you are interested in knowing what exercises can be done after cesarean section, then get yourself a gym ball. Workouts with high intensity are best avoided: you can run, squat and do yoga later, and fitball will become your assistant in the process of losing weight. More active exercises on the ball are best done after 6 months. However, exercises aimed at strengthening the pelvic floor exercises on fitball after cesarean can be practiced after 3 months.

Exercise Vacuum After Cesarean

Restore shape, remove the sides and tummy of a recently born woman is not so simple. Exercise vacuum after cesarean – that version of physical activity, which is shown to most of them in the postoperative period. Quick results should not be expected, but such training significantly improves blood circulation, helps to lose weight and tighten muscles. However, it will not be superfluous to consult a doctor. The vacuum is done while lying on your back, deep breaths are carried out, and on the exhale you must not allow the press to acquire its original position.

Girl doing abdominal vacuum exercise

Exercise Plank After Cesarean

When carrying a baby, not only the abdominal muscles, but also the back suffer. Exercise bar after cesarean is aimed just at strengthening the lower back, arms, lower abs. To build muscle, it is important to exercise regularly, gradually increasing the time: minutes will be enough for the first lesson. The correct body position for the strap is adopted as follows:

  1. Sit on the floor, lying on your stomach.
  2. Bend your elbow joints at a right angle. Rip them on the floor, lifting the upper body.
  3. Bend your knees first, and then straighten them with your toes.
  4. Lower the body so that it is close to a straight line. Stand as long as you can.

Exercises for uterine contractions after cesarean

Gymnastics can be aimed not only at eliminating the visual flaws of the figure, but also done to strengthen women’s health. The pace at which physical elements will be performed depends only on the medical indicators of a particular organism. Exercises to reduce the uterus after cesarean can be boring and contain a large number of repetitions, but the effect of them is more noticeable than those in which the rhythm is more active. Choose only smooth and simple elements that do not require much effort.

Girl with a small child

A set of exercises after cesarean section

The speed with which you will be able to get rid of the hated extra volumes depends on your physical data and the desire to do your appearance. Sport after cesarean section is fully authorized after six months, and a little earlier you can perform only simple exercises. To prevent the relaxed muscles from sagging, you need to exercise regularly. A set of exercises after cesarean section may contain the following elements:

  • Warm up. Remember physical education lessons at school: make head, arms, shoulders and other warm-up movements, excluding squats.
  • Kegel training. This element involves squeezing and expanding the vaginal muscles for 10 seconds with a 10-second break between sets.
  • The bridge from a prone position. To remove fat from the tummy, strengthening the press, will help raising and lowering the hips.
  • Slopes. Place your feet shoulder-width apart and lean forward gently. Having achieved the position of the upper body parallel to the floor, slowly acquire the starting position.

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