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The beauty industry never ceases to amaze consumers with the latest care products that are constantly appearing on the cosmetic market. Asian brands are especially trying, which set the trends in this segment. Korean patches under the eyes quickly found fans, and after the product began to appear among European competitors. How to choose and use them?

What are eye patches

The alternative name for this product is “patches”. It is small pieces of fabric that can be completely flat or more like pads due to their volume. The word “patch” was taken from the English language, where it means “patch”. According to cosmetic companies, the patches they release work similarly – they eliminate blemishes on the skin in the form of dark circles, swelling, etc. They can be either disposable or reusable, which is determined by the composition and material.

What are you for?

Initially, this product was used only as a care for delicate thin skin, but after the woman themselves they found an additional task. It is convenient to use the pads for eye makeup when you need protection from shattering shadows, pigments, etc. However, the main purpose was to restore the skin and delay its aging. Professionals identify several reasons why such cosmetics are needed:

  • For moisturizing. Option for sensitive skin, thin, dry. Suitable for daily care.
  • For smoothing. Act as an injection of a cosmetologist, but the effect is short-term. The price for them is high, because The composition contains expensive components: colloidal gold, hyaluronic acid, etc..
  • From edema (with draining effect).
  • To nourish the skin and wellness.

Girl with patches under her eyes.

From bags under the eyes

Pads that have the effect of lymphatic drainage differ from the rest in increased waiting time: they are applied for half an hour or even almost an hour (depending on the manufacturer). They are suitable for any type of skin, mainly silicone. You can also use pads for eyelid edema in order to recover after a prolonged exposure to the sun without glasses, dehydration. The composition is predominantly hyaluronic acid, a complex of peptides. Collagen patches are also found..

For eyelids

Such a product mainly has a hydrogel base (“hydrogel” mark), is not subdivided by the type of skin, can be produced with hyaluron, algae, plankton extract, etc. The lining on the upper eyelid is designed to smooth the skin in less than half an hour, actively moisturize, revitalize, return the look to a rested look. Due to the powerful cooling, hydrogel patches on the eyes quickly eliminate swelling. Makeup can be applied immediately after removing the care product.

From the dark circles under the eyes

For this purpose, caffeine is adjacent to the number of active components, which will contribute to the narrowing of blood vessels. However, cosmetologists clarify that the pads for bruising under the eyes are considered the least effective of all, since this problem has predominantly internal premises. Heredity, features of face morphology, endocrine system disorders, etc. Cosmetics, even expensive ones, will not cope with them..

Patches from dark circles under the eyes

Patches under the eyes – effect

Consumers who leave extremely negative reviews often place unnecessary expectations on this product. No makeup is able to rid of edema obtained after several liters of water at night, or instantly smooth out all perennial wrinkles. The effect of this tool is not so pronounced, but it is, and is mainly compared with what can be obtained from a good mask, i.e. higher than using cream. The only problem is the short-term result..

Express care allows you to achieve in a quarter of an hour:

  • increase skin elasticity and hydration;
  • returning a healthy complexion;
  • eliminate minor swelling;
  • brightening circles under the eyes.


This product has an interesting structure: it is often necessary to first hold it in water, and then stick it on the lower / upper eyelid. After a few minutes, the gel pads dissolve like melted jelly, so there is nothing to remove after a specified time. The remnants of the composition simply drive into where the mask was, which leads to a visual filling of wrinkles and the overall smoothness of the skin (especially dehydrated). The visual effect is amazing, for which such patches are loved by makeup artists and ordinary women who urgently need to “reanimate” the eyelid region.


This basis is mainly Korean masks that look like halves of cotton pads. They can be used to get rid of edema, and to eliminate bruises, if the composition contributes to this. The basis is mainly collagen, but more interesting varieties are possible: with a snail (more precisely, an extract of its mucus), with osmanthus and other herbs. Fabric patches – the product is almost universal, when compared with gel patches, and more budget.

Girl with fabric patches under the eyes


The material of the “pad” itself is predominantly fabric or hydrogel – there are no more options. The woman experiences the main torment of choice, studying the composition of the product according to its contents. He determines how the product will work: whether it helps in the fight against wrinkles, whether it eliminates circles under the eyes, and whether it removes the irritation on sensitive skin. The concentration of active substances present in the pads, compared with powerful serums with anti-aging effect.

The main components included in this tool:

  • oils and panthenol – to start regenerative processes;
  • peptides – to increase skin tone;
  • antioxidants – against wrinkles;
  • herb extracts – for sensitive skin;
  • colloidal gold, pearl powder etc. – for anti-aging effect.


Gel pads have a good anti-aging effect due to the large amount of hyaluronic acid, which fills wrinkles for a short time. Experts do not recommend gluing them to swelling and bags, because the problem will only get worse. Hyaluronic acid patches work well on dry skin, and in composition they differ in an enviable variety. Herbal extracts that brighten vitamins and even botox-like ingredients may be present. Keep pads under eyes for at least half an hour, they can be used as a component of day care.

With gold

As expected, only women with good income can buy such a product, as The price of gold eye linings matches their name. Product Feature – Long exposure time (45-50 minutes). They are mainly focused on smoothing wrinkles, with the correct concentration of active substances (including colloidal gold) they work similarly to Botox injections. Focused on maintaining the natural level of collagen in the cells. With regular use, they can inhibit the aging process, eliminate fine (!) Wrinkles.

Patches under the eyes with gold in a jar


The leaders of this niche, because they started the whole story of “magic pads” that are ready to solve all the problems of the skin around the eyes. Korean collagen patches, and later European ones, promise to moisturize dry skin, smooth wrinkles, remove edema, and eliminate dark circles. The universal miracle product, judging by the reviews, works great, the before and after photos amaze the consumer. However, experts call this the “Cinderella effect”, because after a few hours, everything returns to its original form. Collagen pads – product for an important event for half a day, no more.

How to use eye patches

The principle of work with this product depends on its composition and the task set by the manufacturer and / or consumer. Keep in mind that each type of product has its own characteristics of use: for example, some Korean gel pads are immersed in warm water for half a minute before application. An important nuance – even for the purpose of constant skin care, the use of plasters is carried out up to 2 times a week, the course is a month. The classic purpose of this product is when you urgently need to regain your beauty and healthy appearance.

In general terms, the use of eye linings is as follows:

  1. Remove makeup. Use the foam to remove its residues from the skin. If the procedure is morning, do a standard wash.
  2. Take 1 pillow from the jar, carefully attach it to the lower eyelid so that it completely repeats the line of the ciliary row. Repeat for other eyes..
  3. After the time specified in the instructions (about 20 minutes), remove the patches, tightening towards the temples. Dispose of if disposable..
  4. You do not need to wash yourself, but you can drive the remnants of the product with your fingertips into the skin. When carrying out the procedure in the evening, you can additionally apply cream.

Which to choose

Experts advise you to make an acquisition only after thoroughly studying the differences in the main categories of this product and determining the goals for which you plan to buy eye patches. In addition to the difference in the result, certain age restrictions are possible (anti-aging effect is not needed for young skin) and application features. Below are the main criteria by which you can choose the right product.

Beautiful eyes of a girl


Among the brands that produce pads for the area around the eyes, Korean brands are leading: Skinfood, White Cospharm, Skinlite, Tony Moly, Misoli, Shary. This does not surprise either cosmetologists or consumers. However, the following 2 manufacturers are recognized as the best here:

  • Secret key, most patches of which have particles of gold and give an excellent cosmetic effect to a rested radiant look.
  • Petitfee, also offering mainly hydrogel patches with gold, but there are also options with the addition of collagen, with black pearls, with snail mucus, etc..


Manufacturers produce pads enclosed in jars or sealed bags (used mainly for fabric). Volume can be measured in pcs. or ml. At Tony Moly and Skinlite you can find only packages where there are from 2 to 12 pcs. Other manufacturers have a maximum volume of 180 ml, which is 60 pcs. Secret Key has 90 pcs. the round middle can also be used as a patch, but on the eyebrow fold.

Application area

Adhesive patches can only be applied to the lower eyelid area, if you need to remove dark circles, cosmetically fill small wrinkles. If the active substances have a clear anti-aging effect, the manufacturer indicates the ability to stick the product on the upper eyelid, without provoking excessive swelling. Easy to choose:

  • Only under the eyes apply most of the patches: Shary, White Cospharm, etc..
  • For eyelids, you can use masks and pads Tony Moli, Sekret Key.

Hydrogel patches under the eyes in a jar

Application time

This parameter is responsible for how the patch will be used: for express recovery or permanent care. It depends on the composition of the mask and experts are divided into:

  • Universal. It can be used according to any scheme. Only Secret Key and Extraplast offer them..
  • Day. Fast recovery option offered by Beautydrugs, Tony Moly.
  • Night. Mostly focused on prolonged hydration of the skin. For such products, contact Skinlite, Missha..


The principle of operation of the adhesives has already been described in detail, so it is worthwhile to mention the division into classifications only in brief, with the designation of the leaders of each category. Secret Key and Petitfee are not mentioned, as multifunctional, win on every parameter. The recommendations of the experts are as follows:

  • Bernand Cassiere designed to lighten dark circles.
  • Puffiness well removed Tony Moly, White Cospharm.
  • Collagen Koelf helps nourish the skin.
  • In addition to those already listed, Shary will work well to increase tone..
  • You can get rid of wrinkles with White Cospharm, Thalgo.
  • Good moisturizing the skin will give not only all named, but also Berrisom.

Eye Patches – Top Rated

Most of the products below cannot be bought offline: you will have to go to online stores. Large networks (Letual, Rive Gauche, etc.) can also offer mask patches, but only European and Japanese (Shiseido) manufacturers, which are not included in this rating of eye patches. An alternative can be seen in network brands (Faberlic, Avon, etc.), but their effectiveness is in question.

Top products rated by consumers:

  • Gold Racoony by Secret Key or “raccoon,” as consumers call it, takes first place. Manufacturer – Korea. Lining semicircular, gel, golden color, give the skin excellent hydration due to hyaluronic acid. The effect of leveling dark circles is, but cosmetic, thanks to the shining particles. Can be used as night skin care around the eyes. Price – from 1250 to 1600 r.
  • Secret Key 24 Gold Premium their characteristics are similar to “raccoon”, but have a more pronounced brightening effect, are not recommended for night use. The main drawback of all brand products is not in large cosmetic networks, you can only order in the online store. The price ranges from 900-1150 r.
  • Petitfee gold & snail with snail extract and gold have a positive effect on blood microcirculation, visually rejuvenate the skin. Hydrogel base contributes to filling wrinkles, smoothing the skin. Cost – from 1400 to 2000 r.
  • Koelf Bulgarian Rose – have a predominantly moisturizing effect, nourish well. The basis is hydrogel, melting, among the active components is pink water, which improves skin tone. Price – 1500-1800 r.
  • Tony Moly Panda’s Dream eliminate dark circles, swelling, affect wrinkles due to hyaluronic acid. They look like black tissue large circles, capture the lower eyelid and the superciliary region. The disadvantage is a mild effect. Price – 90-150 p. for 1 pair.
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