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One of the main parts of the face that affects its perception as a whole is the “frame”, without which the picture will look like an unfinished canvas. Cosmetic procedures for the long-term design of eyebrows for good reason are in high demand. Microbleading has replaced coarse, deliberate tattooing, but is it worth trying a new product?

What is microblading

The procedure has many alternative names – hair tattoo of eyebrows, manual micropigmentation, 6D-design. Regardless of how the technology is referred to by a particular master or salon, the essence remains unchanged: the permanent appearance of eyebrows, which is related to tattooing. During the microblading procedure, a paint is applied under the skin through a needle, which remains for several months. The exact period depends on the speed of skin renewal – women of elegant age have it more than young girls.


Eyebrow micropigmentation differs from classical tattooing in the following ways:

  • Manual work leads to the absence of vibration created by the device. The drawing is less flat, it looks more natural.
  • The needle is inserted not deep, so the eyebrows after microblading do not last long, requiring frequent correction.
  • The minimum number of negative consequences: there are no scars and crusts, the treated area heals very quickly.
  • The microblading procedure is as painless as possible..
  • The color does not change over time, but gradually fades as the skin renews..
  • Microblading is suitable not only to recreate beautiful eyebrows from scratch, but also to fill in individual areas.

How to prepare for the procedure

It is important to consider that the quality of work and the general appearance depend not only on the equipment that you have chosen, but also on the master. Professionals recommend taking this issue seriously:

  • To study the portfolio not only by certificates from courses and photos of eyebrows separately, but also by general face shots.
  • Microblading eyebrows is recommended in the middle of the menstrual cycle..
  • Correction of hairs can be carried out by the master, but for this an extra charge.

Girl looking in the mirror

How is microblading

The general scheme of the procedure does not depend on what innovations the master or salon came up with for it. The approximate time spent on micropigmentation is determined by the amount of work: small areas can be filled in a quarter of an hour, a complete reconstruction of the eyebrow from the head to the tail can take 30-40 minutes. Here you also need to lay the time for anesthesia of the application type: another 20-30 minutes. The technology looks like this:

  1. After agreeing on the sketch with the client, the master treats the skin with an antiseptic and applies a dense layer of anesthetic. Often in his role is Emla’s cooling ointment.
  2. A cosmetologist can put a cellophane film on top. Estimated exposure time – 15-20 minutes., Depends on the sensitivity of the client..
  3. With a special pen in which the nozzle-needles are placed, the master introduces 0.3 mm paint under the skin. The maximum depth is 0.5 mm. The parameter is selected individually.

Eyebrow care after the procedure

A woman leaves the office with a list of recommendations that must be followed strictly: they directly affect how much the new eyebrows will hold, and how the skin will feel all this time. It is important to know that:

  • the first 7 days, the microblading zone cannot be wetted (apply cosmetics too);
  • as long as the sucrose stands out, the skin is treated several times a day with Chlorhexidine, making trampling movements with a swab;
  • smear with agents that accelerate the regeneration and moisturize the skin is allowed only after the disappearance of the sucrose (3-4 days, not earlier).
  • 14 days after microblading eyebrows you can’t go to the solarium, bath, sauna.

How much is holding

The duration of saving the result depends on how to care for the treated area, on the skills of the master and on whether microblading was first made. Professionals remind that the first procedure may require correction within a month, because the paint almost does not hold. Repeated micropigmentation will last 3-4 months or more. The maximum interval between corrections is 1.5-2 years.

Eyebrow Microblading


The general list of prohibitions from a medical point of view is almost identical to what is presented before classical tattooing:

  • problems with skin regeneration;
  • tendency to bleeding;
  • neoplasms;
  • antibiotic treatment;
  • laser exposure to the skin up to 30 days before the alleged microblading;
  • epilepsy;
  • lactation;
  • exacerbation of inflammatory processes;
  • hypertension.

What is better microblading or eyebrow tattoo

To choose the technique that suits you, you need to understand what goals can be achieved with these varieties of permanent makeup. Everything says against tattooing: a straight unnatural line, an unstable color, the inability to make a correction. Microblading will give natural eyebrows, which are easy to get rid of at any time. Sharpness and saturation varies depending on the technique:

  • Feathering involves creating a shadow that women themselves make with a soft pencil. Microblading by this technique is not clear distinct hairs, but the filling of a form. Eyebrows are expressive because they lack voids.
  • Hair technique – microblading in the classical sense, when individual hairs of different shapes, directions, volumes are drawn. The naturalness of the pattern is determined by the presence of “air”, the absence of a clear line.
  • The combined microblading technique often looks like creating separate hairs in the head area and shading from bending to the tail. The most popular option for expressive but natural eyebrows..

The cost of microblading eyebrows in the salons of Moscow

The price for a service in the capital is approximately at the same level: a well-qualified craftsman will make eyebrows from scratch for 8-10 thousand rubles. In St. Petersburg, the cost is the same, in the regions it can be lower – 6-8 thousand rubles. The correction price is often set at 70% of the initial value. Too budget options for microblading – 1-3 thousand rubles. – not worth considering, since there is no guarantee of the quality of the service provided.

How do eyebrows look after microblading before and after photos

Eyebrows before microblading

Eyebrow after microblading

Eyebrows before the procedure

Eyebrows after the procedure

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