Face lifting – what are these and types of procedures, indications for carrying out and techniques for performing at home

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In the life of any woman, a moment comes when she begins to worry about age-related changes on her face. With age, the skin on it becomes thin, dry, the contours change, wrinkles on the forehead, chin deepen, cheeks and eyelids begin to sag. If earlier the only option was to have plastic surgery, which not everyone can decide on, then today the same effect can be achieved using cosmetic procedures, for example, face skin lifting can be done.

What is face lifting

This non-surgical method of eliminating signs of wilting removes skin excess, tightens the chin, cheeks. In fact, face lifting is a cosmetic procedure aimed at restoring the epidermis, preventing skin aging, and getting rid of facial wrinkles. The procedure rejuvenates the face, retains the effect for a long time. Surgical facelift replaced with lifting.

To whom and how it will help

A facelift is suitable for those who have certain problems with the skin of the face. These are mainly age-related changes, but people with other problems often use this rejuvenation technique. Indications are as follows:

  • a large number of wrinkles, expression, age;
  • problems with skin elasticity;
  • strong pigmentation;
  • bad color;
  • the presence of a second chin.

The lifting procedure is very effective, completely painless. It helps to obtain the following results:

  • increase skin firmness;
  • deeply rejuvenate, improve the dermis, consolidate this effect for a long time, activating the production of collagen;
  • increase the amount of elastin;
  • smooth wrinkles;
  • remove the second chin;
  • get rid of age spots;
  • remove sagging, peeling, irritation, yellowness, grayness of the skin;
  • achieve clearly defined contours.

Girl on a hardware procedure

Face lifting at home

At home, a facelift is carried out using cosmetic methods similar to salon ones. To get a lasting effect, special masks are made, massages for skin tightening, creams with the effect of rejuvenation are applied, certain gymnastics, exercises for the facial muscles are performed, and devices for tightening are used. Improvement does not come as fast as after salon treatments, but after a while wrinkles are smoothed out, the result obtained remains for a long time.


The use of homemade masks helps smooth, soften the skin. Tighten her, even her complexion. Popular masks include:

  1. Ovale Lifting by Yves Rocher. The mask has a smoothing, softening, moisturizing, nourishing effect. Perfectly evens complexion, removes redness, does not clog pores.
  2. Orange Lift Mask by Mesopharm. The film mask acts in several directions: it hides age, exfoliates the upper layer, tightens the dermis.

In addition to ready-made masks, there are recipes for special cosmetics that give the same effect. It:

  1. Egg white mask with 1 tablespoon of lemon juice. A well-mixed mixture is applied for 20 minutes, washed off with warm boiled water.
  2. A mixture of banana, 50 ml cream, 1 capsule of vitamin E. The mixed composition is applied for 20 minutes, then removed using a cotton pad soaked in warm water.
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Creams with the effect of rejuvenation

Light cream formulations have a good effect. Among the most popular:

  1. Total-Lift Light Cream by Swiss line. Suitable for combination, oily skin, tightens well, helps smooth wrinkles.
  2. Swisscode by Genistein. It is a whey that contains a large amount of soy isoflavones. In terms of productivity, the action can be compared with high-tech cosmetic procedures..
  3. Le Son Noir by Givenchy. Cream containing seaweed extracts restores, protects the epidermis.

Massage for skin tightening

Cosmetic massage is performed using a vacuum jar, which promotes good blood circulation. It happens as follows:

  1. Problem areas of the skin are treated with cream or oil.
  2. The can is brought to the skin, placed on the desired exposure areas so that it sticks (if you feel a little pain, then everything is done correctly).
  3. Circular movements are made on problem areas.

There are several types of facial massage. Each of them has a specific effect:

  • modeling – deeply affects the facial muscles;
  • sculptural – consists of standard exposure methods (claps, stroking, tweaking);
  • plastic – based on short, quick movements directed to the ears from the chin, nose, to the temples from the middle of the forehead;
  • Japanese – impact on areas, points of the face;
  • Chinese – Acupuncture Point Health Effects.

Massage session

Gymnastics and exercises

A good option, modeling the contour of the face – gymnastics, exercises. The only requirement is to perform them regularly. The types of exercises are as follows:

  1. For the chin. Performed: throwing his head up, stretching his lips, linger for 30 seconds. Do 3 sets.
  2. For lips. Elongated cheeks, lips are delayed for 5 seconds. So 10 times.
  3. For cheekbones: air is inhaled, rolls from one cheek to another. Hold as long as possible, repeat 5 times.
  4. For the forehead: with your index fingers move the eyebrows up and down. Do in one minute.

Apparatus for lifting at home

For RF-lifting at home for face and body, we recommend a 5 in 1 apparatus – ReadySkin nanoSkin. It is easy to use and easy to transport. The device starts the process of collagen production in the body, which lasts several months. At the end of the course of procedures, the result increases and the skin condition improves..

5 in 1 ReadySkin nanoSkin

Users note:

  • beneficial effect on muscle tone and epidermis;
  • increase skin firmness and elasticity;
  • reducing the depth of wrinkles and reducing their number;
  • elimination of bags under the eyes;
  • reduction and smoothing of the chin and nasolabial folds;
  • skin color and tone improves.

Darsonval apparatus is used in the implementation of many healing techniques. The electrodes inserted into the apparatus come into contact with the skin and act on problem areas of the face. As a result:

  • the skin becomes more firm, supple;
  • the chin is tightened;
  • normal functioning of the sebaceous glands;
  • color improves;
  • acne disappears, scars.

The device involves using it according to certain instructions. The rules are as follows:

  1. The cultivated areas must be clean, dry..
  2. The electrode to be installed must be pre-treated with alcohol, dried.
  3. Remove all metal jewelry.
  4. The apparatus is used in courses, in each of 10-15 repetitions.
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The ESMA device is a physiotherapeutic equipment that is used for myostimulation. The device copes with edema, “orange peel”. As a result of radiation, lymph flow and blood circulation improve. Myostimulation of the face is carried out with:

  • sagging skin;
  • facial wrinkles;
  • second chin;
  • the presence of local fat folds.

ESMA involves using it in several stages. One course consists of 10-15 procedures a couple of times a week. Then you can do the procedure once a month. The sequence of use is as follows:

  • make-up removal, peeling if necessary;
  • contact area treatment with a special conductive gel;
  • the use of electrodes (stationary or mobile);
  • current supply of a certain amplitude, frequency;
  • applying a mask, cream, appropriate to the type of skin.

What services can be offered by beauty salons and clinics

Among the huge variety, it is worth highlighting some procedures that are highly effective:

  1. Radio frequency or radio wave RF face lifting. It is based on exposure to a high-frequency electric field, which heats the subcutaneous tissue to a moderate temperature, while the muscles do not heat up. So radiolifting heals the face, which becomes more toned, fresh. Compliance with safe conditions does not require additional training and does not cause any pain..
  2. When conducting a plasma tightening, the patient’s plasma is introduced into his blood. The peculiarity is that there are a lot of platelets in the injected substance, which stimulates the process of cell renewal. With such injections, the epidermis becomes better in color, the photo is proof of that, tightens, looks fresh. The procedure is a little painful.
  3. Endoscopic lifting is a facelift operation performed by inserting a miniature camera into micro incisions. The whole process is controlled through a monitor. This method of face correction is not so painful and safer than classical surgery. The endoscopic method is more easily tolerated by patients, and it takes less time to recover. After endoscopic lifting, the skin looks tightened, smooth.
  4. Ultrasonic lifting also makes a facelift. The peculiarity of the method is that as a result of local heating of tissues and micromassage, microcirculation of the blood is stimulated. Radio wave face lifting saturates the subcutaneous cells with oxygen and nutrients, improves metabolism. An ultrasound lift is called non-surgical because the effect on the skin occurs at the muscle level.
  5. When thread lifting, biocompatible threads are introduced under the skin: mesothreads, threadlifting. Being fixed, they do not allow the upper layers to sag. This improves muscle plasticity, makes facial contours more prominent. The procedure itself is quite simple, the duration of the short-lived, about 30 minutes. It is done under local anesthesia. After the procedure, the recovery period is short.
  6. Laser rejuvenation or thermolifting is based on deep heating of the facial cells with a laser. With a strong thermal effect on collagen fibers, the regeneration process starts. Laser lifting is able to eliminate strong, deep wrinkles, remove the vascular network, and eliminate sagging skin. The care for the epidermis is the same as after the rest of the procedures: protect from hypothermia, do not apply a lot of cosmetics, a healthy lifestyle.
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There are also such methods of non-surgical tightening in a beauty salon, such as:

  1. SMAS lifting or love lifting. These circular braces provide a long-lasting rejuvenation effect (10-15 years). After completing the course, the risks of scar formation are minimal..
  2. Microcurrent correction method. Uses stimulation of muscle mass by current. This leads to a reduction in muscle tone..
  3. Acupuncture lifting technique involves exposure to active points with thin needles. It activates the metabolic processes.

Beautician conducts ultrasound lifting

RF face lifting

RF lifting or revitalizing is a rejuvenating procedure that involves the use of radio frequency energy. She helps:

  • stimulate metabolic processes;
  • remove the second chin;
  • make the skin supple;
  • achieve muscle tone;
  • smooth wrinkles;
  • remove dryness, a feeling of tightness of the skin;
  • adjust the contours.

RF lifting procedure

The process of RF-lifting takes place in several stages. The sequence is as follows:

  1. Training. Cleansing the epidermis, applying anesthetic gel, special marking.
  2. Carrying out the procedure. The designated zones are warmed up, pierced by Botox.
  3. The rehabilitation period. It involves the use of soothing gels, lotions. Rehabilitation lasts approximately 2 months.

RF lifting device

There are several types of devices for RF lifting. There are bipolar, monopolar and multipolar models:

  1. The operation of biopolar apparatus is based on the use of two electrodes and radio frequency energy. The microcurrent method tightens and smoothes the skin well. Option – NV-CR30.
  2. Monopolar devices with the help of dispersion of radio wave energy tone, align the contours. Often used CuteyUpRF apparatus.
  3. In devices where the tripolar method is used, 3 or more electrodes are used, which are able to warm the skin evenly. Frequently used device is AUT-305.


To cope with unpleasant sensations, it is important to know what negative consequences may be from the RF lifting procedure:

  • discomfort, itching;
  • hematomas, bruises at the site of the apparatus (should pass after a couple of days);
  • swelling, redness;
  • increase in the number of age spots;
  • increased sensitivity of the dermis;
  • allergy to drugs.

Freckles on a woman's face


The decision to do a facelift should be conscious. There are a number of contraindications:

  • age up to 25 years;
  • plastic surgery, after which 6 months have not passed;
  • overweight, cellulite;
  • skin diseases, capillary diseases;
  • inflammation in the affected area;
  • open wounds, fresh scratches;
  • allergy to drugs used for tightening.

What type of lifting do you prefer

Determining the method of tightening, you first need to understand what you want to get as a result: remove the second chin, smooth wrinkles, tighten the skin, etc. Recommendations for choosing the procedure are as follows:

  • consult with a specialist;
  • really appreciate the need for any non-surgical tightening;
  • undergo a medical examination for contraindications.


The cost of procedures in the Moscow region is different, varies from 900 to 4000 rubles:

Clinic, salon


Cost, rub.)

Beauty Salon “EFI”

RF lifting

Around eyes

Lips and areas around




Beauty saloon

Wellness Center

RF lifting 10 minutes

RF lifting 5 minutes



SPA center “SELFclubSPA & WELNESS”

Eye area

Lips, zone nearby



Photos before and after RF face lifting

Face before and after RF lifting

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