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Skin care in the form of applying various cosmetics can be much more effective if you know how to do it right. Massage lines of the face or neck are also called langer and are used to ensure that any, even the most simple procedure with the application of creams fights visible defects. How to use makeup products at home to prolong the youthfulness of your skin?

What are facial massage lines

Any specialist in the field of cosmetology will say that it is necessary to apply cleansing, moisturizing or nourishing products to the face or décolleté correctly. To do this, they revealed langer, or in another way massage lines. Compliance with the application technique for langer will help to more effectively deal with the signs of aging. What is so in these massage lines and why, with proper care, the effect of applying even ordinary creams can so strongly affect the skin?

In the tissues along which the lines for massage pass, there are blood and lymph vessels, through which valuable substances are delivered deep into the epidermis. In another way, these tissues can be called lymph channels, thanks to which the skin receives the most necessary. Bypassing these lines will not harm, but even the most expensive creams will not benefit.

Lymph is the main channel through which fluid and beneficial trace elements enter every cell in your skin. Toxins and toxins are removed through the same channels. Maintaining lymph in an active state means giving your skin youth and beauty, regardless of age. Massage along the lines, applying cosmetics – this is the main key to the natural movement of lymph under the skin.

Location of the main massage lines

Before you start using the massage lines on your face as the main weapon against aging, you need to carefully study where exactly they are. To do this, you can even draw them with a cosmetic pencil to clearly indicate the direction for massage or applying cream. So, the main massage starts from:

  • center of the chin;
  • corners of the mouth;
  • wings of the nose;
  • lateral side of the nose;
  • outer corner of the lower eyelid;
  • inner corner of the upper eyelid;
  • nose bridge;
  • middle of the forehead;
  • base of the neck;
  • cheekbone.

The direction of the massage lines on the face

Line direction

If you know the direction of the langer line on the face, then any cosmetic procedure will be much more effective. Almost all lines have a bottom-up direction, and this is not just like this: this technique helps to make the skin more elastic, tighten sagging areas. How to apply cream on langer:

  • start moving in the chin area and go along the massage lines up and to the sides to the cheekbones;
  • spend several times with a slight pressure from the area of ​​the lips and nose to the earlobes;
  • the nose is massaged along from bottom to top, and special attention should be paid to the area between the eyebrows, where the first facial wrinkles often appear;
  • it is undesirable to touch the lower region of the eyes, because it is easily injured;
  • in the forehead area, move movements to the temples and up.

Applying cream

Even the most expensive cream becomes powerless if it is randomly distributed over the surface of the skin. Today you can buy high-speed serums and emulsions, which, according to the manufacturers, in a few minutes will make your skin renewed, filled with radiance and beauty. Only the effect of the impact will depend solely on you. Expensive skincare or therapeutic cosmetics are based on active ingredients that begin to act only after getting into the lymph. To accelerate this process will help only the correct application of Langer.



Step 1. Cleansing.

Before applying the cream, the surface must be cleaned. Moreover, ordinary washing with water will not be enough. Cleanse your skin with gel or scrub.

Step 2. Toning.

The effect of water can be softened with a tonic or milk..

Step 3. Applying cream or massage oils.

The product is applied along the massage lines. To enhance the effect, light tapping can be made to increase blood circulation..

A three-step process may seem laborious to someone, but in fact it takes no more than 3 minutes. In this case, do not rush: you can not apply the cream with fussy, quick, careless movements, because this can lead to early sagging and sagging. You also do not need to violently and quickly rub the product into your face, because it will not become more effective from this. Moisturizing cream can be applied to slightly damp skin: thus, the consumption of the product will decrease, and the action, on the contrary, will intensify. Night cream is applied a couple of hours before bedtime..

The meaning of lines in facial massage

Another popular procedure for facial skin care is massage, which is carried out in beauty salons or you can do it yourself at home. The scheme of facial massage may vary depending on the problem. Moisturizing is necessary for recovery, drainage promotes the qualitative removal of toxins, massage with glycolic acid exfoliates well, and thanks to deep cleaning you can quickly get rid of blackheads. They all use langer.

The meaning of the lines plays a role: only with the right massage of the face it is possible to achieve results. By stimulating the lines of facial massage from wrinkles, you can smooth out even the deepest depressions, and correctly selected cream or serum applied along the lines of the face will help to achieve the effect even faster. Massage lines around the eyes will help get rid of puffiness and dark circles. Qualified specialists in the salons carry out the procedure exclusively on massage techniques suitable for a certain type of skin.

Girl in a massage session

How to do facial massage

The massage technique can be mastered on your own, because you will not need any physical effort, especially since only gentle touches, pats and tingling are needed for your skin. It is important to study the very lines along which the procedure should be carried out. For the first time, you can define them by drawing with a cosmetic pencil: this will make it easier for you to remember where and in which direction to make certain movements.

For facial massage, several simple techniques are used:

  • Easy stroking – do only with the palm of your hand or with relaxed fingers from the extreme lines to the tip of the nose. Help remove toxins and toxins.
  • Rubbing – do only circular. They help get rid of edema, dark circles, accelerating blood circulation in the epidermis. Great technique for those who want to get rid of the second chin.
  • Patting – light and quick strokes over the entire surface of the face. It is done with the edge of the palm or fingertips. Helps strengthen muscles and activate sebaceous glands.
  • Vibration – a kind of lift is done with the fingertips. Regular massage will help restore elasticity and youth of the skin, and the contour of the face even contours.
  • Tingling, stretching the skin – the epidermis is captured exclusively along the massage lines. Restores healthy color to the skin, speeds up blood circulation.
  • Applications – with your fingertips press on the skin, then gently release. The technique helps to model facial contours, works to improve skin tone.

Techniques can be combined according to the photo, starting the procedure with light stroking and gradually moving on to more active actions – strong and intense, each of which leads to a separate result. Do not massage if the face has visible damage, cracks, wounds, acne or allergic rashes. First, get rid of the defects, and then proceed to the massage procedure.

Basic rules for facial massage at home

In addition to the fact that facial massage techniques are mastered, it is important to properly prepare for the procedure, and then complete it. Such moments are very important. Before massage, the face can be steamed to open the pores. This will allow nutrients from cosmetics to quickly get into the lymph. What are the main rules to follow when conducting a massage procedure at home:

  1. Massage is performed only on clean skin and always clean hands.
  2. Use a nourishing cream only by skin type.
  3. For massage and daily face and neck skin care, choose natural products that eliminate the presence of parabens and petroleum products. If possible, use self-made products from several types of oils (base and essential).
  4. Massage should be energetic, but at the same time very soft. In no case should you damage the skin with strong pressure or pinching.
  5. An additional effect can be obtained from contrasting wash and subsequent moisturizing.
  6. Massage will bring more results if performed before bedtime 2-3 times a month.
  7. In order not to forget the layout of the massage lines, use the photo with the technique.

Photo of facial massage lines

Facial massage lines

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