Fat Burning Slimming Drugs – List of the Most Powerful and Safest Pharmacies and Sports Nutrition Products

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Depending on the type of pharmacy drugs for weight loss, effectively burning fat, they can affect the body in different ways – reduce appetite, accelerate metabolism, remove harmful foods and excess fluid. In addition, they are divided into those taken internally or used externally. In any case, fat burning products also have risks of side effects, so you should be careful with them. If you do not know which medicine to choose, then the information below will help you in this matter..

Fat Burning Drugs

In most cases, drugs that burn fat are used to treat obese people. But they also resort to those who want to improve the relief of the body and lose only a couple of kilograms. To avoid negative consequences, it is important to know what preparations are for burning fat and how they affect the body. Among the funds that can be purchased without a doctor’s prescription, there are two main groups:

  1. For internal use. These include tablets, capsules, teas, dietary supplements and food substitutes.
  2. For external use. In this case, the products are often applied or glued onto the skin and even put on themselves.

For oral administration

Pharmaceutical preparations for fat burning, used internally, are classified by the nature of the effect on the body. In general, three groups of such drugs are distinguished:

  1. Suppressive appetite. They reduce hunger by affecting the area of ​​the brain that is responsible for hunger. This helps to lose weight. Of these tablets accelerating the breakdown of lipids, Reduxin and its analog Goldline, Chinese tablets based on tea extract, Dexfenfluramine, Turboslim can be distinguished.
  2. Normalizing metabolism. Their action is based on the activation of metabolism, accelerating the breakdown of fats, the removal of toxins and toxins. These include – Xenical and its analogue Orsoten, dietary supplement “Bomb”, Karnivit Q 10.
  3. Reducing the amount of digestible fat. They block the production of the lipase enzyme, designed to break down fat molecules. In this group, funds are allocated Lida, Clenbuterol, Xenical, Chitosan.

Drug capsule

Outdoor application

There are a number of drugs that burn fat for external use. They can be represented by cream, gel or cream gel. They are distinguished by their consistency. The composition of such funds includes caffeine, extracts of herbs, citrus fruits, menthol, mint, extract from red pepper and collagen with elastin. They are also divided according to the principle of action – burning fat cells, reducing volumes, correcting the figure or warming the skin. Among the more popular external products, the following stand out:

  • Mon Platin DSM Perfect Body Anti-Cellulite Cream;
  • body cream with cocoa Biotique;
  • Slim Body Gel by Tony Moly;
  • Phyt’s Slenderness Gel;
  • Body Oil Ginger Mi & Co..

Fat burners

Means that burn fat are allocated in a separate group along with diuretics, nutraceuticals and anorectics. Their basis is chitosan or fruit extracts. The latter accelerate lipid metabolism with regular physical exertion in conditions of high blood pressure. Chitosan-based fat-burning products reduce the amount of digestible fat molecules, they only work in sports. With a passive lifestyle, they have little effect..

Chitosan Based

One of the safe fat-burning drugs is considered chitosan – a sorbent of natural origin. It is a special nutritional supplement. They give a more effective result with regular training. You can buy chitosan in the form of tablets of 0.5 g. More often in the package there are 100 of them. Each tablet contains:

  • 0.125 g of chitosan;
  • 0.01 g of vitamin C;
  • 0.354 g microcrystalline cellulose;
  • flavoring;
  • citric acid;
  • silica;
  • calcium stearate.

Chitosan has a detoxifying effect. When losing weight, it is effective due to its excellent binding to fat molecules, which is why it is used in drugs to reduce weight. Bodybuilders take chitosan instead of the more harmful thyroxine for drying the body, i.e. elaboration of the relief. This tool is presented on the market of sports supplements by many manufacturers. Of the most popular, the following can be distinguished:

  1. Fat Burner Weider Chitosan, 120 caps. The difference between the product is the property not only to burn, but to prevent their shelving – this is a new generation of blockers that can be used even in case of abuse of carbohydrate and fatty foods. Take 4 capsules half an hour before meals.
  2. Olimp Chitosan Blister Box 30 capsules. This remedy must be taken 1 capsule three times a day. In time, the reception should occur 20 minutes before eating. It is important to drink the medicine with plenty of water. Without a specialized diet, you can get rid of 1.5 kg.

Fat burner Chitosan from Weider

Fruit extracts

From this group are isolated, based on extracts of bitter orange, pineapple, garcinia and guarana South American. They help break down excess fat. Often other extracts are also a part – natural caffeine, green tea. Means can even be for external use. The list of especially popular include:

  1. Ultra ripped by Ultimate Nutrition. This is a unique product, highly effective, balanced and with a special thermogenic formula. It is presented as capsules with powder, including extracts of garcinia, green tea, guarana and caffeine. It is necessary to take the drug 2 capsules twice a day 1 hour before the meal.
  2. Fitness Fresh Spray. The product is based on fruit extracts of lemon, mango, garcinia and green coffee. It is not applied completely inside. It is simply injected into the mouth a quarter of an hour before meals. It helps reduce appetite and increase energy..
  3. Fitness Body Gel cream Active Fat burner, 125 ml. This tool is applied externally to problem areas. It has a pleasant non-greasy consistency, it is perfectly applied to the skin and quickly absorbed, but it has a strong odor. The basis of the remedy is drinking water, extracts of papaya, needles, fucus, green tea, sweet orange, grapefruit. It is necessary to apply the product on problem areas with vigorous massaging movements once a day.


Any medicines have contraindications. You can find out specifically about them from the instructions on the packaging. But there are a number of general contraindications, in which it is not necessary to use drugs for weight loss, burning fat. These include the following:

  • pregnant and lactating women;
  • Diabetics
  • autoimmune diseases during exacerbation;
  • chronic pathology of the digestive system;
  • steatosis, hepatosis and other liver diseases;
  • age less than 18 years;
  • individual intolerance to components;
  • high blood pressure;
  • pathology of the heart and blood vessels;
  • problems with the thyroid gland, kidneys.

Pregnant girl

Rating slimming drugs

Most of the pharmacy products that burn fat practically have no differences from professional sports supplements. In addition to chitosan and fruit extracts, such products may include L-carnitine, bromelain, orlistat, lipotropics, and alpha-amylase blockers. From a number of such tablets, you can make a rating of the more popular ones, which include:

  1. Xenical. Orlistat-based capsules. The action is to block the absorption of food lipids.
  2. BAA “Bomb”. Capsules with an extract of nuts in the composition. Their main action is to accelerate metabolic processes and lipid conversion.
  3. LiDa. It is a bioactive additive based on plant extracts – garcinia, pumpkin powder, guarana, sweet potato. Helps to release fats from the depot, increases metabolic activity.
  4. Eco Slim. These are effervescent tablets based on sibutramine. Help suppress appetite.
  5. Slimin. Another version of the bioactive supplement with green coffee, garcinia, chromium in the composition. Affects Metabolism.
  6. Patch-Slim. This is an unusual tool, produced in the form of a patch. It helps suppress hunger and speed up metabolism..
  7. Turboslim. It is represented by a wide range of slimming products – tea, coffee, capsules, syrup, tablets. Has a laxative and diuretic effect.
  8. Goldline. Capsules with sibutramine in the composition, helping to reduce appetite and dull the feeling of hunger.

The price of drugs for burning fat

The cost of a particular drug depends on its composition, degree of exposure and manufacturer. You can choose a medicine for burning fat from a number of cheap as well as more expensive. Sample prices are shown in the table:


Price in rubles

Fat Burner Weider Chitosan, 120 caps


Olimp Chitosan Blister Box 30 capsules


Ultra ripped


Fitness Fresh Spray


Fitness Body Gel cream Active Fat burner, 125 ml






BAA “Bomb”






Eco slim














$ 1

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