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General strengthening physical exercises have a lot of advantages: they have a favorable effect on the general state of human health, speeding up metabolic processes, as a result of which healthy products are quickly absorbed, and excess calories are burned. You can do fitness at home or in sports clubs – everyone chooses the best option for himself.

What is fitness?

A specially developed technique helps to lose weight, strengthen and improve the body. At the same time, regular training will be most effective in the process of fat burning, if you choose the right set of exercises and combine it with proper nutrition. The diet and level of sports loads is selected for each person individually, based on his physical fitness, health status, body structure, and available contraindications. There are several varieties (directions):

  1. Strength training. Training takes place at a fast pace with a load on the main or all muscle groups. Often during the lesson weights such as vultures or dumbbells are used. Such training is among the most difficult and exhausting..
  2. Aerobic. Cardio is designed to develop stamina and help to lose weight quickly. In addition, this type of fitness has a positive effect on the heart and blood vessels. Aerobics training is intensive and designed for a long time..
  3. Dance. Classes include elements of choreography and are held in a dynamic form. Trainees gradually learn different movements and dance ligaments.
  4. In water (aqua aerobics). Almost no restrictions / contraindications, works well on joints, heart, blood vessels, ideal for those who want to lose weight.
  5. Soft. Ideal for beginners, while training is aimed at developing respiratory organs, stretching, correcting posture.

What gives

This sport is a program with which you can strengthen the muscle corset, lose weight and consolidate the result. The benefits of training are to correct the effects of physical inactivity, accelerate metabolism, and prevent various diseases of the bones and the cardiovascular system. Classes not only form a beautiful figure, but also improve well-being. Nevertheless, in order to maintain the result, it is important to exercise regularly and maintain a balanced diet..

Girls in the classroom

How to train

The optimal training program will be an experienced trainer who will take into account the physical capabilities and wishes of the client. If you decide to do it yourself at home, you should adhere to some rules and take into account tips:

  • start each workout with a warm-up, while doing it first slowly, then faster (it takes about 10 minutes to warm up the base muscles);
  • to lose weight, include cardio complexes in your classes (treadmill exercises, fast walking, buckles with a rope, etc.);
  • conduct classes systematically, optimally – 4 times a week;
  • for homework, it is advisable to purchase dumbbells (girls have enough 2-3 kg shells, men need heavier dumbbells);
  • complete the workout with a stretch, while it must include those muscle groups that have been stressed.

For weight loss

The main exercises for girls or men who want to lose weight are aerobic exercises. So they are called, because when they are performed, a large amount of air enters the body due to rapid breathing. More preferred for girls who want to lose weight, running on a track, orbit track, exercise bike. When training on such simulators, the muscles do not build up, but warm up and strengthen, in addition, an accelerated metabolism occurs in the tissues.

To lose weight more effectively, women and men should perform exercises at a high pace – quickly pedaling or running. At the same time, the load should be gradually increased: in the first six months it is better to work with the body sparingly to strengthen the muscles, and then begin to increase the speed or duration of the run. Aerobic training is good because after them the person continues to lose weight for another day. It is recommended to engage in a day and continue training for at least one and a half hours.


By playing sports at home, you can save money and time spent on a trip to the gym. In addition, you can train in this case at any time at your convenience. Fitness at home will be effective if you adhere to some rules:

  • you need to do at least three to four times a week, while training for weight loss should last 40-90 minutes, otherwise you will not succeed;
  • you should always start the lesson with warming up the muscles and stretching, while more intensive and lengthy training requires the most thorough preparation of the body;
  • during the lesson, try to work out all the basic muscles, and pay increased attention to problem areas;
  • during physical activity you need to drink water (a lot, but in small sips).

Girl is training at home

Training programs

The complex, painted by the number of repetitions and days, is called a program. Depending on what goals a person pursues, he will choose his own training methodology. As a rule, a trainer selects a set of exercises for a trainee, but after studying the necessary literature, you can cope with this task yourself.

For beginners

The program described below is great for beginners, while women can reduce the time of training by 2 times, while halving the number of approaches. Gradually, the load should be increased to achieve the desired result. Fitness for beginners at home necessarily starts with a warm-up, with the help of which the risk of getting injuries is reduced, muscle performance is improved and performance is improved. Rope jumps, quick squats, running on the spot, swinging your arms, etc. can serve as a warm-up..

Recommended weight loss program:

  1. Monday. Pullups – 5 sets, each with 5 p. Lifting dumbbells with hands tightly pressed to the body (the part of the arm works from the elbow to the shoulder) – 3 sets, in each 10 repetitions. Classic squats with the heel pressed to the floor and a flat back – 5 sets of 20 reps.
  2. Wednesday. Squats – 5 sets, total 100 times. Push-ups on uneven bars with a weight in the form of a backpack – 3 sets of 10 p. Mixing dumbbells over your head while standing – 4 sets, each 10 times. Pull-ups / push-ups from the floor – three times 5 r.
  3. Friday. Lifting on socks, holding dumbbells in hands – 4 times in 15 repetitions. Pullups – three times 5 times. Squats with dumbbells – 5 times in 20 repetitions. Push-ups – three times 10 r.

Workout in the gym

Classes online at home for weight loss with music

This program is universal and mostly suitable for beginners, therefore, having mastered it, you will need to choose a set of exercises with a greater load. Online fitness at home is designed for training for three months, it allows you to lose weight and tone the main muscle groups. Performing the complex as you wish can be done separately, according to the circular method or super sets (alternating 2 exercises). Using various online resources, you can familiarize yourself with the correct technique for performing movements.

Pick up rhythmic music for your fitness in advance, hesitate and start practicing. At the same time, it is better to combine movements, alternate and make various variations of sets, because otherwise you will quickly get tired of the training and you will not enjoy it. Options for playing music:

  1. Bounce Squats. Put your legs parallel to your shoulders, squat with a straight back, taking your pelvis back, hands can be put behind your head. In a sitting position, jump up. You need to repeat 6-8 times, during the training do it at least three times.
  2. An exit in an emphasis lying. Starting position – legs parallel to the shoulders, arms along the body. Lower the pelvis down, crouching, palm down on the floor and jump back, leaving the upper body in place. Having accepted an emphasis lying as for push-ups, return back. Repeat 8 times.
  3. Book. You need to lie on the floor, arms extended up. After, start simultaneously lifting them together with your legs, folding like a book. It is very effective for working out the abdominal muscles. Repeat it at least 8 times, doing 3 sets.
  4. Jumping. You will need a step or a low sturdy stool, on which you need to jump from a distance of about 40 cm. Keep your hands slightly behind, and when moving forward, wave them. Do 3 times in 10 reps.
  5. Kicks. Put your legs parallel to your shoulders, bending your knees slightly, bend your arms at your elbows. Keep your fists at the level of the jaw (as with kickboxing). Beat the heel back and forth rhythmically. Do not completely bend your knee, otherwise you can be injured. It is carried out in 5 approaches for 8-10 times.

With a ball

The presented complex helps to strengthen a person’s muscle corset, improving his posture and working out flexibility. The gym ball is also considered an excellent stress reliever for those who are often stressed. The fitness program includes effective restorative complexes, before which you definitely need to warm up by jumping with a skipping rope or energetically squatting. It is recommended to perform:

  1. Pelvic rises. Lie on the floor with your back, place your ankles on the fitball, straighten your knees. Next, you should raise the pelvis, rolling the ball to the buttocks, linger at the top point for a few seconds, then go down, taking the initial position. Do 10 reps.
  2. Twisting. Take the same position as in the previous exercise, while the ball should be sandwiched between the ankles. Place your hands behind your head, begin to raise your legs with the fitball up, straining your stomach. Do 12 reps.
  3. Classic push ups. Put your palms on the floor, place your feet on the ball, fight back straight. Slowly do 10 push ups from the floor.
  4. Back push ups. Hands should rest on the fitball with a back grip (sitting with your back to the ball). Lower the pelvis almost touching the floor, bending your elbows, while keeping your knees at a right angle and slowly return up. Repeat 8-10 p.

Fitball Exercise

With ribbon

By means of an elastic tape, it is possible to provide the muscles with additional load, and if you fold it several times, the severity of the performance can be increased. The subject is used to study different muscle groups. A lesson may include:

  1. Steps. Fasten the ends of the tape to each other, put the resulting ring on your legs (at the level of the knees). Put your legs parallel to your shoulders, sit down slightly and in this position begin to take wide steps forward. Repeat 1-2 minutes, alternating.
  2. Hips. The tape for fitness should grab the ankles. Lie down not on your stomach, place your hands under the chin and begin to alternately raise your legs up while pulling on the shock absorber. Repeat movement 20 r.
  3. Squats. Move the ring to the level of the knees, spread your legs slightly and, without bending your back, begin to slowly lower down, and when you exhale, return to the starting position. Repeat 15 times.
  4. Press Up. You need to get up and straighten your legs. Take the tape in your hands, pull it and lift it up. Take the right back first, turning the case in the opposite direction. Then change to the left and do the same. Do 20-30 reps.
  5. Leg raises. Lie on your side, securing the ring from the tape on your ankles. Start lifting your upper leg by pulling on the shock absorber as much as possible. Roll over and repeat the movement. On each side do 20 times.

Strength training

The program is aimed at increasing endurance and developing strength, in addition, strength training in fitness has a positive effect on overall well-being and corrects the figure. Such training involves the use of sports equipment – barbells, dumbbells, fitness equipment and various weights. The program is divided into 3 classes, between which there should be a day of rest for muscle recovery.

  1. First day. The muscles of the chest, triceps and shoulders are being worked out. You can do bench press with dumbbells, horizontal bench press, upper crossover, army bench press, arms with dumbbells on an inclined bench, lifting dumbbells to the sides, extending arms from behind the head, push-ups on the uneven bars.
  2. Second day. Squats, deadlifts, lunges, and abductions in the crossover are ideal for strength training. Perform better with weighting.
  3. The third day. Spinal muscles and biceps work. Suitable exercises in fitness will be shrugs, different traction (to the chest, in a slope, etc.), hyperextension, leaning forward, bending the arms with dumbbells / bar.

Power training

How to do at home

Before you start training, warm yourself up well by performing rotational movements with your shoulders, neck, legs, arms. The complex for weight loss should be performed at least 3-4 times a week, while each lesson should last at least 40-50 minutes. Listed below are fitness kits that can be combined during each workout. Work hard to achieve the expected results..

  1. Dips for beginners. Put your palms and knees on the floor, put your hands at chest level and parallel to the shoulders. Start to fall down, bending your elbows, after squeezing yourself up with your hands, returning up. Repeat three times 10 times.
  2. “Bridge”. You should lie on your back, rest your hands and feet on the floor, while the knees should be at an angle of 90 degrees. Push the pelvis up, reaching a peak, linger for 1-2 seconds, then slowly return to the floor. Repeat 40 times.
  3. “Strap”. Rest your elbows and socks on the floor, keep your forearms parallel to each other, strain your back as much as possible and keep it even. Forgive so 40 seconds (it’s optimal to withstand 1.5 minutes, but only physically prepared people can do it)
  4. “Dog”. Stand on all fours, bend one leg and begin to take it back up, straining the thigh and buttocks. Do 15 reps on each leg..
  5. “Bike”. Lying on your back, begin to bend your legs alternately and move towards them with the body – this will help to work out the front of the thigh and the press. Do 1 minute.
  6. “Cobra”. Lie on your stomach, the body needs to be pulled forward as much as possible, arched back (face “looks” at the ceiling). This will stretch the press well after the “bike”.
  7. “Side lunges”. Stand straight, take one leg to the side, sit down deeply, holding the body in the middle. Stand on the exhale. Repeat 15 times on each leg..

For the back

Beginners should perform 12-15 approaches, taking a small weight to work out the correct technique and accustom the body to the load. After the intensity of fitness training can be increased. With each subsequent lesson, increase the number of repetitions, then start to take large weights. Effective fitness exercises for back muscles:

  • normal grip pull-ups (train the rhomboid, latissimus dorsi muscles);
  • grip pull-ups (the load goes to the large round and widest muscles, biceps, shoulders);
  • block pull to chest (helps to expand the spinal muscles, trains the trapezius muscle);
  • neck pull (involves the lower and upper bundles of the spinal muscles);
  • narrow grip block (develops rhomboid, trapezius, deltoid muscle).

For the press

You can get rid of excess fat deposits in the waist area and pump up abs cubes even at home, the main thing is that the fitness training for the abdomen takes place systematically 3-4 times a week. It is recommended to perform:

  1. Straight leg lifts. Lying on your back, press your hands to the floor and begin to raise your legs, reaching an angle of 90 degrees. When lowering, do not touch the floor, lingering a couple of centimeters from it. 10-15 p. per approach.
  2. Twisted Knees. Lying up, raise your knees, keeping your lower legs parallel to the floor, the feet should be in contact with each other. Bring the brushes to the back of the head, take your elbows in opposite directions. To tighten the stomach, you should raise your head and shoulders, then return to the initial position. Repeat 8-15 times.
  3. “Side bar”. Lie on your side, rest your elbow and foot on the floor. Lift the pelvis, stretching the body in a straight line, as shown in the photo, and hold this position for 40-60 minutes. Repeat to the other side.

Abdominal Abdominal Exercise

For buttocks

Before doing the workout, be sure to warm up the muscles, then go to the serious part. After completing classes, you can not immediately sit down or go to bed – walk for a couple of minutes, catch your breath, do self-massage. Home buttock fitness may include:

  1. Mahi. Place your palms on the wall and perform side swings with your feet 20 times on each side. You can also jerk your foot forward or backward..
  2. Squats. Legs should be parallel to shoulders. Lower your pelvis to your knees, then straighten. During the exercise, keep your back straight, and take the pelvis as far back as possible.
  3. Plie. With a wide set of legs and turned out toes, squat as low as possible. 10 times per set.
  4. Lunges. Walking forward, squat until 90 degrees between the hip and knee (as shown in the picture). Perform 10-15 repetitions each.

For all muscle groups

This complex is suitable for general body strengthening, body shaping, recovery of weakened muscles. Fitness training for all muscle groups may include:

  1. For arms, chest. Push-ups, pull-ups, hand swings – ideal to tone biceps, triceps, pectoral muscles.
  2. For the back. You can quickly strengthen the spinal muscles with the help of a bar, hyperextension, traction of the block to the back and to the chest. At home, you can perform slopes with weighting.
  3. For belly. A variety of twisting options – with smooth legs, on the oblique muscles, the exercise “bike” and others – will help to quickly pump up the press.
  4. For buttocks and thighs. The most effective for strengthening and giving relief to the muscles of the priests and legs are swings, lunges and squats. Workouts can be selected, combined and alternated at will. In addition, it is better to use weights during fitness classes..
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