Funchoza for weight loss – composition and benefits, glycemic index and calorie content

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Why are glass noodle inventors from China practically not overweight? Funchoza for weight loss with proper preparation and despite the presence in the recipe of a large amount of starch and high calorie content is a great way to reduce weight and improve your health and mood. Glass noodles do not have a distinct distinct taste, but due to its ability to adsorb the taste and aroma of other products, it is considered one of the best side dishes in the world..

What is funchose

Thin rice noodles are increasingly used as a side dish during diets. It is proved that funchose for weight loss enhances the body’s metabolic processes. This is due to the fact that the composition of glass noodles – this is about 20% of resistant starch (which does not turn into glucose) remains in the intestine and becomes food for bacteria (fermentation process). Due to the processing of noodles, the body receives the necessary fatty acids, easier to absorb calcium and magnesium, the level of glucose, cholesterol is gradually reduced, fat accumulations are “burned”.

Properties of glass noodles:

  • vitamins of group B, D, macrocells;
  • consists of complex carbohydrates giving a long-lasting feeling of satiety;
  • amino acids contribute to the creation of new cells;
  • gluten free;
  • correct balance BZHU.

What are funchoses made of?

Funchoza for weight loss is made from starch from various plants in East Asia, such as cassava, green mung beans, quinoa. To reduce the cost of production, manufacturers are increasingly changing the composition of funchose: expensive starch from Chinese plants is being replaced with cheap rice, potato or corn starch. You can distinguish corn noodles only after cooking: it becomes white, and not transparent (crystal), like the original bean noodles. In addition, analog manufacturers add harmful zinc and aluminum to starch..

Green Mung Bean

The benefits and harms of funchose

For people who want to lose weight and improve their health, rice noodles for weight loss will be an indispensable tool, the main thing is to learn how to cook it correctly. The benefits and harms of funchoses are described in the literature, but with proper preparation and selection of high-quality noodles, the negative consequences are leveled, and nutritionists talk about its usefulness. Do not overeat if the body is weakened by chronic diseases. Since bean noodles are a side dish, carefully consider the method of preparation and the number of spices, especially if there are problems with the digestive tract, if you cook for a pregnant woman or a nursing mother.

Useful properties of Chinese funchose for weight loss and PP:

  • strengthening the nervous system;
  • increasing skin elasticity, preserving its youth;
  • decrease in blood glucose in diabetes;
  • reduced risk of vascular disease;
  • improvement of the digestive tract, intestinal motility;
  • bone strengthening;
  • supports the water-salt balance of the body.

Mung Bean Funchoza

Calorie content

Dry starch noodles have a calorie content of 320 kcal / 100 grams, in boiled noodles – 82 kcal / 100 grams, with a low glycemic index (carbohydrate absorption rate). Is Calcium Fungose ​​Caloric? Bean noodles themselves are a dietary product because they have a minimal fat content. In rare cases, manufacturers add soy or buckwheat, but this practically does not affect the calorie content or taste. Although the caloric content of funchose is high, it is recommended for overweight people, as it is made from bean flour, which does not harm the figure.

Energy value, KBZhU, the content of vitamins and macronutrients in glass noodles:

Energy value (grams)

Vitamins (mg)

Macronutrients (mg)



IN 1






IN 2










Calorie content

320 (kcal)







How to cook funchose

Making a delicious bean noodle dish at home is easy. First you need to place it in warm water for 10 minutes, when it swells, put it in boiling unsalted water, boil for 3-5 minutes. Ready noodles can be added to soup, used as a side dish for fried chicken, turkey, shrimp, fish or pickled vegetables. You can make an unusual spicy Korean salad with soy sauce, carrots and sweet peppers. Cooking funchose will let you hear a subtle nutty flavor, serve it hot.

How to choose real Chinese noodles (fancy in the original):

  • to study the composition;
  • pay attention to color – it may be slightly grayish, transparent, without a yellow tint;
  • noodles are very fragile, regardless of the thickness of the threads;
  • the threads are all divided, not stuck together;
  • no smell;
  • width of threads up to 3 mm, length not less than 50 cm.

Funchose salad in a plate

Funchoza while losing weight

Many people wonder if it is possible to eat funchose on a diet when they find out the number of calories in a dish. Conventional pasta is forbidden to use in most nutrition systems for losing weight, but the difference with glass noodles in its low-calorie boiled form is relatively familiar to us pasta. According to nutritionists, funchose in the diet becomes an excellent substitute for almost any side dish. If you replace potato dishes with a portion of starch noodles with dietary meat, the process of “burning” fat will begin to gain momentum.

Is funchose useful for losing weight

The use of noodles for losing weight lies in its composition. Slow carbohydrates provide muscles with energy, and due to its ability to dull the feeling of hunger, much less sugar and fat-saturated foods are eaten. Is funchose useful for losing weight? The “nests” of Chinese funchose for weight loss are used as the main side dish in some types of diets. After five days of such a diet, the body will look much better, and a person will be filled with energy.

Is it possible to recover from funchose

Are they getting fat from funchoses? If you do not have a bucket of starch vermicelli per day, you can’t recover from funchose. As with any other meal, a normal serving of noodles will not increase weight. The main task of losing weight is to monitor what is with Chinese noodles. If you lean on fatty meat, pastries and sweets – you will definitely not be able to lose weight. It is very useful to eat starchy noodles with vegetables (pickled and stewed). You can use different oriental spices, this will add to it a pleasant aroma and unusualness. Goes well with ginger, sesame and honey noodles..

Attention! The information presented in the article is for guidance only. Materials of the article do not call for self-treatment. Only a qualified doctor can make a diagnosis and give treatment recommendations based on the individual characteristics of a particular patient.

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