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Parterne gymnastics, which is gaining popularity in recent years, will help get rid of physical inactivity. This system of exercises improves the health of joints and muscles, and is fully adaptable for both an adult and a child. During exercise, the body gains flexibility, dexterity, and precision movements..

What is ground gymnastics

Floor exercises are available for all ages. The complex is performed in a sitting position, lying or on its side, as a result of which any load on the joints becomes minimal. Rehabilitation exercises in the stalls are selected individually, as some people need a stronger load, while others prefer calm movements. During the workout, all muscle groups are worked out..

As a result of partner exercises, the elasticity of the ligaments and joint mobility are restored. Gymnastics is always performed in a slow rhythm with proper breathing, so that circulation of the musculoskeletal system occurs in the correct rhythm. Stages of therapeutic exercises:

  1. Dynamic mode. Muscles are strengthened. Training time – up to 40 minutes.
  2. Stretching Stretching is carried out for 20 minutes.
  3. Meditation. Immersion in the inner world, uplifting, strengthening faith – an important final stage, which lasts at least 5 minutes.

Group lesson in the gym

Adaptive gymnastics Bubnovsky

Combine the elements of different types of gymnastics turned out at Dr. Bubnovsky. He created his own unique method, with the help of which patients with diseases of the musculoskeletal system are quickly restored. Bubnovsky’s partner gymnastics is movements aimed at developing tendons and muscles, through which joints and bones feed.

With the help of special equipment, an anti-gravity environment is created in which the articular load is completely absent, which preserves the inter-articular cartilage from erasure. A set of exercises is selected for each person individually. During Bubnovsky’s health-improving course, there is always a doctor next to the patient who monitors the correct performance of the gymnastics.

For children

In addition to the healing functions, the ground exercises form the correct posture, therefore, shown to children from 5 years. Exercises on the floor will be optimal for the kids, because their coordination has not yet fully formed. Ground gymnastics for children will make all muscle groups work without any compression. In the children’s program, exercises of different intensities are selected: moderate training, active, combined.

There is an advanced course that provides classes with a complex set of loads, which are held at a high pace. They are carried out for children with preliminary physical training. However, before embarking on them, the child needs to obtain the permission of the pediatrician, and then go through the familiarization part with the Bubnovsky program and introductory instruction.

In choreography

Often, gymnastics classes on the floor (ground floor) are designed to form the child’s readiness for professional dance classes. There are very few children with developed data for choreography. Already at the stage of group formation, many defects are found: scoliosis, stoop, overweight, flat feet. In addition, some children have different physical abnormalities: knotted protruding knees, weak back, lack of jumping. Parterne gymnastics in choreography helps eliminate all of these shortcomings.

Children in a classroom choreography class

The benefits of ground gymnastics

Floor training is needed for those who want to restore or maintain joint health. During classes, ligaments and muscles are strengthened, the lungs are actively ventilated, and blood circulation improves. The whole body becomes light and graceful, as it relieves muscle tension, intervertebral discs are restored. Children and adults who constantly attend classes in articular gymnastics can be immediately distinguished by equal posture, regal gait.

The effectiveness of ground gymnastics is achieved with the help of special simulators that perfectly develop the abdominal muscles, forcing all internal organs to work in normal mode. Exercising on the floor contributes to better functioning of the kidneys and the gastrointestinal tract. Ground workouts stimulate the functioning of blood vessels and the heart, restore breathing, help develop coordination abilities.

For joints

The peculiarity of Bubnovsky’s exercises is that the muscles work in ergonomic positions, with almost no movements or you need to use a very small amplitude. Such exercises completely eliminate the load on the bone joints. Bubnovsky’s gymnastics for joints is useful for those who in the past received a ligament or muscle injury, as well as for those who want to engage in the prevention of diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

For the spine

Adaptive gymnastics for the spine will help correct chest or lumbar scoliosis. Since weights are not used during classes, they can be carried out at home. With the help of ground exercises the following goals are achieved:

  • the flexibility of the spinal column returns, even if there is a limitation of mobility in the joints of the vertebrae;
  • the abdominal muscles are worked out;
  • a person learns to relax with the help of breathing patterns.

Girl performs an exercise

Ground Gymnastics Program

There are a lot of exercises on the floor, and some of them are familiar from physical education lessons, for example, “bridge”, “birch”, “bicycle”. Partner gymnastics classes are held on rugs or mats to rhythmic music at a fast or medium pace. In order for the exercises to have the necessary effect on the human body, the trainer must achieve clear implementation: proper breathing, good muscle tension, and a full range of movements. Careless gymnastics will not help to solve the main health problems, which will negatively affect the quality of the workout in general.

Dynamic exercises

Before proceeding to the main part of gymnastic exercises, it is necessary to do a warm-up. For this, a march is suitable for household steps in place, in a circle, in a square, on the outer and inner side of the foot and with the addition of head turns. Next, you can proceed to the dynamic exercises. Ground acrobatics will work out different muscle groups. Sample exercises:

  • Lie on your back. As you exhale, raise your straight legs 90 degrees 20 times without touching the floor.
  • Sit on the floor. Rest your hands behind. As you exhale, begin to perform 20 sweeps with the legs with vertical scissors and 20 swings with the horizontal.
  • Lie on your back. Bend your arms behind your head. Raising your head and shoulders, reach your left knee with your right elbow 20 times. After do the same the other way.

Stretching exercises

A set of exercises, which is aimed at developing flexibility, will help to find a beautiful posture, relieve stiffness and tension in the hip joints and back, stretch the hamstrings, inguinal region, back of the thigh. Stretching in the stalls will increase blood circulation in the lower extremities, improve the functions of the genitourinary system:

  1. Box (strengthening the muscles of the legs, the development of flexibility of position). Lie on your stomach. Connect the feet, knees apart, rest your hands on the floor. Head back to the socks, lock yourself, then return to the starting position. Do it 20 times.
  2. Bridge (development of coordination, hand strength, flexibility). Lie on your back, place your feet at the width of your shoulders. Bend your arms at the elbows and place the palms down on the floor. Lift the body while straightening your legs and arms. Lock the position, trying at this time to look in the palm of your hand. Do 10 climbs.
  3. Fold (development of flexibility of the hip joint and spine). Sit on the floor, bend your knees and press them to your stomach. Hands grasp the ankles, touch the knees with your nose. Sliding your feet on the floor, straighten your legs, slowly bending towards them with your chest. Lock at the lowest point. Do it 20 times.

Girl makes a bridge


After physical exertion, recovery is needed. Respiratory gymnastics and meditation effectively cope with this task. The relaxing phase is performed to calm music. There are many different meditation practices. One of the most popular: Greeting to the Sun. Meditation will help solve mental problems, have a positive effect on the physical body, and restore the balance of spirit and mind. Consists of 12 asanas:

  • prayer pose (exhale);
  • arms raised (inhalation);
  • tilting the head to the legs forward while standing (exhale);
  • Horseman’s posture (breath);
  • strap (breath holding);
  • Staff pose or horizontal emphasis (exhale);
  • Dog pose face up (inhale);
  • Dog pose with his face down (exhale);
  • Horseman’s posture (breath);
  • forward bend (exhale);
  • standing pose with arms extended upward (inhale);
  • prayer pose (exhale).

Adaptive Gymnastics for Beginners

Groundwork classes are selected individually according to the results of the diagnosis. For beginners and elderly people with diseases of the musculoskeletal system, a special corset for the bone frame is used. The complex of exercises of the ground gymnastics includes breathing practice, working out the muscles of the abdomen from the supine position, and stretching exercises in a moderate mode. By constantly practicing adaptive movements, you can prevail in the fight against the disease, avoid surgical intervention and completely restore the area of ​​the inflammatory process.

Girl is training in the gym

Partnership gymnastics video lessons

Training videos in full will help explain the importance of adaptive gymnastics, clearly demonstrate the correctness of the exercises for adults and children. However, it should be remembered that during training, it is necessary to increase the load gradually and be aware of contraindications to them. Partnership exercises can not be performed by cancer patients, people with fever and in the presence of pathologies of the circulatory system. If the health condition worsened during gymnastics, then classes should be stopped immediately.

Adaptive gymnastics of Dr. Bubnovsky

Children’s ground gymnastics

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