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A set of training for all muscle groups is the basis of a weight loss program in the gym for girls. If you strictly follow the recommendations, the exercises will help to cope with the excess weight, give the figure a slim and fit. Any woman will benefit from such a training set, carried out with its own weight or additional weights. Learn about the right program selection, features and the right methodology for performing exercises.

Training program for girls

Those who want to lose weight quickly will need a special training program. It contains recommendations on the correct load on muscle groups, the study of problem areas and the construction of an ideal body. Training for girls in one hour should be carried out over the whole body. Slimming women suggests that in addition to sports, you need to pay attention also to the nutrition program. It is worth giving up fried, greasy and smoked, to maintain water balance and introduce more protein into the diet.

How to make a girl workout plan

A properly constructed plan gives a monthly result. It is worth remembering that the body can hardly tolerate changes – it only adapts when creating unusual, stressful external conditions. It is necessary to exclude the basic mistakes of athletes: too light a load and lack of effort in training. To form beautiful forms, you need to work hard and hard, giving the body an increasing load.

Recent repetitions of exercises are especially difficult for girls because of short rest breaks. The correct personal plan contains the following items:

  1. Identification of large muscle groups, selection of a pair of targeted methods of study.
  2. Work with repetitions and complexes.
  3. Classes twice-thrice a week.
  4. The inclusion of exercises to work out the maximum number of muscle groups.

Girl in the gym

Training program for beginner girls

Introductory exercises on beginner simulators deserve special attention. Beginners should choose a gradual increase in load. In the first week, conduct two classes, in the second – three, and after a month – up to five. The body will get used to the load, the desire to play sports will not disappear, and the prepared body will have enough of this period for rest. Due to the gradual increase in the load during training, the muscles will be evenly loaded, there will be no “skew” in the pumping of body parts – it will be uniformly taut and beautiful.

A ready-made training program involves rules for beginners, which should be followed so that it is easier to practice and get the desired result faster:

  • pay attention to the pulse, do not allow the appearance of shortness of breath;
  • count on the calculator on the trainer sites the optimal mass that you need to strive for;
  • high average heart rate gives intensive burning of fat reserves;
  • to warm up, choose a run, an exercise bike, a jump rope;
  • reduce daily calories by at least 400 kcal.

What type of workout to choose for weight loss

The right coach should choose the type of training. The main types are cardio and strength training. The weight loss program in the gym for girls gives the maximum effect when combining strength techniques with cardio approaches. You can also choose the right direction of weight loss in this way: to maintain shape in the absence of large excess weight, it is better to be based on cardio training, in the presence of a solid overweight – exercises with weights are necessary.

Circular training

Circular training contributes to fat burning, losing weight and giving the body a bump. The approach of the program is as follows: they completed one exercise, moved on to the next without rest and continued to perform until the end of the set. After a short rest, it is repeated as many times as necessary. The weight loss program has a goal – burning fat, has a high level of complexity, designed for experienced athletes.

In the lesson, work is carried out on all muscle groups, increased interest in the hips and buttocks, which tend to accumulate fat faster than other parts of the body. The approximate schedule of the system for losing weight includes the following exercises (to choose from):

  • oblique twisting;
  • lunges with weight;
  • extension, bending of the legs;
  • push ups;
  • hand stains with weight;
  • leg lift
  • hyperextension;
  • barbell squats.

Girl shakes the press on the simulator

Fitness program

To maintain the figure in order, to restore weight after childbirth or if you want to lose weight, a fitness training program for girls is suitable. The simplicity and ease of direction in terms of loading, gives a beneficial advantage over the gym. In the classroom, you can relax, enjoy stretching the muscles and maintain the state of the figure. Fitness is not suitable if you want to lose a lot of excess body weight – only intense exercise using heavy weights and fat-burning measures will help here.

Fat Burning Complex

The most difficult is a fat burning workout that combines strength and cardio exercises. From strength training, preference should be given to multi-joint movements that help to work on parallel muscle groups and spend calories. Independent exercises with individual weights form a muscle structure, make the body produce hormones that promote fat burning. The complex for weight loss consists of squats, lunges, traction, push-ups and bench presses.

Cardio allows for enhanced fat burning. It is optimal to combine power loads with jogging, riding a stationary bike, exercising on an ellipsoid. Approximate weekly fat burning plan:

  1. Leg press, Romanian traction, gravitron, dumbbell bench press, push-ups, bar.
  2. Running on a track, level, burpee, punches on an imaginary pear.
  3. Deep wide steps, lifting legs on the platform, Romanian traction, lifting weights, traction of the upper block, lifting legs.
  4. Recreation.
  5. Squee-plie, lunges with dumbbells, hyperextension, bending the legs, joining hands on the “butterfly”, gluteal bridge, twisting, lifting toes.
  6. Slow cardio on track.
  7. Recreation.

Power load

Support for muscle tone, skin tightening and body elasticity is different strength training program for girls. The complex actively develops muscles, burns a layer of fat even after training. Strengthening of the muscles of the body occurs from top to bottom – from pumping of the arms and chest, spinal muscles and abs, buttocks and thighs, completing the load on the legs and lower legs.

To create a muscle relief without increasing the volume, the work is carried out with fast or medium speed, with repetitions of each exercise 15 times. Between repetitions, it is allowed to rest for up to three minutes, and you need to repeat approaches three times. The most effective force methods:

  • push-ups on the legs or knees;
  • hands with weights;
  • twisting;
  • squats
  • lifting, leg extension;
  • lunges.

Girl performs a hand layout with dumbbells lying

Cardio training

A cardio training program for girls helps to develop endurance, train the heart muscle and lose weight. Exercise reduces the number of fat cells, removes the sides, makes the body beautiful in the photo. To get the result, cardio training should last at least 30-40 minutes. The effect of cardio exercises is short-lived, calories are burned only at direct load. It is better to engage in simulators three times a week, using the following techniques:

  • run;
  • classes on a stationary bike, ellipse;
  • jumping ropes;
  • swimming.

Split training

The best option after six months of training will be split training. It includes work on two muscle groups. At one time they can train: calves with an oblique abs, back with arms, chest and shoulders. You can start split training in the presence of free time, otherwise there will be no effect. The attitude is also important – if you skip classes, then you won’t be able to catch up with the lost time, you will have to start all over again.

Ideal to do every other day, do up to 15 repetitions of exercises in a couple of approaches. Losing weight will help to achieve an increased number of repetitions while reducing the lifted weight. An approximate program of split training on a schedule:

  1. Monday – legs, buttocks, abs are training. Exercises – squats, lunges, Romanian traction, leg press and leg lifting, twisting.
  2. Wednesday – the spinal muscles. Body lifts, block pulls, weight lifting, dumbbells to the waist, hyperextension.
  3. Friday – chest, triceps, shoulders. Push-ups, bench press and breeding dumbbells, lifting arms, extension with weights.

Training sessions

A special training program affects the most problematic areas. Particular attention is paid to the study of the press, buttocks and thighs. Due to the characteristics of female physiology, a significant amount of fat and overweight is accumulated there, which is difficult to get rid of. Weight loss complexes for girls include: workouts with lifting weights (dumbbells, barbells, weights), own weight, exercise equipment or auxiliary accessories (skipping ropes, step platforms).

Girl with a trainer in the back room

Warm up

Before class, warming up is important. It warms up muscles and joints, sets the body to work, saturates the cells with oxygen. Warm up helps to avoid microtrauma after class. The warm-up program lasts up to 15 minutes – during it it is good to perform rotational articular movements, run, squat, push-ups and lean in different directions.

The obligatory hitch is carried out similarly – it stretches the muscles, makes them flexible and elastic, does not contribute to the accumulation of heaviness. Run a little to complete the workout, stretch. It is useful to just lie on the mat, make a couple of yoga asanas, relax and normalize breathing. This is useful for all athletes, especially beginners..

Basic exercises

Building a beautiful body in the gym includes basic exercises for weight loss on simulators for girls. Classes are included in the compulsory daily execution program. You can choose them from the following types:

  • squats, squats, plie, on one leg;
  • wide deep steps with weights (can be complicated by connecting steps with a chain);
  • lifting dumbbells;
  • pull-ups;
  • block traction;
  • bar push-ups;
  • deadlift, Romanian;
  • twisting;
  • dumbbell bench press;
  • hyperextension;
  • hand spread on the sides with weight.

Exercises for problem areas

Complex for problem areas will help to lose the accumulated fat on the buttocks, legs or stomach. For a tangible result, it is worth combining training with proper nutrition – it is better to reduce calories consumed. To choose exercises, you need to determine the type of body – if losing weight causes difficulties, then cardio at an average pace should be added to strength training. With a quick weight loss, you can do only power.

It is useful to conduct circular training sessions in supernets or trisets. It will be possible to achieve rapid weight loss during training with a burst of energy to the muscles of the problem areas, and in the latter approaches, the stress phase. For efficiency, it is recommended to make a sequence of basic techniques and isolation (target).

Girl on a treadmill

Leg training

Basic and isolation exercises include leg training. The technique of creating beautiful, slender legs and elastic buttocks is carried out three times a week. Exercises should be changed every six months to enhance progress. The result appears a month later. Leg weight loss is possible only with an integrated approach – exercises stimulate blood circulation, make the whole body toned and beautiful.

When training the legs, it is necessary to warm up and stretch, after doing the exercises, carry out an additional load (slowly run for half an hour or walk quickly). Repeat the program up to 10-12 times:

  1. Squats, complicate with dumbbells or weights.
  2. Lunges with kettlebells, chain of steps.
  3. Plié with weight – sit down with your legs wide apart.
  4. Gluteal bridge – lifting the buttocks from a lying position, with legs on an elevated surface.
  5. Pumping up the press – repeat as much as you can so that the muscles begin to “burn”.

Top training

Work out the back, chest and biceps of the arms will help training the top for girls in the gym. It should be performed twice a week, three sets of 12 repetitions. An approximate comprehensive plan in the hall by day:

  1. Squeezing the bar while sitting, draft at an angle, lifting weights to the shoulders in a sitting position, French bench press, lifting dumbbells while standing to work out the biceps.
  2. Push-ups for triceps, lifting the body on the horizontal bar, gravitron, wiring the dumbbells on the sides, lowering the dumbbells, lifting the block to the lower biceps.

Slimming belly

Isolated exercises for weight loss of the abdomen and sides are considered very effective. It is optimal to train the press twice or thrice a week, performing each lesson of 20-25 repetitions in several approaches. The correctness of the exercise is evidenced by a tangible sense of “burning” of the body. The simplest training elements for the abs and waist – twisting and raising legs from the floor.

It is advisable to work out parallel muscle groups of the press alternately – upper, lower, combined. Simultaneous work on all areas will not immediately bring the desired result, but only add fatigue, the body will recover for a long time. The following schemes have been developed for the press:

  1. On the upper press – pumping the press on an inclined surface, on the fitball, twisting at the block.
  2. For the lower – raising legs with elbows or lying down, raising limbs on a fitball.
  3. Combined – classic twisting, “book”.

Girl shakes the press

Video about how to lose weight girl in the gym

The training program on simulators in the gym for women and girls consists of a complex of many elements and repetitions that should be performed correctly to get a beautiful figure. The following videos will help with understanding the technique, telling about the secrets of training in gyms and the success of circular training. The materials show the basic methods, explain the principles of their implementation to achieve a quick and guaranteed result. After watching the video, you will learn the purpose of the classes, see new options for the performance of familiar exercises.

Circular training program for women

The program for weight loss in the gym for girls

Attention! The information presented in the article is for guidance only. Materials of the article do not call for self-treatment. Only a qualified doctor can make a diagnosis and give treatment recommendations based on the individual characteristics of a particular patient.

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