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The green shade of the eyes of the beautiful half of humanity has always been considered mysterious. In ancient centuries, green-eyed women were burned at the stake, considering them sorcerers. Today, this eye color is always in trend and very popular. The main task of the lady is to properly present natural beauty. Perfectly selected hair colors for green eyes make the image complete, hide imperfections and emphasize the advantages of appearance.

How to choose hair color for green eyes

It is advisable to carefully select hair colors for green eyes, given the many nuances. Inappropriate tone can ruin the whole image. The traditional solution for all green-eyed fashionistas is chestnut, honey, mahogany and red. Do not rush to resort to a specific solution, experiment. Several ways to choose hair color:

  • recognize the color type of the face;
  • the spectrum of green is great – take a look at what you have;
  • determine the natural skin color – pale, marble, pinkish, light, olive or dark brown;
  • the iris has a color different from the pupil color: this can be successfully played;
  • natural color will affect the final result when painting;
  • the shape of the face will have to be considered when choosing a haircut and hairstyles, think about this point in advance.

Bright girl

What you need to do first:

  1. Browse photos of models and celebrities.
  2. If you prefer bright makeup, allow yourself a brighter palette. Natural Makeup will require a muted hair tone.
  3. Do not go from the blonde to the brown-haired woman, then to the burning brunette and vice versa – burn the curls and torment yourself with growing roots. Stick to a better natural tone.
  4. Before taking action, consult a specialist..
  5. A computer program to change the style and appearance will help coordinate every step..

Aishvaria Rai

For green eyes and fair skin

It is easy for women with a light type of appearance and bright green eyes to choose which hair color is suitable for them. Countless combinations. The generally accepted option is all shades of red, blond. Porcelain appearance goes well with red, such as chestnut and mahogany. Original and non-standard looks dark blond. The color of the raven wing is preferable for young people – in combination with fair skin, it will be added for several years. When using dark paint, you need to do a make-up makeup daily, otherwise the face will be lost on the background of the hairstyle.

Green-eyed girl

For gray-green eyes

The choice of paint for the owners of gray-green irises should fall in rich, saturated colors. Golden, amber, ashy will categorically not suit you. Shades of honey, chestnut, caramel, mahogany will fit. If Mother Nature has rewarded you with the light color of curls, you should not go against the clock. Making the hair too dark can cause problems with regrowing roots. A good solution is coloring or highlighting a natural tone. It is better to choose a paint within two or three shades from your.

Gray-eyed brown-haired

For brown-green eyes

Autumn color is perfect for women with brown-green eyes and fair skin. For example, chestnut or red, dark brown or copper. Particularly beautiful hair color – mahogany. Lovely ladies with olive skin will suit any dark colors plus cognac, bright black. Lightened shades for owners of brown-green eyes are not recommended, especially blondes. Curly streaked natural strands will look gorgeous.

Mahogany-colored strands

For dark skin

Deep dark tones look amazing with green eyes and dark skin. Black will give an amazing mesmerizing effect. For lovers of bold experiments, you can try burgundy. A beautiful option will be a bright chestnut, bronze, chocolate. Natural tones in the make-up will give the face a natural look. Coloring will be inappropriate. Straight hair looks more spectacular.

Dark woman

What color of hair suits green eyes

The color palette of green is diverse – from transparent-grassy to dark swamp. The type of face, its features are of great importance when choosing paint for curls. A girl with freckles cannot afford dark shades. Dark skin will not tolerate bright colors. Bright saturated tones in combination with problem skin will attract excessive attention to imperfections in appearance. Choosing the right hair color for your face is not an easy task. Particular attention should be paid to matching eye color and skin type..

Table with palettes:

Skin Color / Eye Tint

Light green


Dark green





Porcelain (milk)

strawberry blond

blond, peach

any shades of red





Light coloured

light blond, ash, red

dark blond, ashen



blond, platinum blonde, beige

dark brown, chestnut, chocolate

black saturated red


copper, bronze

brown coffee with milk


Cold shades

Gray-eyed blonde

Cold shades of the color palette look great in women of the summer and winter color types. A light pink appearance with green eyes is characteristic of the summer look. Ash blond, golden tones, platinum will suit them perfectly. Lady winter has olive or dark skin with dark green eyes. Brown, chestnut, red will create a fashionable and stylish image. An unusual solution will be purple strands on black hair. The color palette of cold tones looks good on long straight hair with a bright makeup, sustained in the same colors.

Warm color

Dark blond woman

Warm colors paint suits women of spring and autumn color types. The spring girl by nature has a light or pale appearance. The eyes of such a beautiful woman are bright green. In the sun, women of this type are more likely to blush than sunbathe. Honey, copper, brown shades in combination with natural make-up and curled curls will create a fresh image of a young lady. Yellowness is typical for yellowness, and the eyes come in all kinds of shades of green. In this case, the fashion dictates to leave the natural color and only shade it with chestnut, walnut or brown.

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