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Fast and accurate styling in seconds is the dream of many girls. To make it a reality, hairdressers come up with special accessories and devices, thanks to which the creation of hairstyles becomes easier and more convenient. So there was a hairpin for long hair twister, which was very popular in the 90s of the last century. Due to the fact that at the time a lot of fakes were sold on store shelves, interest in this device faded. But now, the fashionable trend to style hair with a twister is coming back.

How to use a hair twister

A twister is a fabric, inside of which there is a copper wire – it holds the strands in the hairstyle. The hairpin can be covered with velvet, silk or other material, decorated with lace flowers, beads, rhinestones, often foam rubber is placed inside. There are plastic twisters that are suitable for daily wear. This fixture is an easy way to make an elegant hairstyle. The purchase of a hair clip will cost a penny, and the service life is long if you handle it carefully.

Velvet-covered twister

The original hair clip is suitable for different occasions: it will decorate during a festive event, it will help to create a comfortable hairstyle during sports or during active activities. Thanks to the special structure, the twister will allow its owner to create many different stylings, about 20 types. Instructions for using hairpins for twister hair:

Put on a hairpin and twist hair

  • Comb the curls well so that the fingers pass freely between the strands, then collect them in a ponytail on the back of the head, but do not fix it. Make sure that there are no “cocks” on your head, otherwise the hairstyle will not look too neat. Smooth your hair.
  • Take a twister. It has a special hole in which you need to stretch the ponytail. Gently spread the hair from edge to edge, then gently pull the hair clip to the ends. Make sure that the strands do not fall out of it. If the hair is of different lengths, pull the twister to the place where the shortest strand almost ends. If you wish, you can let some of the hair go forward to give the hairstyle a romantic look, twisting curls, or careless, slightly whipping them.
  • Start twisting the hair gradually from the ends to the back of the head, pulling the hair clip slightly so that the strands are evenly distributed and fit snugly against the twister.
  • When you hit the edge of the hairpin at the base of the tail, you need to fix it correctly. Adjust the height of the hairstyle by moving the array of hair up or down the back of the head. Twist the ends of the twister in the form of a bundle or “bagel”, tightly fixing the strands. Hairstyle is ready!

Step-by-step hairstyle with twister

A feature of the twister is that the soft surface of the device does not injure the structure of the hair and holds them firmly. Therefore, even a classic tail fixed with this hairpin will take one position all day without sliding down. The twister has a styling effect: if you twist the hair into a bun for several hours, then, loosening it, the girl will see beautiful soft waves that hold perfectly on thin hair.

Hairstyles with a twister: step by step instructions

With a twister, it’s easy to create interesting hairstyles, having previously studied detailed instructions. Below is a description of popular styles that are perfect for a walk or a business meeting: an original bundle, an exquisite tourniquet, an elegant seashell or a romantic Malvina. Using the master classes, you can do strict hairstyles, where the hair adheres one to one or more loose, slightly disheveled options.

A bunch

  • To create an elegant bun, comb your hair well. Gather the tail in the place where you want to see the future hairstyle. Carefully thread the tail into the twister hole, distribute throughout the area. If the classic version is performed, make sure that no extra strands are knocked out.

Comb and thread the curls into a twister

  • Gently start curling your hair by pulling it on a hair clip so that the strands do not fall out.

We twist hair on a hairpin to a nape

  • Stop right in front of the back of the head when the hairpin rests against it with an edge.
  • Bend the ends of the fixture down, connect them together, forming an elegant bundle.

We form a beam with an unusual hairpin


  • A tourniquet is an original hairstyle that diversifies the everyday look. First you need to make a vertical parting, separating the occipital area and part of the hair on the crown. The more strands left below, the more voluminous the harness will be. When creating a parting, it is not necessary to follow exceptionally clear lines, you can also distinguish between zones.

Divide hair with a vertical parting

  • Elastic or crab hairpin, hold the top of the hair, pulling it forward to easily make a tourniquet. Twist the back of the head with a twister without fastening the ends.

Strands below the parting we wind on a twister

  • Remove the fasteners from the upper assembled part, and then wrap it with a twisted hair twister, forming a ring around the tail. Hairstyle “harness” is ready!

We form a tourniquet around the tail


  1. Comb hair well, it is important that there is not a single tangled area. Put the twister upright, unlike in previous cases, and start twisting your hair around it like that.
  2. Depending on which side is more convenient, form a shell on the left or on the right when the device is moved to the back of the head.
  3. Lock the ends of the twister firmly. The shell is ready!

Step-by-step execution of a shell on a twister

Malvina Hairstyle

  1. To create a romantic Malvina, comb all the strands well. Using a comb, make a vertical parting, leaving the main body of hair in the lower, occipital part.
  2. Lock the hair from the bottom with the crab so that it is convenient to wind the strands on the tourniquet.
  3. Thread the upper part of the hair through the hole in the twister, spreading along the entire length. Start wrapping them in a hair clip by pulling them slightly.
  4. When the hairpin touches the edge of the head, connect the ends of the device, fixing them.

Malvina hairstyle with an unusual hairpin

How to make a hairpin with your own hands

A convenient functional accessory a woman can not only purchase in the store, but also make it herself at home. The hairpin should turn out high-quality and budget. To create a twister, the needlewoman will need copper wire, adhesive tape, wire cutters, a piece of velvet fabric. Instructions for making a stylish hair jewelry:

Hairpin Materials

  • Take the wire, make a few skeins in a circle with a radius of about 25 centimeters. The thicker and heavier the hair, the more wire will be needed for the base of the hairpin. Make sure the construction is dense.
  • Take the tape, wrap it tightly around the wire circle to make the future accessory even denser.

Tape the base of the barrette with tape

  • Sew a velvet cover in advance, considering the size of the future fixture. Make a hole there, sew in the edges.
  • Complete the accessory with decorations – beads, ribbons, lace, other elements as desired. Barrette is ready!

Where to buy and how much is a twister for hair

A girl can buy a twister in a shopping center or on the Internet, after reading the reviews of those who have already purchased a hairpin. Often, accessories are sold in sets of several colors and with different decorative elements, so that it turns out to pick up a fixture for each occasion. The cost of a single copy starts from 100 rubles, if you take in bulk, the price for one hairpin will be less.

Video tutorial on creating hairstyles using sophist twist

For those who want to learn how to make beautiful styling with a convenient hair clip with wire and foam, a training video will help. On it, a woman makes her daughter’s hair: in order to make the bun strong and elegant, a fixing elastic is used. Further, the leader tightly fixes the strands in the twister and winds the tail on it, at the end slightly fluffing the bunch, making it a little more careless. The result was a stylish hairstyle to the side, which is suitable for a gala event and will decorate any look. How to make a beautiful styling with a twister barrette:

Photo hairpins twister

The hairpin will allow each girl to easily create collected hairstyles without the use of additional attributes (hairpins, elastic bands, crab, invisible). In addition to undeniable convenience, the twister has another important advantage – a good appearance. To see this, see a selection of photos with hairstyles secured with a stylish fixture.

Photo of hairpins twister

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