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A beautiful dress, stilettos, flawless makeup – this is only half the image of a successful woman. Well-groomed hands with an overgrown cuticle and sticky varnish can spoil it. To prevent such an incident, it is necessary to regularly do manicure. You can go through the procedure in any nail salon or do the treatment at home..

What is hardware manicure

What does hardware manicure mean? In fact, the classic treatment of nails with the apparatus is one of many varieties of European manicure. Unlike trim methods for nail care, which use carved tweezers and coarse files, this is done using a special device with rotating nozzles of varying degrees of stiffness.

Hardware Manicure Set

As a rule, equipment for manicure consists of the following hardware parts:

  • an electric or storage device;
  • felt coated discs;
  • several brushes to remove dust and dirt;
  • grinding nozzles;
  • cuticle sticks;
  • mills for hardware manicure.

The number of tools in manicure sets may vary slightly, which will significantly affect their price. If you want to master manicure technology at home, the simplest set with a minimum of tools will do. For salon manicure choose a complete set of cutters, a device powered by the mains, and additional brushes for grinding.

Professional kit for hardware manicure


A machine for hardware manicure can differ not only in an additional set of tools, but also in the composition of the electric motor. Regarding the latter, today the choice is small. There are only two types of engines:

  • A collector-type engine involves the presence of several brushes that will set the reverse stroke. The downside is the slow speed of work and the accumulation of nail dust inside the device, which, due to the built-in fan, is fed out and makes it difficult for the master to breathe. In addition, the device quickly fails.
  • The brushless motor instead of brushes is equipped with electronic sensors that are necessary for supplying electric current. From the pros: fast and silent operation of the manicure device, long service life.

For a novice master or as a home use, a simple collector-type machine is suitable. Its price is much less than the competitor. Brushless manicure machines are often bought in salons for the procedure. Their price is much higher, but such an appliance is able to serve several customers a day, and without overheating the engine.

Apparatus for pedicure and manicure

What cutters are needed

The standard set of milling cutters for manicure includes:

  • several discs: to remove coarse particles of the skin, polish the top layer, shape and file nails;
  • a nozzle for removing nail dust;
  • felt disk for polishing the surface of the nail plate;
  • fissure cutter, which is designed to adjust the side of the nail;
  • a thin nozzle of cylindrical shape that processes the nail grooves;
  • cuticle remover;
  • a sharp pointed cone cutter that will remove the top layer of the nail before starting the extension procedure;
  • nozzle for quick drying of varnish.

Depending on the purpose, all types of cutters for manicure are made from different materials:

  • Ceramic cutters are used only for processing problem areas of the skin. With their help, you can easily and painlessly remove corns on your fingers, remove coarse periungual tissue, or corns on your heels during a pedicure.
  • Diamond cutter will help to correct delicate skin areas, for example, remove the cuticle or polish the surface of the nail plate. Diamond-coated tools are considered the best prevention of brittle and foliated nails..
  • There is a set of silicon carbide cutters. It is inexpensive and perfect for manicure at home. Such nozzles are considered disposable and must be disposed of after first use. It is not recommended to use carbide milling cutters to remove the cuticle or polish the nail, but they will perfectly perform the tasks of nail files.

Ceramic cutters for manicure and pedicure

How to do hardware manicure

Regardless of who and where will do the manicure, the technique of its implementation always remains the same. For beginners, it is advisable to first take courses in hardware manicure, see a few photo lessons, or at least go to a master class with a professional. If there is no time and money for all this, then there is only one option – follow the step by step instructions.

How to do hardware manicure:

  1. Put a little acetone-free liquid on a cotton sponge and in a circular motion remove the remnants of the previous varnish.
  2. Apply a little emollient to the cuticle, gently move the skin to the base of the nail.
  3. Install the nozzle with medium abrasiveness on the device, remove the remnants of dry skin around the nail, being careful not to press the cutter strongly against the finger.
  4. Replace the cylindrical cutter with a metal ball, carefully cut the cuticle.
  5. Use a low abrasive tip to smooth out calluses on your fingertips and palms..
  6. Sand and polish your nails. Do not touch the base of the nozzle to the tip of the nail plate, only the edge of the cutter should participate in the work.
  7. Finally, brush your fingernail with a soft brush to remove dust..
  8. Apply soft hand cream or oil to your skin.

How to choose a machine for hardware manicure

Which machine for hardware manicure to choose is up to you, but manufacturers strongly recommend buying the device based on its power and speed per minute. When it comes to the power of an electrical appliance, then it can be from 15 to 40 watts for the simplest tools, and in salon devices, up to 100 watts. The stronger the device, the faster its speed will be, as well as the energy consumption. The speed of work also varies depending on the purpose of the equipment:

  • the apparatus for professional manicure has a speed of up to 33 thousand revolutions;
  • a similar device, but with a built-in vacuum cleaner can accelerate to 60 thousand;
  • machines designed for home use – up to 20 thousand revolutions per minute.

Do not rush to buy an attractive apparatus for manicure. First pick up the tip of the device. If the handle rests freely in the palm of your hand and does not cause discomfort, then this model can be considered in more detail. In addition, ask the seller to turn on the device and pay attention to vibration. The stronger it is, the more difficult it is to hold the pen in the palm of your hand.

Machine for hardware manicure

The price of the device

In different areas of our vast country, a device for hardware manicure will have a distinctive value, for example:

  • in Moscow and the Moscow region, the price of the device will be from 8 to 20 thousand rubles;
  • in Ryazan, the exact same device in stores can be found for 3-10 thousand rubles;
  • prices in Rostov and the region are even lower: about 2-5 thousand rubles;
  • if you decide to order in the online store, count on prices up to 8 thousand rubles.

Hardware manicure at home

Hardware manicure at home is done on the same principle as in salons. However, a novice master can make a number of mistakes, which ultimately lead to damage to the structure of the nail or cut the skin. To prevent such unpleasant incidents, several rules should be taken into account:

  1. Hold the device handle firmly in your hand to minimize device vibration.
  2. Do not press the nozzle firmly against the nail plate.
  3. When working, maintain an angle of 45 °, especially when removing rough skin and treating lateral notches.
  4. Move the nozzle from the center to the edge, do not hold it in 1 place. If your hand is tired, take a short break.
  5. In the initial stages, always use the minimum speed of the device.

How to use a typewriter

If you want the manicure machine to serve you faithfully for more than one year, you will have to learn how to handle and care for the device. There are a few simple points to consider:

  • Do not overheat the appliance. If you smell of burning or excessive heat is coming from the device, let it rest for 10-15 minutes, then turn it on and check it is working.
  • After each procedure, all tools for manicure need to be processed. Buy a disinfectant or sterilization device from the store..
  • Keep all the components in the box, but make sure they are dry before putting them in..

Girl does hardware manicure.

Technique of hardware manicure

Like any other procedure, the technique of performing hardware manicure has its pros and cons. Among the advantages can be identified:

  • The speed of the procedure. No need to cut the cuticle or soak your hands before processing.
  • Safety. Due to the fact that the chance of cutting is minimized, the risk of introducing infections and fungi is reduced.
  • Gentle treatment for brittle, thin and exfoliating nails.


  • Duration of the procedure due to frequent change of nozzles.
  • The difficulty of carrying out. An inexperienced master can easily damage the structure of the nail, so it is better to contact professionals.
  • High price for devices.
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