Highlighter – what is it, how to use it and apply it on the skin correctly

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There is such a large assortment in the world of cosmetics that not every girl can immediately figure out why this or that item is needed, but each of them can make her face even more beautiful if she knows how to use it correctly. One of these is the highlighter, which has not yet become popular among all the fair sex, but is actively used by professionals.

What is highlighter

Highlighter for makeup is one of the easiest ways to add radiance and freshness to your face in one go. The cosmetic product itself is a special composition, which, after application to the skin, seems to highlight it from the inside, highlighting facial features. Regardless of the weather and time of day, the face looks as if professional makeup masters had just worked on it.

What is highlighter for?

Now on the market you can find many new tools – primer, shimmer, concealer, bronzer, luminaire. They all look beautiful and it seems that the effect is the same for everyone, but this is far from the case: one cannot replace the other. It is important not to make a mistake when choosing the right tool, because each of them has its own characteristics and is intended for specific purposes. Highlighter – what is it and what is it for?

Using this cosmetic “sculptor” with a couple of brush strokes, you can give your skin a completely new look, cross-section, highlight the cheekbones, nose, chin and even hide the first wrinkles. The ability to properly emphasize the relief of your face will help you create new impeccable images and always look amazing. Thanks to the highlighter, you can focus on those parts of your face that emphasize your beauty, hide imperfections, and also remove the dullness that does not decorate you at all.

Photo of a girl’s makeup without using highlighter and with highlighter

Highlighter Species

If with the advent of the highlighter it could be found only in dry form, like powder, then today the varieties of this cosmetic product will make you think before buying: which one is better to choose? After all, a liquid highlighter appeared on the market, in the form of lipstick, pencil, cream, crumbly – all of them are convenient to use, and the choice of the type of this tool depends only on your personal preferences and goals.

How to use a highlighter for the face

A highlighter for a face is by no means applied to the whole face, unless you want to mercilessly lighten it. Often with this cosmetic product comes a thin brush that helps to apply it precisely to those parts of the face that you consider necessary. The liquid product is applied in a thin layer, and then carefully shaded. Loose highlighter on the face is easier to apply with a sponge or thin brush. If you are used to using your fingers for application, then here you are also lucky – he perfectly submits to this method.

You can apply a highlighter on any part of the face: above the eyebrows, on the eyelids, cheeks, cheekbones, chin, nose bridge. The main thing here is not to overdo it and select only those parts that will really look profitable under such a glow. You can mask wrinkles only not deep, otherwise you risk looking even older.

Highlighter overlay pattern

How to choose a highlighter for the face

Highlighter is chosen not only by consistency, but also by color, because in large stores there are different options for the same product. White, pearlescent, pink and golden – each shade has its own advantages and is able to give your skin a completely new look. How to choose a highlighter by skin color? Yes, it’s very simple:

  • Light skin is ideal for white shades with a slight pink..
  • Girls with a warm skin tone will appreciate the golden and pearlescent.
  • Golden beauties are ideal for dark-skinned beauties.

Highlighter which company is better

Among the huge variety of this product on the shelves in large cosmetics stores (such as Letual, for example), it can be difficult to choose only one product. It should be based on the budget and preferred color. Although visually they may not differ, but as soon as you start using it, everything will immediately fall into place – expensive products last longer on the skin, radiance is cleaner and brighter, consumption is less. The following brands can be especially distinguished from inexpensive highlighters:

  • Mary Kay
  • Max Factor;
  • Faberlic;
  • Loreal;
  • Maybelin.

Separately, it is worth noting several expensive brands that offer their cosmetic products:

  • MAC
  • Bobby Brown;
  • Yves Saint Laurent;
  • Shiseido.

Highlighter MAC

Highlighter Price

The cost of this product in the cosmetics market depends on the brand. So, you can buy a highlighter cheaply: the average price of a low-budget option is 250-500 rubles. The amount of funds allows you to use it for a long time, you can not save on it, because you will not go for the next one earlier than after 6-8 months. Dear brands offer their highlighters at prices from 1000 rubles to 3000 rubles and even higher.

You can order and buy a highlighter in the online store according to the catalog of one of the cosmetic stores, where all varieties of this product are presented. There you can choose brushes and sponges for easy application. The difference in prices also matters: the composition of more expensive funds is better, but budget options can serve well. Before you buy a particular tool, you can watch a video review on the Internet.

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