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The extra pounds settled on the sides, hips, waist, but you can’t drive them away? Thousands of women choose diets, but do not include physical activity in their weight loss program to burn excess weight. Combine weight loss with a good mood – try a set of training from dancing, jumping and breathing correctly. Such a complex is step aerobics for weight loss at home, which has a beneficial healing effect for the body. The exercises on the step platform will appeal to adults and children, because home aerobics is very energetic and musical..

The benefits and advantages of step aerobics for weight loss

Not one-time, but regular exercises will help to find a thin waist, eliminate excess body fat from the sides. For people with poor physical fitness there is aerobics for beginners, and for different goals of achievement, you can choose water aerobics, step interval, wellness, step aerobics. Dance aerobics for weight loss is very versatile, even pregnant women can do it if there are no contraindications. The benefits of each set of classes are justified, because they are all designed for people of different complexions and ages..

Slimming step aerobics classes

What are the benefits of step aerobics for weight loss at home?

  1. For training, special equipment is used in the form of a step elevation (not to be confused with a stepper). The height of the platform is selected based on preparedness, human growth: 15-30 cm for beginners and over 30 cm for experienced. Elevation width – about 50 cm.
  2. The duration of the training does not give the person a feeling of quick fatigue, therefore, you can practice with the step.
  3. Step aerobics classes burn between 250 and 500 calories.
  4. You can always improve your body fat burning efficiency with dumbbell and weight training.
  5. Feeling that you have already coped with the load of a beginner, you can complicate movements on the steppe and / or extend the time of aerobics workout for weight loss.
  6. Rhythmic favorite music is another bonus, classes under incendiary melodies are easier to conduct. 120-130 accents per minute will be just right for training.
  7. If it is not possible to attend classes in the fitness center, you can always repeat the step-aerobics complex at home using the usual small bench and even with an online teacher.

Woman doing step aerobics

What you need to do at home

Sports step-aerobics kit for weight loss at home consists of the following components:

  • Stepping platform

In other words, a step or elevation is selected taking into account the level of training, growth. A novice will be comfortable with a platform up to 30 cm, and a more trained person needs a step higher. The price of sports equipment is available, you can pick up for every taste and budget. There are platforms where the height is adjustable. A beginner should not buy high equipment, even if you want to quickly drop excess from your hips and waist. Rather, it threatens quick fatigue and a short occupation..

The width of the step platform is 40-50 cm, and the length is 1-1.5 m. The surface should not be sliding, and it should be well fixed on the floor below. Safety during classes should be observed so as not to harm yourself, so choose steppes with a rubberized or slightly embossed surface with which the shoes will not slip. You can replace the step platform at home even with a small stool, but only comfortable.

  • Aerobic dumbbells

Exercises on the steppe can be carried out with an additional load in the form of dumbbells from 1.5 to 2 kg. So a person will be able to not slow down the aerobic pace and complicate the lesson.

Girl doing exercise with dumbbells.

  • Hard Sole Sneakers

Shoes should be comfortable, correctly fix the foot during aerobics, do not pinch. Due to depreciation, the load on the joints is reduced, the risk of dislocating the foot is reduced.

  • Special clothes

The tracksuit should “breathe”, be matched exactly to the size, not hamper the step and movement of arms and legs.

Rules for doing exercises at home

Aerobics is a sport in the course of which the basic rules are taken into account. It is imperative to observe the correct training for weight loss in order to achieve maximum results. Fundamental rules:

  1. You need to keep your back straight, not hunch, pull your stomach in. The step should be springy, to stand on the platform only with the whole foot.
  2. You can’t stop abruptly during aerobics, only gradually reduce the pace, go one step and in a couple of minutes restore the pace.
  3. The complex of classical movements on a step platform includes a warm-up – work with a step – step-touch – step-knee – swing. There are other step aerobics exercises, but warm-up and muscle training should be required..
  4. Slimming exercises are repeated for each leg 20 times.
  5. The final stage is the passage in the usual step in place, the restoration of breathing exercises and deep inhalation-exhalation.

Slimming step aerobics

Video tutorials for beginners

Healthy fitness with a step platform is an effective method of burning calories and losing weight. With regular exercise, intense exercise with a step will be a real pleasure for a person who wants to get rid of subcutaneous fat. The complex of elements of respiratory gymnastics and the right steps will help a person who cannot attend the gym to conduct a workout at home. Watch videos to improve class performance.

Basic exercises on a step platform for beginners

Advanced Lesson

Best dance aerobics

Reviews on the results of weight loss

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