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When you need to put in order certain parts of the body, you can carry out for them local methods of exposure. With a simple film, fat-burning wraps are made at home – a simple procedure that tightens the skin on the desired parts of the body. There are a lot of recipes for them. Each brings some special effect. You can choose a wrapping action that brings your figure closer to perfect condition..

What are fat burning wraps

A cosmetic procedure to improve the condition of certain parts of the body is what fat burning wraps are at home. To carry it out, you will need a minimum of components: food wrap, suitable creams and a small list of ingredients for the mask, which is applied to the skin under the film. Wraps come in two types: cold and hot. They affect the state of the body in different ways. For a noticeable effect, you will need 10 procedures, and if you combine them with massage and exercise, you can expect an excellent result.

Benefits of Slimming Wraps

Wrapping is a serious procedure that requires proper execution, but the effect is worth it. The process that it launches is similar in effect to a sauna. The body abundantly loses fluid in a particular area, and with it the volume. This method will help reduce your waist, arms, or legs. The condition of the skin also affects weight loss, because sometimes the problem is not in extra pounds, but in sagging. The wrap helps to cope with the reduced tone of the cells, so that the skin is tightened and you look slimmer.

How wraps work

Overlapped pores prevent the body from breathing in a certain area. It overheats, the temperature at the place of the procedure may rise by 2 degrees. As a result, the body begins to sweat and lose volume. Auxiliary tools that you can choose at your discretion bring an additional effect. Hot body wrap makes a greater impact on body fat, eliminating them more actively. Cold wrap constricts blood vessels and reduces swelling. The difference between the hot and cold method in the ingredients of the masks.

Cling wraps

Home Abdominal Slimming Wrap

If you want to make an effective blow to the extra folds on the sides and stomach, you can not do without wraps. They are a good help in the process of general weight loss. A procedure at home can be no less effective than in a salon. It is in your power to independently carry out body wraps for your abdomen. To do this, you need to consider several important points:

  • the procedure is carried out by courses about 10 times;
  • You can wrap yourself in a film no earlier than 2 hours after eating;
  • on top of the film you need to wear warm clothes or cover yourself with a blanket;
  • exercise increases the effect of weight loss.

Fat Burning Foot Wraps

The appearance of the legs in the hips and buttocks often upsets many women. Losing weight with diets does not guarantee that the legs will look attractive, because much depends on the skin. Foot wraps will help restore elasticity, the necessary elasticity will appear, and those centimeters that could not be removed by other methods will disappear with the withdrawal of excess fluid. Different recipes are suitable for the legs: with coffee or chocolate, clay or seaweed, apple cider vinegar. A good massage before the procedure will double the effect.

Effective Abdominal Fat Wraps

What makes the procedure effective? These are masks that warm, tone, moisturize. In addition to choosing a recipe, you need to do some more important things. This applies to preparing for wrapping. It will become effective if you are not too lazy:

  • pre-take a shower with a scrub, thoroughly cleaning the wrap area to remove keratinized skin;
  • hold a massage session with your hands or with a strong stream of water;
  • apply a mask under the film;
  • spend in a wrapped state from 30 minutes to an hour (you can do wraps at night);
  • After removing the film, thoroughly moisturize the skin, because it has lost a lot of liquid and, without additional recharge, can fade even more.

Cinnamon and Red Pepper Wrap

This recipe for wraps refers to a hot look, because it strongly heats the tissue. Pepper has a special effect. It stimulates blood circulation and enhances heat transfer. Cinnamon gives an anti-inflammatory effect. The antioxidants contained in it rejuvenate. Wraps with this mask should be done carefully, without going too far with pepper, otherwise you can get a burn. With severe burning, it is better to immediately remove and put less pepper in the mask. These ingredients need to be mixed and applied to the skin:

  • red pepper – 3 tbsp. l .;
  • cinnamon – 2 tbsp. l .;
  • olive oil – 3 tbsp. l.

Ground red pepper

Chocolate wrap

One of the most pleasant and aromatic – wrapping with chocolate. In addition, it helps to combat skin sagging and cellulite. It is also useful to do preventive procedures with chocolate wrapping. The recipe is simple. You need to take 250 grams of cocoa powder and mix with hot water to the desired consistency. A more difficult option is to melt a bar of chocolate (necessarily natural) and add to it 1 tablespoon of olive oil, you can also a couple of drops of essential. It is recommended to carry out the procedure twice a week for 2 months..

Honey Wrap

Honey is one of the most useful natural goodies, which is actively used in cosmetology. Wrapping with this ingredient will bring a huge amount of beneficial substances to the skin, rejuvenating and healing it. Honey will enhance blood circulation in the deeper layers, activates metabolic processes. In addition, it acts as a bactericidal agent, helps fight scars and scars. You can use honey during fat-burning wraps at home in pure form or in combination with any other means:

  • with mustard and oils corrects the figure;
  • with coffee restores appearance;
  • fights fat with cinnamon;
  • with pepper actively burns fat.

Coffee-based Belly Fat Burning Wrap

Brings coffee an excellent result not only when taken orally. Caffeine tones the skin, cleanses the skin, stimulates blood circulation deep inside, breaks down fats and strengthens the walls of blood vessels. Fat burning wraps for the abdomen involve the use of only a natural product, coffee grounds are also suitable. Coffee is used with other ingredients, such as clay, seaweed, various herbs. It is necessary to dilute a few tablespoons of coffee with water or milk, then rub them thoroughly into the skin. You need to spend about 40 minutes in the film, do at least 12 sessions.

Coffee wrap

Mustard Fat Burning Wraps

This method is considered one of the most aggressive, because mustard is a potent remedy. It acts as a softening agent, removes well the upper dead layers of cells, and causes a strong thermal effect. It is used to quickly remove fluid from problem areas, due to which you can really reduce the volume of the legs. Mustard powder will be needed in an amount of 200 grams. Make slurry with warm water, fat sour cream, olive oil, milk of your choice. The maximum duration of the session is 20 minutes.

Seaweed anti-cellulite wraps

Algae are a special ingredient that far surpasses the beneficial effects of all other recipes. They contain several tens of times more trace elements than in any terrestrial products. Among the most common types for healing are kelp, spirulina, red and blue algae. They are known for their powerful anti-cellulite effect. Active components penetrate deep into the epidermis and intensely saturate the body. For the procedure, the algae is poured with warm water and insisted for about 15 minutes, then they cover the skin.

Clay & Essential Oil Wraps

Clay is a well-known remedy that positively affects our body. With it, you can lose weight, tighten the skin, reduce stretch marks, reduce fat deposits and increase metabolism. It removes swelling, cellulite, gives the contours of the body expressiveness. You can mix clay with different essential oils, each of which has its own indications. The most popular are citrus fruits (grapefruit, lemon). You need to add them carefully so as not to provoke an allergic reaction. 200 g of clay and 5 drops of oil diluted with warm water are enough for one zone.

Clay wraps


Fat burning wraps at home – the procedure is not safe for everyone, especially when using active ingredients such as pepper or mustard. Before you prescribe yourself a weight loss course in this way, make sure that you are not affected by the following contraindications:

  • Varicose veins. With this ailment, hot procedures cannot be performed due to the fact that they dilate blood vessels even more, but cold procedures can even be useful.
  • Pregnancy. This factor is a categorical contraindication, since overheating of the body, especially in the abdomen, can lead to premature birth and other consequences that will affect the fetus..
  • Lactation. With it, wraps are not recommended because of the absorption into the skin of the ingredients that you use. If you decide to do well in this way, use only natural products.
  • Gynecological diseases. Overheating of the body can lead to exacerbation of diseases.
  • Hypertension, heart problems. Wrapping is a burden on the body due to severe overheating, therefore, with these problems they can not be carried out.
  • Allergies, skin diseases, psoriasis. The strong warming effect of the film and masks can provoke itching, hives, strengthen already existing diseases.
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