Hoop exercises for children and adults. A set of classes with hula hoops at home for weight loss

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“How are we going to make a waist?” – So it’s worth rephrasing the famous phrase from the joke. Girls torture themselves with diets and pump up, but can not reach the desired sexy bends. There is no need to be upset: turn the waist into an aspen and make a couple of things that are healthy for the health classes with a hoop will help.

Is it useful to twist the hoop

Hoop, hula hoop, circle, he has many names. The first hoops were not at all large; they were made of brightly colored plastic. This is understandable: one of the best gymnastic equipment today was intended for children’s games. Now for adults they have become an excellent help in physical exercises, and are also used in choreography and rhythmic gymnastics..

The use of the hoop is impressive – in addition to the obvious effect in the form of weight loss, you get a bonus:

  • relief from back pain, which often occurs due to prolonged sitting at the computer or stoop;
  • strengthening of blood vessels and heart, torsion of a hoop – an excellent cardio;
  • improved coordination;
  • metabolic acceleration due to massage effects on the digestive organs;
  • emotional recovery: regular gymnastics is recommended even for prolonged depression;
  • mobility of the pelvic joints and flexibility of the spine increases;
  • help in the fight against osteoporosis, since hula hoop exercises provide a very soft load.

Girl twists hoop

What muscles work when torsion hoop

In its effect on the figures of men and women, hula hoop is sometimes compared with Pilates. In addition to the most popular exercise with hula hoops – rotation – there are many other variations, the benefit of which is a powerful study of problem areas, but about aerobics later. When the hoop is twisted, the muscles of the back, press, buttocks, legs work – more than 30 major muscles, including stabilizers. During regular training, getting to the stabilizers is not an easy task..

How much do you need to twist the hoop

First, decide which hula hoop you are going to twist. Even a lot depends on the material: duration of classes and possible contraindications. So, a hoop with spikes is strictly forbidden to those who suffer from diseases of the abdominal organs. To ensure that effective charging is not harmful to you, you need to know what kind of hula hoops are:

  • ordinary. They do not have a special name – these are the very hoops that can be found in any sports school hall. Made of plastic or metal, lightweight, ideal for those who have just started hula hoop exercises. There are no serious prohibitions on classes with such a hoop;
  • weighted. Massive, weight can reach 3 kg. Manufacturers offer both bending and solid models. Very useful not only for weight loss, but also for high-quality muscle development. It is not suitable for people with diseases of the lower back and back, and you can engage in no more than 15 minutes without stopping;
  • with massage balls. At first it may leave bruises on your body, but it guarantees getting rid of cellulite. If you are not sure about the health of your internal organs – consult a doctor, and only then proceed to training. Twist hula hoop with rubber balls can be no more than 10-12 minutes in one go;
  • flexible exercise machines. Gymnastics with a hoop that bends includes stretching exercises, working out the legs and arms. Equated to weighted, so take a break after a quarter of an hour.

Twist the hoop for weight loss is recommended at least half an hour a day (we are talking about ordinary models). You can take short breaks and then get back to work. This time is enough to start the process of burning calories. An interesting fact: in a hundred minutes of intensive work with the circle, about 1000 calories are burned. If you consider that you can do it for your favorite movie, then a hoop is almost ideal.

Girl twists hula hoop outdoors

Beginner’s Hoop Exercises

A set of exercises with a hoop requires minimal skills and a simple circle:

  1. Warming up. Before starting classes, it will not be superfluous to wake the body, and a circle can help. Put it upright, put both hands on top and perform normal inclinations 20-30 times. Try to do it slowly and keep your back straight.
  2. Hands up! The most effective exercises with a hoop for beginners include the position in which you rotate it by raising your hands. You can hold them at chest level or point your fingertips to the ceiling.
  3. Twists and turns. When torsion, try turning the body while maintaining balance, but watch your hips – they should move with a small amplitude.

Girl jumping through hula hoop

Abdominal Slimming Hoop Exercises

If we talk about the directed impact on problem areas, then you will have to disappoint: neither at home, nor in the gym, you can not “lose weight aiming”. Volumes decrease evenly, and this is the use of a hula hoop: in addition to the waist and abdomen, the body becomes stronger and more resilient in general. If you want to speed up the process – experiment. So, one version of the exercise with a hoop for losing belly weight involves regular walking – just take small steps around the room while spinning.

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