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It is not always easy to bring the figure to the desired state, there are many methods and systems, among which hot iron is becoming popular. A constant increase in load allows you to achieve the desired effect, tighten the body and improve its relief. The system is effective even in group classes, which distinguishes it from standard fitness or aerobics.

What is a Hot Iron?

Hot Iron is a training system designed to quickly lose weight and increase body elasticity. It increases physical endurance and strengthens muscles, improves heart function, increasing the duration and quality of life. Training takes place with a mini-barbell, and the load is constantly increasing, preventing the body from getting used to and relaxing. This feature makes training an effective method of dealing with excess fat and weak muscles. The complex includes exercises for all muscle groups.

Hot Iron Training

Hot Iron training includes several areas designed to evenly pump all the muscles and get rid of excess fat in problem areas. Exercises include squats, push-ups and lunges, pressure on the muscles of the press. Iron cross is aimed at building muscle mass, improving body shape and strength endurance. The peculiarity of the system is that it does not have cardio exercises at the same time, while training has a beneficial effect on heart function and increases endurance. In between you can do athletics to maintain muscle tone.

Hot Iron group training in the hall

Hot Iron for Beginners

The Hot Iron system for beginners is not always easy, requires a serious approach and requires hard work throughout the workout. The instructor selects the load individually and helps to correctly complete each exercise, regardless of the number of people in the group. Iron Cross will help you find your dream figure if you follow the instructions of the trainer related to increasing or decreasing the load and the features of the exercise technique. A 48-hour rest is required between workouts, so deposits will be burned faster..

You can do the exercises at home, there are many videos that will help women and men to perform the necessary exercises to the music. Initially, you should engage in a gym, under the guidance of a specialist and with special training equipment. Having understood what the body system is, you can repeat the exercises at home on video lessons, acquiring the desired forms. The energy spent during classes will burn many calories and acquire a beautiful body with health benefits. The effectiveness of the system is confirmed by many reviews..

Girls in the Hot Iron class

Hot Iron Meals

The desire to lose weight always implies a restriction in the use of certain foods. Hot Iron nutrition should be balanced and contain at least 1 g of protein per 1 kg of body weight. This is due to increased stress on the muscles that need to recover. A strict diet during such training is excluded, it will lead to exhaustion of the body and muscle sagging. Fats are also necessary for maintaining health, 1 g per 1 kg of body weight.

Separately about carbohydrates: even taking into account that they contribute to the deposition of fats, it is completely categorically forbidden to exclude them from the diet. With an active lifestyle, sports, in addition to training, you can afford 3 g per 1 kg of weight per day. If the lifestyle is calm and measured, you should limit yourself to 1-2 g of carbohydrates per 1 kg of weight. The result largely depends on nutrition, with a properly balanced diet in 2-3 months, each person will find the shape of their dreams.

Girl at the table with fruits and vegetables

Contraindications Hot Iron

Iron cross is a serious test for the body, which effectively eliminates excess weight and strengthens muscles. However, there are many contraindications to Hot Iron, you should definitely familiarize yourself with them before starting classes:

  1. Diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Joint problems can be aggravated by constant stress, so you should consider a different system for shaping..
  2. Hypertension. Increased physical activity leads to increased pressure, which can lead to serious consequences..
  3. Heart and vascular disease.
  4. Pregnancy and the postpartum period.

In the presence of chronic diseases, it is recommended to consult your doctor with a description of training in order to obtain permission. This will prevent the unexpected aggravation of the disease. The reviews confirm that for some diseases it is worth adjusting the loads, adjusting them for yourself and continuing to work on the system without harm to health.

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