How many calories are burned when walking in 1 hour

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Maintaining physical fitness through daily walks does not require any training experience and can be performed by any person without restriction. Learn more about this exercise and the number of calories burned during regular exercise..

Energy consumption when walking

Actively involved in sports can only afford a healthy and physically prepared person. Unlike hard training with heavy loads, walking is a less serious test for the body. Classes help establish lung and heart function. Energy consumption when walking depends on the pace of movement and metabolism of the athlete. During a leisurely walk of 2-3 kilometers, up to 300 kilocalories are consumed. At a speed of 7 km / h you can burn up to 500 kcal. It should be borne in mind that without a properly selected diet, noticeable results cannot be achieved..

How many calories are spent walking

During leisurely walks, a minimal amount of subcutaneous fat is consumed. Nevertheless, taking into account a properly organized diet and daily routine, you can spend about 250 kilocalories per hour of classes. Remember that energy consumption depends on the area where the training takes place. So, the calorie consumption when walking on smooth asphalt is significantly inferior to activities in the forest, where the relief suggests active movement. For this reason, experts recommend training in nature..

Woman walks wide stride

How many calories are burned when walking per hour

Currently, there are special calculators that determine the energy consumption for a particular type of load. On average, it is believed that during a walk a person spends 3.2-3.8 kilocalories per kilogram of weight. The final result depends on many components. So, during classes on rough terrain, up to 6.4 kcal is lost. For more information on how many calories are burned per hour, you can find out below:

  • a walk on a flat road – 200;
  • climb uphill – 320;
  • classes at an average pace – 335;
  • climbing stairs – 500-700.

How many calories are burned when walking 1 km

Experts say that for weight loss you need to exercise regularly. It is important to cover a distance of at least 2-3 kilometers. Do not forget that before classes you need to conduct a small workout. Especially this rule applies to athletes who prefer intense training in nature. You can calculate the number of calories burned when walking 1 km using a special calculator. Experienced athletes claim that they spend about 100 kcal.


How many calories are burned when walking 5 km

Energy consumption depends on the speed of movement. So, during walks, 300 kilocalories burns at a slow pace. Losses will be more serious if auxiliary means in the form of special weights or dumbbells are connected to training. A more accurate calculation of calories when walking, taking into account your weight, diet and workout schedule, will help to conduct a calculator. Remember that you need to start with training over short distances. At first, you should not be particularly interested in the number of calories burned when walking 5 km. Remember, such distances require preparation.

How many calories are burned when walking up the stairs

It is known that you can quickly lose excess weight by climbing up. Moreover, to complete this exercise you do not need to look for a hill or mountain. So, climbing to the 9th floor may well replace these natural objects. The consumption of calories burned when walking up the stairs is 1300 kcal. Remember that you can not exercise immediately after eating. It is best to conduct classes in the morning. At this time, burning calories while walking up the stairs will be more effective. Do not forget about a short warm-up before the “ascent”.

How many calories are burned during Nordic walking

During a walk with sticks, energy consumption doubles. Calorie consumption for Nordic walking over rough terrain can reach 800 kcal. Movement at a speed of 90-100 steps per minute allows you to lose up to 1000 kcal per hour of training. Increased calorie expenditure when walking with Nordic sticks is carried out due to a more favorable redistribution of load. So, during classes, the muscles of the arms, upper back, legs are involved. In this case, the load on the spine, hip joints is reduced.

Man and woman are engaged in Nordic walking.

How many calories are spent on brisk walking

During a walk at a speed of about 90 steps per minute, up to 400 kcal is consumed. In this case, do not have to overcome tens of kilometers. To know for sure how many calories walking burns at a fast pace, you can through an individual calculation of energy costs. It is important to consider that the walk should be carried out in a mode comfortable for a person. Classes should be fun, and not make the athlete think about the number of calories spent on brisk walking. Novice athletes, apparently, forget about it, which often leads to all kinds of injuries and sprains.

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