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Fans of TNT channel remember the heroine of the Fizruk series, Alexander Mamaev, who in the first two seasons looked like a pretty little girl, but in the third season, the schoolgirl turned into a slender, confident beauty. Many of you are interested in the question of how Polina Grents, an actress, lost weight, in what amazing way she managed to lose weight. What contributed to the loss of excess weight of the heroine of the series: miraculous drugs, excellent metabolism, hunger strike, aerobics, always limit sweets or sports, proper nutrition?

Pauline Grentz Weight

The actress from an early age did not differ in a slim figure. From kindergarten, Polina was a charming little girl, and to match the role in the series, she had to gain another 5 kg. To gain weight, a diligent girl consumed a lot of fats, carbohydrates, sweet pastries, and never refused an extra portion of ice cream or her beloved tiramisu. The actress did not disdain a hearty dinner either. As a result, with a height of 162 cm, Polina weighed about 70 kg.

Heroically agreeing to adjust her figure for the filming of the series, the heroine was criticized and ridiculed on the Internet. As a result, it was decided – in the third season to make girls pretty. And then the result – Polina Grents before and after losing weight – these are almost two different people, Sasha Mamaeva lost weight. She could – anyone can, it remains to understand in detail how Polina Grents lost weight, and adhere to the same real principles in her life.

Polina Grents

How lost weight Polina Grents

Now the girl weighs 51-52 kg, I wonder what she did to lose weight? She lost weight due to her willpower, proper fractional nutrition, exercise and walking. To begin with, I had to abandon the already harmful hazards. But, as they say, the habit is formed within 21 days – so over time, the girl fell in love with a healthy diet. A prerequisite was the daily use of fluids: from 1.5 to 2 liters.

In addition, Polina is trying to be physically active. She adheres to a sports regime, runs a lot, is engaged in swimming, rides a bicycle. Several times a week, she visits the gym, even after achieving her goal, the girl continued strength and cardio training, now she is working on the relief. The actress loves SPA procedures – massages, body wraps, and “lazy fitness” exercises with the help of special simulators. Thanks to an integrated approach, the girl was transformed – Sasha Mamaev before and after losing weight is radically different.

Diet Pauline Grents

To quickly achieve maximum effect, the actress “fought” with the problem from all sides. The key moment was the diet of Polina Grents, which is not complicated, consists of accessible products (mainly protein) and is aimed mainly at improving metabolism. Thanks to this diet, the volumes of the young girl decreased by 2-3 sizes. Polina doesn’t forget about drinking – she uses fluid regularly, due to which decaying fat cells are quickly excreted from the body.

Actress Polina Grents


Diet Pauline Grantz implies the following rules:

  • carbohydrates (preferably complex) are used for breakfast – it can be cereal;
  • for lunch, it is better to eat squirrels;
  • for dinner, we give preference to vegetables containing a large amount of fiber;
  • eat better often in small portions;
  • dinner is taken 4 hours before bedtime;
  • minimize salt intake;
  • the use of sweets is replaced by juicy fruits;
  • do not forget to drink plenty of water;
  • once a week we make an unloading day and eat any desired food before lunch.

What is excluded:

  • salty and spicy foods;
  • pastries, sweets;
  • fatty and fried foods;
  • potato dishes;
  • sugar and spices.


As an example, you can use Polina’s menu for three days:

  1. Breakfast: cottage cheese, boiled eggs 2 pcs., Low-fat tea. Snack: one apple. Lunch: chicken stock and fresh vegetables; Snack: nuts. Dinner: steamed cutlets, stewed vegetables.
  2. Breakfast: oatmeal with non-fat milk and fruits or berries, unsweetened coffee. Snack: raisins. Lunch: baked fish with vegetables; Snack: one orange. Dinner: steamed chicken breast, fresh vegetables seasoned with vegetable oil.
  3. Breakfast: omelet on low-fat milk, cottage cheese, unsweetened tea. Snack: fruit salad, you can add homemade yogurt. Lunch: steam fillet of chicken, seaweed; Snack: grapefruit. Dinner: chicken breast with vegetable salad.

Photos before and after losing weight

Polina Grents before and after losing weight

Video: Polina Grents – before and after weight

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