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Considering the question of how much you need to swim in the pool in order to lose weight, it is worth noting that it is important to regularly go to workouts and exercise properly. In general, such a sport is very useful, especially for people with a lot of excess weight, because in the water the load on the joints and spine is reduced. But much more energy is spent because of the high resistance of water. So is it possible to lose weight using the pool? The information below will tell you more about this..

Swimming for weight loss

If this is the first time you hear about swimming with weight loss, then you should know about the benefits of this sport. It helps burn many more calories in a short training period. In addition, it improves the functioning of the respiratory and cardiac systems. From the muscles allows you to work out almost everything. Another advantage – swimming and losing weight have virtually no contraindications. If you first decided to go in for such a sport, then you must first obtain a medical certificate, choose a site for classes, buy a swimsuit, hat and swimming goggles.

Swimming in the pool

Besides the fact that swimming contributes to weight loss, it also brings other health benefits. It significantly reduces the load on the spine and joints. This sport helps to alternate the work of different muscles. Thanks to smooth and measured movements, they are lengthened, and the body becomes flexible, more prominent. Due to the reduced load on the spine, posture improves. Such training is the prevention of flat feet and strengthening immunity.

Does the pool help you lose weight?

The answer to the question whether the weight loss pool is effective is positive. By regularly visiting this institution, you can get rid of extra pounds without harm to the body. Do not worry that your arms and shoulders will become massive. This is only possible with professional athletes. For 8-12 lessons throughout the month, the body will only tighten. In warm water, you can spend up to 500-600 kcal per hour, depending on the style.

Girl swims in the pool

Pool and cellulite

The decrease in the manifestations of the orange peel is due not only to more intense muscle work. Cool water itself favorably affects the skin. It makes the lymph circulate faster and more evenly, massages the body, which makes it more elastic. Pool and cellulite are incompatible. With regular training, you can get rid of this unpleasant defect..

How to lose weight in the pool

In order for swimming in the weight loss pool to be truly effective, you must adhere to a certain training scheme. Interval bring the best result. In them, movements with a high tempo alternate with calm ones. The amount of time you need to swim to lose weight is determined by the training scheme:

  1. Warm up on land. Takes 5-7 minutes.
  2. Quiet swimming – 10 minutes.
  3. Interval training – 20 minutes. Alternating 100 meters of swimming with high intensity and 50 meters of slow.
  4. Hitch. It also takes 5 minutes. It’s a calm swim in any comfortable style..

How often do you need to go to the pool

As for how much weekly you need to swim in the pool to lose weight, it is recommended to conduct 3-4 workouts, giving yourself 1-2 days of rest. So the muscles have time to recover. If you swim every day of the week, you can lose weight faster, but in the absence of preparation, the body will get tired. Losing weight in the pool will be less effective. It is better to conduct training not in the morning, but in the evening to relieve fatigue and nervous tension. It will be much easier to fall asleep.

Girl near the pool

How much to swim

The optimal length for a slim figure workout is considered 45 minutes. This is not very long, therefore, the short duration of classes can also be attributed to the advantages of swimming. If your schedule is very tight, then this sport is very suitable for you. The specific duration depends on the goals. In preparation for the triathlon, they train longer, because during the lesson you have to swim up to several kilometers. For those who use the pool when losing weight, 45 minutes is enough. Beginners should learn by training for 15 or 20 minutes.

What exercises to do in the pool to lose weight

To workout in the weight loss pool to be more effective, you can not just swim, but perform exercises. There are a lot of them, and on any muscle groups. The most effective are presented in the following list:

  1. Bike. This exercise helps to build up your abs. You need to rest your elbows on the side, and perform the movements typical for cycling with your feet.
  2. Leg raises. Take the same position as for the previous exercise, only straighten your arms to the sides. The legs right in the water alternately raise and lower.
  3. Jack-bouncer. Very effective exercise. You need to bounce, spreading your legs to the side, and then bringing them back.
  4. Frog jumping. Take the plie position at the bottom, then jump out of the water to the highest possible height. Down to return to starting position.

Slimming Technique

There are a number of tricks that will help you lose extra pounds faster. It is important not even how much you need to swim in the pool to lose weight, but how to do it right. It is necessary to choose an effective technique. So you can properly swim in the pool. Several styles stand out:

  1. Crawl. It is considered the most effective. He tightens the abs, straightens the spine, strengthens the arms and legs. You can spend 600 calories per hour with this style. You need to swim here on your stomach, rowing with alternating right and left hands and working your feet in the same way.
  2. Breaststroke. Here, too, swim on the chest, only the arms and legs should be parallel to the water. The style is aimed at pumping the biceps and quadriceps muscles of the thigh, deltas, upper back and chest.
  3. On the back. It differs from a rabbit only in body position. Need to roll over on your back. The pectoral muscles, biceps of the shoulder, deltas and latissimus dorsi are being studied..
  4. Dolphin. A powerful stroke is made here, because of which the body rises above the water. The muscles of the abdomen, back, chest, quadriceps, calves are loaded.

Girl swims on her back

Slimming swimming for women

Effective training in the weight loss pool should include different techniques. So that classes do not seem boring, you can diversify them with fins, boards or hand manipulators. You need to start slowly, gradually increasing endurance. How much do you need to swim in the pool to lose weight? Continue until you can move for 10-30 minutes without a break. A sample training program may include the following exercises, performed for 5-10 minutes:

  • warm up;
  • sidestroke;
  • movement with a change of style;
  • swimming on legs;
  • exercises with increasing speed;
  • hitch.

Pool training program for men

Basic training in the pool for men is practically no different from the program for women. They differ only in the order of the styles used. Men need to start with the most complex technique – butterfly stroke, then continue with a breaststroke or crawl. Those who get tired quickly are allowed to take 15-20 second rest breaks. Each style needs to actively swim 50-300 m. For the second part of the training, you need to leave applied styles or swimming with additional means – a board or a calab. The lesson ends again with calm movements..

Attention! The information presented in the article is for guidance only. Materials of the article do not call for self-treatment. Only a qualified doctor can make a diagnosis and give treatment recommendations based on the individual characteristics of a particular patient.

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