How much you need to walk per day to lose weight – the number of steps per day and the benefits of different types of walking

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Few people know that walking is good for health and losing weight even more than running. The most natural, simple and familiar occupation significantly affects the condition of the whole organism, launching useful functions. Everyone can go in for walking – both women and men of all ages. Find out how many kilometers you need to go per day to lose weight and whether it is possible to replace a run with a walk..

What is useful walking for weight loss

The more you move, the better for you. The benefits of walking are enormous: with the simplest walk, blood vessels function, pressure returns to normal, cholesterol levels decrease, and insulin is produced. All this leads to the fact that immunity increases, and this affects the general well-being. In addition, after a walk, sleep is stronger and healthier. All these factors apply to the process of burning fat – losing weight..

Is it possible to lose weight by walking

Many people wonder if walking is useful for losing weight. If you devote this lesson from half an hour a day, walk at a pace and do it regularly, then yes, this lesson will help you lose weight and make your body slimmer. With a simple exercise, you will tone the muscles, speed up the lymph. Metabolic processes in the body will accelerate, and this is the main factor for effective weight loss. Regular walking (Scandinavian, for example) has long been considered almost the best way to stay fit, especially for people after forty years..

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How many calories are burned when walking

Ordinary walking burns calories, but their number is small, and depends on many factors:

  • age
  • weight
  • level of physical fitness;
  • pace of movements;
  • Duration
  • roads (slide, smooth and so on);
  • hand movement intensity.

The faster and longer you walk, the more calories you burn. In young people, the breakdown of fats is faster, so the older generation will need a little more time to walk in order to burn as many calories as the younger ones. Average:

  • at a speed of 6 km / h, you lose up to 4.5 kcal per 1 kg of total body weight;
  • 4 km / h – 3.2 kcal;
  • 8 km / h – 10 kcal;
  • outdoors (rough terrain), climbing uphill (approx. 2 km / h) – 6.4 kcal;
  • race walking – 6.8 kcal.

How much do you need to walk per day

The first rule of the beginner is that you don’t need to immediately walk many kilometers on the first day of training. Start small. In addition, you need to develop a pace of walking that will be optimal for your age, weight and other factors mentioned above. This is the only way that training will benefit you and help make your body slim, otherwise you will waste time, or even worse, harm your body. How much do you need to walk per day? No more than an hour for beginners and up to 3 hours a day – already experienced.

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How many steps a day need to go

Modern technologies make it possible not only to measure the time of training, but also allow you to measure the pulse, count the number of steps per minute or hour. With the help of a fitness bracelet, you can control your workouts by setting the norm of steps per day to obtain the desired result. To maintain harmony in the body, it is advisable to go through at least 10 thousand steps daily. It is about 5 kilometers or an hour’s walk.

How to lose weight with walking

There are many ways to lose weight with this familiar activity. At the same time, proper walking for weight loss does not require special skills or special equipment (not counting sticks for Nordic walking). All you need is comfortable shoes and clothes in which movements will not be constrained, the body must breathe. To increase the load, you can add weightlifting to the steps: take dumbbells in your hands and pull one at a time with each step.

It is very important not only to engage in physical activity, but also to change the lifestyle. First, review your diet, replace unhealthy foods with healthier ones. Refuse sweet and flour, fried and salty. In combination with daily workouts, you will achieve the effect much faster than you expect. Do not forget to drink more water, and this does not mean tea or coffee, but mineral, rich in nutrients, or drinking.

Walking up the stairs for weight loss

This is a great way to not only burn extra pounds, but also to tone the muscles. Walking up the stairs is much more useful, but the most important thing is that during exercise metabolic processes in the body are accelerated, calf and hip muscles swing. You also need to breathe correctly during such a training: inhale through the nose, exhale through the mouth, and it is important to try to do it evenly, without jerking. If you have a lot of floors in your house, then it is better to climb the stairs, and go down by elevator. This approach will protect your knees from overload as much as possible..

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Slimming Walking

Another option is brisk walking for fat loss. Steps are accelerated, hand movements. The intensity of such a workout is much higher than with a regular walk, so more calories are burned. It is advisable to practice in a forest or park, where clean air, because breathing plays an important role – the better you breathe, the less energy. If you enjoy working out longer, you will lose more calories..


Although you can walk on your own, without the help of a trainer, walking for weight loss is an equally popular workout in many fitness clubs. This effect can be difficult to achieve in ordinary classes in the gym, in addition, a special version of the step is designed specifically to strengthen the muscles of the legs, improve joint function. If you set out to lose weight by walking, it’s best to work with a trainer who will tell you how much to walk a day to lose weight faster and more efficiently..

Weight Loss Walking

If there is no opportunity to engage in the street, then it is quite possible to train at home. Walking in place is a universal exercise that can be performed even while watching TV. It is important to pay attention not only to steps, but also to work with your hands, because how much you burn calories depends on the intensity. On the day you need to devote at least an hour to such a training. Having a treadmill simplifies the process: set a comfortable pace and begin your workout. Do not forget to change the incline level: walking on a flat surface severely injures your knees.

Hiking to lose weight

Ordinary walks can also be a great start on the road to a slim figure. Walking with weight loss has a special healing value. If you are on a diet, attend workouts in the gym, use special medications or dietary supplements, then walks should become an integral part of your life. This is especially true for those who work in the office and spend a lot of time sitting. How much you need to walk a day to lose weight, you will have to determine yourself, taking into account lifestyle, health and diet.

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