How not to eat after 6 pm and lose weight

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An important factor that negatively affects the figure, doctors call eating at night. However, not everyone can figure out how to not eat after 6 pm on a diet, which leads to unsatisfactory results of attempts to lose weight. Is it necessary to try to suppress in oneself this unbearable hunger, where does it come from and is it possible to eat before the bed without threatening the figure?

Do not eat after 6 – myth or reality

Doctors have been talking about the effectiveness of this technique even in the context of general healing of the body, especially digestion, and for reasons of weight loss, for a long time. However, the demand is not after 6 – is it a myth or reality, logical or completely absurd? If this dilemma were resolved in a few words, such a long debate regarding it would not have been waged. There are good arguments for and against this recommendation, and it’s difficult to decide which of them is more reasonable. The only proven myth is that up to 6 you can eat any food and lose weight.

Why you can not eat after 6 pm

The main explanation for the ban on evening meals is the requirement to reduce the load on the digestive tract. According to supporters of the assertion that eating after 6 is harmful, a person’s biological clock causes the activity of internal organs to decrease by night, the gastrointestinal tract should slow down, instead of digesting food, especially heavy. If it works, then it does it badly, and the products become slags that accumulate in the intestines..

However, there are other reasons why you can not eat after 6 pm:

  • Slowing metabolism closer to night provokes the deposition of food eaten in the evening, because insulin is produced.
  • The lack of activity after eating in the evening makes the food received at this moment, processed not into energy, but into fat.

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Is it possible to eat after 6

The key argument “against” the ban on food in the evening after a certain hour is also based on the work of internal systems, only in a different way. Most people wake up and have breakfast at 7-8 a.m. It is necessary to conduct a small mathematical operation to find out – without food a person spends more than 12 hours, if not after 6 pm. Such prolonged starvation is harmful to the entire digestive tract, especially the pancreas, which should regularly throw out bile so that it does not stagnate.

So is it possible to eat after 6 pm? The affirmative answer is supported by the following statements:

  • Long hunger, especially in the evening – a provocateur of slowing down metabolic processes.
  • The longer you starve in the evening, the more will be eaten in the morning.
  • In case of hunger after 6 pm, the secreted gastric juice will begin to corrode the walls of this organ, causing gastritis.

What will happen if you don’t eat after 6

Digestive problems are the main consequence of prolonged abstinence, no matter what time of day the refusal of food occurs. Erosion, ulcers, cholelithiasis – all this is the result of long breaks between food, and even starvation. A couple more versions of what happens if you don’t eat after 6:

  • Persons who go from obesity, with the complete exclusion of food in the evening, will experience a sharp drop in sugar – hypoglycemia, which will lead to a breakdown, because it urgently requires a surge in insulin to improve well-being. Frequent seizures entail hypoglycemic coma.
  • Stopping supper at 6 pm and later, you run the risk of getting insomnia from hunger.
  • Broken state in the morning, insatiable hunger – the eternal companions of those who managed to learn how not to eat after 6 pm, falling asleep after midnight.

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How to force yourself not to eat in the evening

Scientists say that it takes a little less than a month to turn a certain action into a stable habit. If you manage to find a way to force yourself to not eat after 6 about 3 weeks, after this ban will be perceived more easily. Here you need to pay attention to the psychology of the issue:

  • Clearly tell yourself why you need to lose weight – without serious motivation, you won’t last even a day.
  • Decide if you are actually experiencing physical hunger, or is it a habit, or a craving for hormones of joy.
  • Learn to seek happiness not in food, but if hunger is “out of boredom”, find yourself an evening job that distracts your brain.
  • Convince yourself that you can do anything, but at breakfast, having suffered in the evening, upon awakening, you will delight yourself with your favorite treat.
  • Remove high-carb foods and sweets from the limits of visibility – the less often they catch your eye, the less you want them, especially in the late afternoon.

How to accustom yourself not to eat

If you do not touch on the psychological aspect of the issue, for the lack of desire to reach for food in the evening, you need to avoid a feeling of hunger by this time. Nutritionists give some tips on how to accustom yourself not to eat after 6, without harming the body:

  • Make sure that there is no obvious shortage of daily calories (i.e., you have not gone beyond the lower border) – this is a common reason why you want to eat in the evening.
  • Check if the norm for carbohydrates is fulfilled per day – their lack leads to hunger.
  • It is advisable to have supper with protein – it will saturate for a long time, there will be no need to look for ways to not eat at night, because hunger again woke up.
  • Do not eat foods stimulating the production of enzymes in the stomach and insulin rises in the evening: these are sources of sugar, kefir, oatmeal, apples.

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What to do if in the evening you really want to eat

Hunger at 6-7 o’clock is a natural phenomenon, which makes no sense to avoid. The body must get a legal dinner. It is much more important to figure out how not to overeat in the evening, but also to prevent the desire to swallow a whole piglet half an hour after eating. Nutritionists recommend turning to light proteins: low-fat cottage cheese, chicken breast, fish, seafood, and supplement them with vegetables. Only those deprived of a large proportion of starch, otherwise the effect of attempts to lose weight will be lost.

However, what to do if in the evening you really want to eat even after dinner? A few recommendations:

  • Eat a little greens, whole grain bread, pepper, cucumber or cabbage – these foods will help control hunger thanks to fiber, and low calorie content will prevent weight gain from eating in the evening.
  • Brew mint tea – it also fights off hunger well and is beneficial for the central nervous system in the evening, as it relaxes it, so you’ll fall asleep faster.
  • Find a psychological solution for yourself, if not to eat in the evening – take a walk before bedtime, take a bath, do aromatherapy.


This method of losing weight is really effective, but only for a short time. How long your body will survive without food in the evening, losing supplies, before starting to put off what it gets in the afternoon, is unknown. However, doctors are sure that a diet is not absurd after 6 pm, especially if uncontrolled food intake is expected up to this point. It is much more reasonable to make a “window” 3-4 hours long in the evening before going to bed, thereby focusing on your own biological clock.

Attention! The information presented in the article is for guidance only. Materials of the article do not call for self-treatment. Only a qualified doctor can make a diagnosis and give treatment recommendations based on the individual characteristics of a particular patient.

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