How rope jumping helps to lose weight – how to jump, interval training and exercises

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Those who are interested in whether it is possible to lose weight with the help of a jump rope and how many kilograms are worth trying training with this projectile: practice jumping daily, spending 10-15 minutes on classes, and you will see for yourself the effectiveness of the exercises. Find out how a jump rope is useful for those who want to tidy up their body, get acquainted with a set of exercises for beginners.

Slimming rope

According to the well-known principle – everything new – this is a well-forgotten old, in the fight against extra pounds, an ordinary jump rope is gaining popularity again. This simple sports equipment, which we all remember from childhood, is considered highly effective, but at the same time a budgetary exercise machine for body shaping, providing an amazing result.

Does the rope help to lose weight

The unequivocal answer to this question will be – yes, the jump rope helps to lose weight. This is due to the fact that during the jumps this simulator sets a certain pace at which you cannot go astray. Still exercises with a rope help in the development of general endurance, because the intensity of classes is felt from the first minutes. When jumping, they work on almost all the muscles of the human body, and the load, distributed, harmoniously affects the entire muscle mass.Girl jumping rope

Is it useful to jump on a rope for weight loss

If you can’t choose which sports equipment to lose weight with, you should prefer a skipping rope. Is it possible to lose weight with a rope? Thanks to this simulator, you will have the opportunity to benefit not only your figure, but also the body as a whole, because jumping has a lot of positive effects:

  1. Burn fat. Is this the main criterion for those who want to lose weight? Like other physical activities, training with this equipment accelerates metabolic processes, and this contributes to weight loss. Scripting will remove the stomach, help reduce the volume of the legs and hips, save women from the eternal problem of cellulite.
  2. Strengthen the cardiovascular system. During continuous monotonous exercises, the heart muscle and blood vessels work through which blood is pumped, and this helps to prevent the appearance of many diseases of this human vital system.
  3. They have a general strengthening effect. With the help of jumps, the human body develops harmoniously, because during training many muscle groups are involved: shoulders, abs, back, arms, buttocks, hips.
  4. Improve coordination of movements. The core muscles that support the human spine become stronger with regular exercise. Jumping makes the body more coordinated and stable..

Inspired by the positive effect of this simple inventory, before you start a workout, you should also consider possible contraindications to its implementation. You can not do in such cases:

  • with a headache or migraine attack;
  • on a full stomach (it is better to do it on an empty stomach, but it is possible 2 hours after eating);
  • if your weight exceeds the norm or you have any degree of obesity;
  • with frequent pressure surges;
  • if you have joint pain or a disease of the intervertebral disc or cartilage.

How many calories burn rope jumping

Jumping rope for weight loss is very good, and not only women but also men can do it. During training, calories are burned accelerated: on average, in 15 minutes of jumping at a normal pace, you will be able to burn about 190 calories. It is worth noting that 15 minutes of training using this calorie-burning simulator are equivalent to half an hour of jogging. The choice depends on each individually: it’s easier for someone to run, and someone likes the enhanced rhythm more.Girl holds a rope in hands

How to jump on a rope for weight loss

Being interested in how to lose weight with the help of a jump rope and whether it can be done at all, it is important to remember that jumping is primarily a physical load on the body, and it will give a positive result only if you do everything correctly. So, it is not recommended to start immediately with intense loads – it should be increased gradually, because an unprepared body will experience stress, the main blow of which will affect the heart.

Do the exercises, gradually increasing the training time so that you can continue to painlessly continue, because untrained muscles can be gripped by strength, and severe pain will hamper your movements. Weight loss with a jump rope is possible, but do not overdo it: adhere to the technique of performing exercises and follow a certain pattern of exercises.

How much to jump

Is it possible to jump for a long time? Experts recommend starting to train every other day, spending 10-15 minutes on exercises, while your pace should not be too fast. After a week, you can increase the training time to 30-35 minutes. In the third week of training, you can increase the duration by another 5-10 minutes. Cardio training for burning fat should last from 40 to 60 minutes, however, if you do exercises on an empty stomach, then you can get by with a half-hour lesson.

Two girls jumping rope

Skipping – a set of exercises

Is it possible to lose weight by jumping and how to bounce correctly? For experienced jumpers, the complex of exercises of medium complexity is designed for 30 minutes, while it is desirable that there are 2 workouts per day. One lesson can be divided into intervals: distracted from jumping to stretch, swing legs, shake the press. The basic rule of training is that there should be absolutely no rest, even if you are very tired. Otherwise, the desired result in losing weight will not be. You can take a breath while walking on the spot. The set of exercises includes:

  • 5 minutes of classic jumps;
  • 3 minutes of jumping on each leg;
  • 3 minutes of classic high jumps;
  • 4 minutes of double jumps (when in one jump the rope should scroll twice);
  • 3 minutes of movement back and forth and from side to side;
  • 2 minutes of jumping with the rotation of the rope in the opposite direction;
  • 3 minutes of bouncing with a turn around him;
  • 1 minute of exercise when the rope is crossed;
  • 5 minutes of intense jumps performed at different speeds;
  • rest (few minutes walk on the spot).

For beginners

Is it possible for beginners to work hard? Everything must be done here very carefully – training should not be exhausting: at first it is better to jump for 5 minutes in the morning and in the evening. Having learned to perform the jumps correctly, you can safely switch to 15-minute classes. The diet program for beginners looks like this:

  • alternate jumps – jump as if running on the spot;
  • follow a few steps in both directions;
  • alternate crossing ropes with classic jumps. When the cord is on top, cross your elbows and bounce;
  • bounce alternately on each leg;
  • bounce around you.

Slimming Rope Efficiency

Leading a healthy lifestyle with the goal of losing weight and, doing with a skipping rope, you will be amazed at the results. When jumping, the main load is on the buttocks, hips and legs. Can I lose weight with a jump rope? Definitely yes, you can verify this yourself: with regular training, your metabolism will increase, due to which your stomach will go away, cellulite will disappear, your whole body will tighten up, acquiring new forms – is this not what you want to achieve?

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