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The girl’s lush, crumbly curls are not only beauty, but also a sign of the body’s health. Because it is possible to enhance hair growth only in a comprehensive way, you need to eat well, regularly make masks at home from natural ingredients. Almost all oils help in this – organic stimulants of vital activity, development of hair follicles.

How fast hair grows

In the body of each person, all processes occur very individually, there are no exact indicators that will be the same for everyone. The approximate hair growth rate is 0.30 mm per day, per month – about 1 cm. The process of follicle development occurs due to cell division in the bulb. The formation of new bulbs depends on it. An important influence on this process is also exerted by the state of health, a balanced diet, nationality, genetic factor, this applies to both sexes. But with additional tools, you can speed up the length update time..

The growth phases of hair are divided as follows:

  1. Anagen phase – the first stage of the nucleation and increase of the follicle.
  2. The catagen phase is the second stage of the formation of the hair follicle, an increase in the vital activity of the hair is manifested.
  3. Telogen phase – the third, last stage, vital activity, development of the bulbs disappears, after a while there is a loss.

On the head of men

It is difficult to indicate exact numbers about the rate of hair growth on the head in men, it is individual, it depends on various factors. Age, heredity, state of the body, nervous system. The hair on the head grows simultaneously with the beard, it cannot be accelerated or slowed down. But there is one interesting fact that scientists have not yet been able to explain – after 40 years, the beard grows more intensively.

On the head of women

Studying the processes of maturation of the hair follicles showed that the rate of hair growth on the head in women is significantly different from men. In women, growth is slower. In the Negroid race, the process of developing the hair follicle is the slowest, in Asians it is the fastest, and Europeans are characterized by an average speed. For women, it is imperative to monitor the hormonal background, this greatly affects the renewal of hair, the frequency of their loss, and helps to accelerate the growth process. Nature has not endowed everyone with a magnificent mane, but it is not difficult to maintain it in excellent condition.

Girl with long hair

What contributes to hair growth

Many factors accelerate the development of hair follicles. Acceleration of hair growth is provided by the full care of them. The following factors will help accelerate growth:

  • proper nutrition – the body should be saturated with all the necessary vitamins, enzymes (potassium, iron, iodine, magnesium, calcium);
  • a strong nervous system – no stress, proper sleep;
  • hormonal background without failures;
  • proper care – oil masks, scalp massage to ensure blood circulation.


In terms of care, an important role is played by hydration and enrichment with vitamins. The most effective are oil mixtures. They contain the right amount of growth activating vitamins. An easy-to-use and preparation mask to accelerate hair growth consists of a mixture of three oils: castor, burdock and unrefined olive oil. They need to be taken equally, mixed, dissolved with a water bath and applied to the roots. It is better to leave it under a warm towel for 2.5 hours, then rinse. To speed up the growing process, you need to repeat twice a month.


A balanced diet, lack of stress provide a thick, shiny hairstyle. The main vitamins for hair growth are:

  • riboflavin (vitamin B2) – pine nuts, kefir, almonds, liver, mushrooms, eggs, yeast;
  • nicotinic acid (B3) – fish, cereals;
  • panthenol (B5) – beef, pork, lamb liver, egg yolk, porcini mushrooms;
  • pyridoxine (B6) – pine nuts, beans, sea buckthorn, walnuts;
  • biotin (B8) – seeds of germinated wheat, barley groats, bran;
  • folic acid (B9) – liver, peanuts, beans;
  • Vitamin D – Perch, Liver.

Pine nuts

Nicotinic acid for hair

Nicotinic acid is one of the most effective hair strengthening products..

Its action is based on the expansion of blood vessels, increased blood circulation and improved transport of oxygen and trace elements in the hair follicles. This prevents hair loss and stimulates accelerated hair growth. The effectiveness of nicotinic acid confirms a large number of independent reviews.

But most often, for injection on the hair, an injection form of nicotinic acid in glass ampoules was used. The use of glass ampoules is accompanied by problems with opening, difficulty in extracting fluid and a high risk of injury.

We recommend the use of special forms of nicotinic acid, adapted for cosmetic application. One of these products is Renewal Hair Nicotinic Acid.

You can learn more about the product on the website

Girl and nicotinic acid


Favorable packaging. 10 5 ml bufus, enough for a month.

The convenience of use. The plastic container is opened by a slight turn of the cap and provides convenient application directly to the hair roots.

The instruction tells in detail about the use of nicotinic acid for strengthening hair and the optimal application.


An indispensable component in self-care is the delicate cleansing of the scalp. This is the task of shampoo. Special treatment shampoos for hair growth are sold, which activate and accelerate it in combination with enriching balms and balanced nutrition. Such components in the composition will be able to accelerate growth:

  • collagen;
  • sulfur;
  • keratin;
  • amino acids;
  • vitamins B, D, F;
  • folic, nicotinic acid;
  • essential oils.

The choice of growth activating shampoo should be based on the type of scalp, the presence of staining. It is better to buy shampoo at pharmacies or points of sale of a narrow specialization. High-quality shampoo is always part of the line of care, it is recommended to purchase a rinse conditioner. The price of the product depends on the brand, quality of raw materials, but really the most effective product has a price tag above the average.

Head massage

In addition to proper care, massage is a useful and pleasant procedure. Using a head massage for hair growth is not only realistic to relieve stress, but also to accelerate and improve the blood circulation of the head, it is a good growth stimulator. This procedure does not take more than 10 minutes, but it will bring pleasure and benefit. Massage can be done by hand with the addition of unrefined essential oils, massaging the scalp. You can use goosebump antistress, massage wooden comb and comb it daily.

A girl is given a head massage

Folk remedies for hair growth

At home, you can always find the ingredients from which you can actually make any mask. Folk remedies to accelerate hair growth are useful, they are time-tested. One of the recipes is a tincture of onions with honey, the budget of which is not more than 10 rubles. For her, you need a spoonful of floral honey and an onion. Grate the onion in the garlic press, dissolve the juice with honey, rub into the roots, create for 25-30 minutes.

Another well-known remedy is a mixture of eggs. According to reviews, it gives shine, smoothness, stimulates the renewal of bulbs. It is made from yolk, 2 teaspoons of squeezed lemon juice and burdock oil. Mix the products, rub with a brush into the roots on the partings, leave for an hour and leave under a shower cap, then rinse off with shampoo.

Burdock oil

The result of this product is difficult to overestimate. Burdock oil to accelerate hair growth is recommended to be added as an auxiliary component in shampoo, to balm or immediately applied to strands. Genuine burdock oil consists of vitamins, acids, mineral salts, which can accelerate hair renewal. The tool saves from oily seborrhea, regulates the production of skin secretion, stimulates growth, helps strengthen the roots, penetrates into each hair. If you apply immediately the entire length, leave it overnight, and rinse in the morning – the hairstyle will gain a healthy glow.

Castor oil

A high-quality, natural remedy for growing hair and treating hair loss is castor oil. Castor oil to accelerate hair growth is often used in medical cosmetics, it can be seen in many masks and lotions, in addition, the oil can be used immediately on the roots or length. Most of the composition is ricinoleic acid (88%), a powerful activator of hair follicle renewal.

It is used to massage the scalp in order to accelerate hair growth, for application in a pure form, it is added as an auxiliary component in ready-made products for moisturizing and softening. Gives shine, fights against dandruff, oily seborrhea. An emulsion with castor oil on vodka works well in the ratio of 40 g of oil to 25 ml of vodka – the mixture must be rubbed into the roots, hold for about 25 minutes.

Castor oil in a bottle


The value of this product has long been known in cooking and cosmetology. To accelerate hair growth, mustard nourishes the follicles well and stimulates their renewal. But this recipe is not suitable for everyone, it is not recommended for dry or allergy-prone scalp. Before you try the mustard mixture, you need to test it on a small area of ​​the skin. The action of mustard helps to accelerate the flow of blood, due to this, the result is manifested.

Because it is not easy to improve hair growth, it is necessary to carry out nursing procedures systematically. To prepare a classic mask that accelerates growth, you will need 3 incomplete tablespoons of mustard powder, 3.5 tablespoons of burdock or any unrefined oil, yolk, 1 spoon of sugar. Dilute all ingredients with 2 tablespoons of hot water, rub into the roots, separating the strands. Leave under a towel for 25 minutes. Apply the mask 2 times a week, 3-4 months.

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