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Many young people consider the presence of bristles an integral attribute of masculinity or want to follow the modern fashion for beards, that’s just thick and beautiful, it does not grow at all, or not as fast as we would like. Let’s see why this is happening? What are the ways to “activate” the appearance of stubble, what folk remedies for beard growth are effective, how to care for it? What to do if the bristles do not grow? Do I need to use drugs?

What to do if the beard does not grow

The problem of scanty facial hair is not just about young people. Some mature men also cannot grow a thick beautiful beard. Why hair does not grow where it should be due to masculine nature? The following common causes of such a “natural anomaly” are possible:

  1. Age. It is possible that your time to look so brutal has not come yet. The age of appearance of vegetation on the face is purely individual, the onset of active growth of the bristles naturally both at 15 and 25.
  2. Ethnicity. Men of some nationalities simply do not have hairiness per se. This is normal, for example, for many northern nationalities (Chukchi, Eskimos, Evenks).
  3. Genetics. If in your family men are not distinguished by a thick beard and stubble, then you are unlikely to be an exception.
  4. Endocrine Disorders Testosterone is the main hormone for facial hair growth. Failure of vegetation on the cheeks and chin is evidence of a malfunction in the endocrine system of the male body.
  5. Vitamin deficiency, oncological and some other diseases are accompanied by hair loss, slowing or stopping the growth of bristles.

Age, heredity and nationality are reasons that you will not be able to eliminate. But you are able to take risks and try to deceive the nature, use hormonal drugs or the services of a hair transplant clinic. Some help and advice of traditional medicine. If the cause of the bad beard is in the disease, then you need to undergo treatment, and hair growth will resume after recovery.

How to accelerate facial hair growth folk remedies

Home remedies are not as effective as pharmaceuticals, but they are safer, always at hand, such as mustard, red pepper, vegetable oil, kefir. The advice of ancestors has been tested by more than one generation of bearded men and many years of experience, so you should listen to them. Eat more nuts, dark meat, greens, monitor men’s health, use recipes for folk remedies with oils and masks.

Beard Growth Products


How to stimulate the growth of beard and mustache with oils? To do this, use them during massage, add to compresses and cosmetic masks. The easiest way is to grease burdock oil on the spots of the desired growth on the face. As experience shows, this potion can not only accelerate hair growth, but also awaken dormant bulbs. Growth stimulation occurs due to the active nutrition of the follicles and facial skin. This is a kind of “fertilizer” for the beard, which has a healing effect..


  1. Cleanse your face with lotion.
  2. Apply a slightly warm burdock or castor oil to the places of growth of the beard, mustache.
  3. Rub the greased areas well.
  4. Massage the skin with strong, but gentle finger movements, as if drawing spirals on it.
  5. Felt warming up? Lightly pat your face.
  6. Wipe the skin with the tonic applied onto the cosmetic disc..

Man make a mask for the growth of a beard


All cosmetic masks act directly on the skin: nourish, restore lipid balance, dilate blood vessels, narrow pores, and increase the flow of blood. The latter effect is actively used in folk remedies for intensive growth of the beard. Masks for men are prepared on the basis of or with the addition of thistle oil, with mustard, an extract of hot pepper, cognac. Apply the mixture on clean skin, stand 10-15 minutes.

Cognac mask helps to accelerate the growth of problem hair. It is used to improve their condition. Wellness mask ingredients contain exclusively natural ingredients. There is nothing harmful in them. The composition of the cognac mask you can see below:

  • a tablespoon of thistle oil;
  • a teaspoon of brandy;
  • five drops of tocopherol.

Another very popular folk remedy for beard growth is a mustard mask. This healing thing does not contain harmful components and consists only of natural elements. So you can safely use this mask for the growth of a beard, without fear for the consequences. You can see the ingredients of the mustard mask in equal amounts below:

  • mustard powder;
  • kefir;
  • honey.

The result of beard growth in a man with the help of pharmacy

Pharmaceuticals for hair growth

Any medications, whether tablets or ointments, should be taken only after consulting a doctor. If the scanty vegetation on your face is not associated with diseases, then complexes for growing a beard like Alerana or Minoxidil will only harm her. Want to use pharmacy products? Buy vitamins or natural oils. Would you like to experiment with medicines? Then be prepared for an allergy or hair loss, called among the bearded man “rollback”.

The “rollback” effect is the death of the hair follicles on the face after refusing to take active drugs. This is due to the fact that the same minoxidil is a substance that can replace the function of hair follicles, which is actively used in the treatment of baldness. Applying the drug to the growth of the beard, you will achieve its strengthening, but when the stimulation stops, your native hair will start to fall out, since the active minoxidil is aggressive towards healthy bulbs.

Hair Growth Nutrition

Still wondering how to make your beard thicker? Create a new diet for yourself, include products that contain substances that stimulate hair growth:

  1. Plant and animal protein.
  2. Vitamin A – a catalyst for the production of sebum, a “transporter” of moisture to the hair follicles, an indispensable moisturizer for the skin.
  3. Vitamin C, enhancing immunity, supporting healthy hair.
  4. Vitamin E – a kind of magnet that attracts blood to the bulbs, which helps to accelerate hair growth.
  5. Folic acid is indispensable for the restoration of keratin, thickening of hairs.
  6. Panthenonic acid – Vitamin B5, a breakdown of fats and proteins, normalizing metabolic processes in the skin.
  7. Biotin – vitamin B3, a “thickener” of a rare beard, a stimulator of its growth.

How to stimulate hair growth, what should be eaten to nourish your body with these substances useful for male beauty? Low-fat meat and dark poultry (game, goose, duck), liver, hard cheeses, eggs will provide you with protein and vitamin A. With chicken, sprouted wheat, fish, you will get biotin. Vitamin C your body is fed with green and leafy vegetables, tomatoes, citruses. Panthenone and folic acid are rich in whole grain bread, seafood, peas, brewer’s yeast, milk, nuts.

Beard Care

Proper nutrition and folk recipes will certainly help to cope with the task of stimulating facial hair, but a grown beard needs to be constantly looked after. Among the finished products there are many purely male cosmetics, such as, for example, Trius – a product of domestic pharmacology. This is a special drug to stimulate hair growth and care for the beard. “Trius oil” with an extract of hot pepper is just one of the few care products needed by bearded men along with shampoos, balms, creams, waxes and sprays.

Beard Care Supplies

Beard Growth Cream

From produced creams for bearded men, one should not expect miraculous effects. Their main function is skin care, activation of blood flow, nutrition of hair follicles. Such a complex effect can enhance facial hair growth, especially if the ointment contains hormonal components. The skin hidden under the vegetation receives less oxygen, becomes dry or, conversely, oily, so the beard on it grows worse. The cream eliminates these problems..


The facial hair is not much different from the hair on the head, so washing the beard is limited to ordinary shampoos. It is only important to choose a hair product of a certain type. Unsuitable shampoo can provoke the appearance of dandruff, the effect of oily hair, peeling of the skin, allergies. Along with a detergent, it is necessary to purchase rinsing balms that will not allow your hair to become electrified, fluff, become greasy soon after washing.

Caution should be taken in pharmacosmetics intended for the growth of a beard. For example, a beard shampoo, which is part of the Alerana complex, contains active components similar to imported minox – a baldness medicine. Its use is effective when the hair follicles die off or cease to fulfill their functions. The use of the drug for healthy hair can provoke their loss.

Beard Spray


Sprays are used to enhance beard growth. They have a vasodilating effect, increase blood flow to the bulbs, which contribute to hair growth. Their action is similar to a cream, but unlike it, aerosols do not leave a greasy shine. When buying sprays, pay attention to their composition, because the minoxidil contained in the product is useful only in the treatment of baldness.

Another category of beard care sprays is deodorizing products. They are designed to eliminate or mask odors absorbed by the hair. They include perfume fragrances, aromatic essential oils, moisturizing ingredients. Such care products are more suitable for smokers or people whose work is associated with strong or specific odors..

Want to know how to increase hair growth? Watch a video on good nutrition, care products, and folk recipes. Tips for hair growth are given by the author of the story, a bearded man with experience, who shares his own experience, voices the recommendations of nutritionists, trichologists and cosmetologists. Find out which home remedies and at what stage of beard growth is best used..

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