How to choose a protective sunblock in a tanning bed – an overview of the best with prices

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An important condition for a proper and even tan is the hydration and nutrition of the epidermis, which will provide a means of decorative cosmetics – cream for tanning. It will protect the skin from the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays, the tan will last longer, its color will be more saturated. This article will consider the principle of the cream, its composition, types, selection criteria and customer reviews. All this information will help you make the right choice..

What is a cream for tanning

A cosmetic product used before tanning in a tanning bed is called a tanning cream. It includes different groups of substances, the main task of which is to protect the skin from drying out and give it an even bronze tint. While you are in a tanning bed, a lot of moisture evaporates from the surface of the skin, if you do not use at least regular oily cream, the skin may dry out and begin to peel off.

cosmetics for tanning in the solarium


Tanning creams are different from simple moisturizing products and sun tanning products. It contains special substances that do not block the access of UV rays to the body, and does not contain substances that have a whitening effect, so the tan lays down faster. The composition of tanning cosmetics may include the following groups of substances:

  • Bronzers are natural tan activators (carotene, walnut, henna). They increase the rate of melanin production by the body, and melanin is a natural pigment, the amount of which in the body determines the color of hair, eyes and skin tone. The larger it is, the shade is darker. Depending on the number of accelerators (one, three, five), the degree of tanning intensity is determined.
  • Formic or methanoic acid – helps to expand the capillaries, increases blood flow to the upper layer of the epidermis, which accelerates the production of melanin. Sometimes artificial tingles are used instead..
  • Mint extract, menthol – has a calming effect.
  • Grape Seed Oil – For Moisturizing.
  • Olive, sandalwood and shea butter will protect against allergies, redness, which is often observed in women with sensitive skin.
  • Cannabis oil – increases the body’s sensitivity to the perception of ultraviolet radiation, helps to be absorbed by nutrients, vitamins of other substances.
  • The complex, which includes tea tree oil, olives, panthenol, is called biosin. He gently cares for the skin, relieves irritation.
  • Coenzyme Q10, Celltox, Ederline-L, PureLift, M.A.P. peptides, SOD – make the skin more elastic and elastic, moisturize, soften, prevent aging processes.

How does it work

The main direction of the action of sunblock is to stimulate the epidermis to produce its own melanin, which gives its entire surface a beautiful bronze hue. This stimulation can occur due to the action of natural components (carotene, walnut or henna) on the surface of the skin or through the activation of internal processes using formic acid. After applying creams with such an acid in the composition, tingling, redness is felt. This means that blood circulation has increased and melanin production is faster..

Types of tanning cream

Depending on the type of skin, a cream is also selected in order to maximize the effect of going to the solarium and not harm yourself. The main types of tanning products are as follows:

  • With bronzers – they include elements that emphasize an existing shade, helping to get a darker color. The average duration of their action is a week, after which they go naturally, when taking a shower, soaking in the epidermis. A tan acquired with bronzer remains. Suitable for swarthy, tanned women.
  • With formic acid, or tingle effect – activates the movement of blood with the effect of tingling, tingling. Accelerated blood flow accelerates the production of melanin, contributes to rapid tanning. Not suitable for sensitive skin: may cause severe irritation..
  • With body blush effect. It will help in the shortest possible time for several procedures in the solarium to get a deep rich shade. This happens due to the active saturation of skin cells with pure oxygen and increased blood circulation, which stimulates the production of melanin without a tingling sensation, as when using “ant” remedies. Suitable for sensitive skin.

Tanning cream in the solarium with bronzer Dark Sauna

The best cream for tanning

The beauty industry offers a wide range of tanning products for every skin type, with the addition of many components that serve different purposes – before and after tanning, separate face and body creams. Below are the products with the most common labels on the labels, recognizing the meaning of which you can easily choose the right one.

With bronzer

Creams for tanning beds with a bronzing effect in their composition necessarily have a special set of substances in different quantities, which are applied to already slightly tanned skin. They matte the skin, instantly make it a little darker:

  • name: Tannymaxx Gold 999.9 Finest Anti Age Dark Bronzing Lotion;
  • price: 1580 rubles;
  • characteristics: volume of 200 ml, triple concentration of bronzing substances, hyaluronic acid, for dry and tarnished skin, with a fruity aroma;
  • pluses: suitable for any type of skin of the face and body, deeply moisturizes, anti-aging effect;
  • cons: no.

The dimming effect of the bronzer is short-term, after a few days it is washed off, wiped off the skin. After washing off, the tan acquired in the tanning bed remains, and often it turns out darker than without applying the cream:

  • name: Devoted Creations Pauly D Dirty Love;
  • price: 3000 r.;
  • characteristics: volume of 200 ml, instant action bronzer with a complex of tonic and anti-aging substances, does not contain DHA – delayed action bronzers that last for several days;
  • pluses: instant effect, natural components, beautifully emphasizes a natural tan;
  • cons: washed off the same day, unpleasant odor.

Tanning Tan Cream Gold 999.9 from Tannymax

Without bronzer

One of the properties of bronzers is to wash off after a short time. They cover the initial pallor of the skin, but if the girl is naturally dark, you can do without him:

  • name: Australian Gold Dark Tanning Accelerator;
  • price: 150 r.;
  • characteristics: volume of 15 ml, contains vitamins A and E, Biosine complex, natural Australian oil, without bronzers;
  • pluses: provides a quick, smooth, lasting effect, a pleasant smell;
  • cons: hard squeezed out of packaging.

Do not overpay for the short-term visibility of a tan, which will come off in two to three days. It is better to buy a product with a large number of components that contribute to the intensive production of its own melanin for the same cost:

  • name: Davines Su Tan Maximizer;
  • price: 2499 p.;
  • characteristics: volume of 150 ml, moisturizing amplifier with argan oil, without UV protection;
  • pluses: nourishes the epidermis, quickly absorbed;
  • cons: expensive.

Tanning cream without bronzer Davines Su Tan Maximizer

With tingle

The tingling sensation after applying the tingle effect means that the blood circulation process has intensified, the skin will very soon acquire the desired shade. This is one of the best means to achieve a quick result in several visits to the solarium:

  • name: Soleo Basic Tingle Bell;
  • price: 60 p.;
  • characteristics: volume of 15 ml, contains aloe, caffeine, saffron oil, bronzers, red algae extract;
  • pluses: calms and nourishes, increases epidermis elasticity, inexpensive;
  • cons: only small packages.

You should be careful when buying a product with formic acid if you have sensitive skin. A tingle can cause excessive irritation or an allergic reaction:

  • name: Hempz Naturals Hot Bronzer;
  • price: 3800 r.;
  • characteristics: volume 300 ml, does not contain parabens and gluten, with the addition of DHA (dihydroxyacetone, a substance from sugarcane) peach flavor;
  • pluses: a lot of natural ingredients in the composition, lasts a long time;
  • cons: not revealed.

Hempz Naturals Hot Bronzer Tanning Tanning Cream

Sunblock face cream

Human skin may vary in different areas of the body. So, the epidermis of the face is more sensitive, especially in places around the eyes, and needs special care, which will provide creams for tanning the face:

  • name: Australian Gold Smooth Faces
  • price: 2100 r.;
  • characteristics: volume of 120 ml, hypoallergenic tan activator for the face and décolleté with a calming effect, without perfumes;
  • pluses: flavourless, is quickly absorbed, does not leave greasy shine, does not cause an allergy;
  • cons: no.

They are more gentle in their composition and are intended for delicate skin. They have a light, quickly absorbing texture without adding oily sheen:

  • name: Tan Master Intenso;
  • price: 239 p.;
  • characteristics: volume of 120 ml, for face and body, chocolate flavor, light texture, for swarthy, tanned girls;
  • Pros: easy to apply, preserves skin moisture and softness, prolongs the life of acquired tanning, cheap;
  • Cons: Intrusive Aroma.

Tan Master Intenso Tanning Face Cream

Sunblock cream in the solarium

After being exposed to ultraviolet rays, the epidermis needs to be restored and nourished. For this, a series of funds after tanning are intended:

  • name: TANNYMAXX Caribbean After Sun Cooler;
  • price: 574 r.;
  • characteristics: volume of 100 ml, cools and soothes the skin after a tanning bed, eliminates redness, fixes a tan;
  • Pros: suitable for sensitive skin;
  • cons: no.

After sunblock, creams moisturize overdried skin and relieve irritation. They will help to consolidate the resulting color, enhance the effect of visiting a solarium:

  • name: Garnier Ambre Solaire;
  • price: 470 r.;
  • characteristics: volume of 200 ml, enhances, preserves the tan, does not create the effect of sticky or oily skin, contains vitamin E, coconut oil, glycerin;
  • pluses: moisturizes the skin, leaves no stains on clothes, cheap;
  • cons: not revealed.

After-Sun Balm with Garnier Ambre Solaire Cactus Extract

Cream with pepper for tanning

In addition to tingle effect products, there is cosmetics for tanning beds with the addition of pepper extract. This extract performs the same function – accelerates the flow of blood to the epidermis, starts the process of rapid generation of melanin:

  • name: Tan Master, Thermal Effect;
  • price: 120 p.;
  • characteristics: volume of 15 ml, contains red pepper extract, vitamin PP, aloe extract, green tea, tannin, has a slight warming effect;
  • pluses: relieves puffiness, does not cause allergies, returns elasticity to the epidermis;
  • cons: the composition contains parabens.

Red pepper has a warming effect, expands pores and capillaries. Products containing it will delight women with problematic skin, since pepper helps to eliminate cellulite:

  • name: Emerald Bay Mojo Dark Bronzing Sauce;
  • price: 940 p.;
  • characteristics: volume 250 ml, cayenne pepper extract for a warming effect, blood circulation stimulation, sandalwood oil, aloe vera extract moisturizes, soothes;
  • pluses: quick effect, low price compared to similar tools;
  • cons: specific smell of sandalwood.

Cream with cayenne pepper extract Emerald Bay Mojo

The price of cream for tanning

Having examined the main criteria and properties of different types of cream, you can think about what tool to buy. The cost depends on what components are included in its composition – the more complex the composition, the higher the price. Another factor affecting the high cost is the packaging volume – a smaller luxury product can cost more than more simply larger products.

Name of facility

Volume ml

Price, p.

Tan Master Intenso



Soleo Orange Cake



Australian Gold, Accelerator Bronze



Devoted Creations Black Gem



How to choose a cream for tanning

Means for the skin should be chosen carefully. It depends not only on how the tan lies, how long it lasts, but also the degree of damage from UV rays that the body will receive after procedures in the solarium. When choosing a tanning agent, the following parameters should be considered:

  1. Determine the type of skin – this will help to quickly narrow your search. For example, for those sensitive and prone to burns, products with formic acid or pepper are not suitable: they will cause irritation, an allergic reaction.
  2. If you need an instant result, funds with instant bronzers are suitable. For longer wearing a tan, you should look for products with DHA – delayed action bronzers.
  3. The presence of moisturizing components – they will help to avoid peeling, the dark complexion will last longer. It can be oils, for example, from grape seed or argan.
  4. Ultraviolet provokes the appearance of wrinkles, so the epidermis needs a vitamin complex. Coenzyme Q10 retains elasticity in combination with other vitamins.
  5. Do not forget about the funds after tanning – they will help to preserve and consolidate the effect. Often, cosmetic companies have a comprehensive series of care products that include lotions before / after exposure to UV rays, a separate facial product, sometimes a hair spray, lip balm.
  6. The online cosmetics store for tanning salons often offers discounts, promotions for different groups of products that you can immediately order. Mail delivery in Moscow and St. Petersburg is inexpensive, and the product itself does not differ from the one on the shelf in the store.
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