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Home conditions suggest the use of a running simulator to increase body endurance, strengthen the work of the heart and blood vessels, and achieve weight loss. Unlike traditional running, on-track activities can be carried out comfortably. The right training technique will help you achieve results and improve your health..

Treadmill for home

Depending on the design and technical features of the mechanism, the following types of treadmills are distinguished:

  • electric – work due to the motor;
  • inertial – set in motion by repulsion of the athlete’s legs;
  • a subspecies of the inertial ones are magnetic semi-professional – instead of tapes and levers, their work is carried out by a powerful magnet, the movement in them is smoother than in classical.

Mechanical treadmill

A cheap treadmill is considered a mechanical treadmill, because it works without electricity and starts to move under the influence of the runner’s legs. The device weighs a little, has small dimensions, is convenient in transportation. The simplest simulators determine the level of training by the angle of inclination, the more complex – by braking the front shaft with magnets. Compared to those powered by electricity, they can produce fewer results, because when the runner gets tired, the belt slows down.

Magnetic Treadmills

A subtype of mechanical simulators is considered magnetic treadmills as a cardio simulator. Devices are distinguished by moderate weight, compactness, low price and simplicity of silent design. The speed of movement of the canvas in them depends on the speed of movement of the athlete. They differ from ordinary ones in their smooth running, the presence of a computer with a choice of running programs and heart rate meters. Due to magnets, the canvas exerts resistance when walking, which leads to additional energy costs for the runner, helping him lose weight and achieve goals.

Magnetic Running Trainer

What is the difference between a mechanical treadmill and an electric treadmill?

Cheap cardiovascular machines are popular in ratings, but for effective results it is recommended to engage in modern and high-quality ones. A mechanical treadmill differs from an electric treadmill by the absence of a motor, low smoothness of movement and a reduced cost. The sports simulator working from a network, bulky, represents danger at inaccurate use.

How to choose a treadmill for your home, the following tips and principles will tell you:

  • The small-sized mechanical simulator is suitable for the budget conscious, seeking to diversify fitness classes for people, without contraindications for health;
  • you can run on magnetic silent in an apartment or in a country house without access to electricity, the test device is safe for children;
  • the electric version is suitable for those in need of a variety of training, doing regularly, keeping a class journal, striving to reduce the harmful effects of increased load.

Mechanical treadmill

Which treadmill is better – mechanical or electric

To understand which treadmill is best for home use, study the information from the review with the difference, advantages and disadvantages of each type:

Electric version



Smooth ride, maximum comfort, silent

Inexpensive models, small sizes, light weight

Built-in computer with the calculation of heart rate, distance, calories

The pace is set by the user, a low probability of breakdowns, ease of repair

Workout mode selection

Lack of electricity demand


High price (how much it depends on the store)

Minimal functionality

Attachment to electricity, high costs

Increased load for joints

Increased weight, large size

Complicated device, long and expensive to repair, moving parts can cause injuries

What treadmill to choose for home

The choice of a treadmill for the home depends on the needs of the runner and his capabilities. When a person is going to train periodically, a mechanical one is suitable for him, which is convenient to take with you to the country or repair. It is better for professional athletes to choose an electric one that has several training modes, built-in sensors for monitoring heartbeat and time spent, a class journal.

Which treadmill is better, everyone determines for himself, but there are general criteria for choosing the optimal device:

  • convenient device has a wide canvas;
  • the deck (the part along which the web slides) must be at least two centimeters thick, strong, well absorb shock;
  • the control panel is better to choose a simple and intuitive, so that it is suitable even for the elderly;
  • when choosing the electronic version, it’s good to choose a model with a minimum power of one and a half horsepower with a quiet motor, the ability to select the standard mode or programmable;
  • for safe operation, choose a model with a protective mechanism for children;
  • the optimal length of the canvas – from 120 cm, width – from 43 cm;
  • purchased home treadmill has a minimum of one year warranty.

The guy is engaged on a treadmill

How to choose a treadmill

You can buy exercise equipment for the home on the Internet or in specialized stores. For the device to serve for a long time and reliably, select trusted sellers with a large assortment. There are several criteria for a process that tells you how to choose the right treadmill:

  • the deck must be saturated with grease – so it wears out less;
  • the running belt ideally consists of two layers, if the tape is single-layer, it will last less;
  • it is better for athletes with injuries or during the recovery period to run on simulators with a high level of depreciation.

Treadmill Rating for Home

Today, the top manufacturers of fitness equipment are American and Italian firms House Fit, Torneo and Horizon Fitness. The rating of treadmills for the home looks like this:

  • Torneo Performa Efold – optimal for practicing at home, belongs to the electric folding type;
  • Torneo Olympia – a technological device with 23 programs;
  • Horizon Evolve – to buy it means to get the optimal semi-professional device;
  • HouseFit 9087 – an option for non-professional athletes involved in the home;
  • Leco IT Home – the best of mechanical, simple, lightweight and inexpensive.
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