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It is very convenient for many people to play sports at home, so there is a demand for shells that can be used in the apartment. There are many options, but cardio options, which help strengthen the vascular system and lose weight, are popular. Below we will describe how to choose the right exercise bike for the home so that you can train with comfort.

Exercise Bikes for Home

The main task of this device is to conduct cardio training. Exercise bikes for the house consist of pedals, levers for an emphasis, a seat and the information panel. They can be used for weight loss training, strengthening the vascular system, rehabilitation and rehabilitation in medicine. The projectile replaces the bike, is not inferior in performance to models from the fitness center, convenient and simple to use at home.

Types of exercise bikes

Manufacturers have developed several options for a bicycle simulator. They differ in the load realization system, which can affect the dimensions of the device, how much it will cost, how categories of people are better suited. How to choose an exercise bike will be described below, taking into account not only the mechanical features, but also the design. For different purposes, you should choose different models. The following types of exercise bikes are available:

  • belt
  • magnetic;
  • electromagnetic;
  • power generating.

Types of exercise bikes

Another separation of shells occurs according to the design principle. There are only three of them, and each of them has minuses and pluses, which should be considered if you decide to choose a model. This criterion will affect the price, size, efficiency of use. In total, three design options are distinguished, the types of exercise bikes are described in more detail below.


This option is a static complete imitation of a bicycle. All parts of the structure are present, except for the wheels, the placement of other parts (seats, steering wheels, etc.) coincide with the real sample. It is not recommended for the acquisition of people who have problems with the spine, joints. The model has the following positive and negative sides..


  • compactness;
  • load direction habitual;
  • activates certain muscle groups;
  • effectively helps to lose weight;
  • habitual landing, arrangement of arms, body.


  • creates a serious load on the knees;
  • the spine is loaded.

Vertical exercise bike for home


This design option is created for the body as comfortable as possible, minimizes the load on the back, joints. It is often recommended to buy for people with diseases of the musculoskeletal system. The simulator has a comfortable back, seat, pedals are under the steering wheel. Such a home bike is well suited for training after injuries, when you can not give a serious load, but you should already develop muscles to prevent dystrophy. For intense exercise and losing weight, this model is not suitable.


  • safe for health;
  • comfortable;
  • ergonomic;


  • bulky;
  • a large mass of the shell;
  • there is no quick progress during training;
  • high price.

Portable (compact)

This bike simulator is small in size, making it easy to transport if necessary. As a rule, such shells consist only of a pedal block; there is no seat, steering wheel. You simply lie down or sit down on any piece of furniture (furniture). Without a doubt, such characteristics make the projectile very convenient, but compared to full-featured models, the effectiveness of training will be much lower.


  • mobility, compactness;
  • a light weight;
  • simple construction;
  • low price.


  • low efficiency relative to other species;
  • you need to find suitable furniture for seating.

Compact exercise bike


This is a combined version of the vertical and horizontal views. This is achieved by the ability to adjust the position of the seat, which makes it possible to train in the supine or sitting position. Such a system helps to use the simulator at any level of preparation of the athlete and in any conditions. Equally suited for both rehab and weight loss training..


  • the ability to adjust ergonomics;
  • universality;
  • comfort when using.


  • bulky design;
  • significant weight;
  • high price.

Belt exercise bikes

When you decide to choose a projectile for home training, you should consider their features. Different types of simulators help to achieve certain goals. For example, you can first choose belt exercise bikes that are compact in size, simple in design. The load is created using a strong belt that moves when the pedals rotate. Flywheel results in resistance due to elastic band under load.

The program is set using the lever; as the level increases, the contact between the flywheel and the belt increases. Belt exercise bikes have the following positive and negative sides:


  • easy to assemble and disassemble;
  • low cost;
  • simple repair if necessary;
  • small dimensions;
  • does not require a power outlet.


  • with a flywheel weighing more than 3 kg there is no smooth running;
  • creates a lot of noise;
  • parts may depart from each other due to heating during active use;
  • not suitable for people with spinal problems, joints;
  • no sensor, cardiotelemetry;
  • the belt stretches over time and you have to change it;
  • minimum of additional functions;

Two models of exercise bikes

Magnetic Exercise Bike

This option is more popular than the one described above. Two permanent magnets change their position relative to the flywheel, which creates a different degree of resistance. Choose a magnetic exercise bike if you want to have a smooth ride, easily adjust the load, a large selection of modes and a control system. The projectile has the following positive and negative sides.


  • wide selection of training modes;
  • smooth running;
  • energy efficiency;
  • low weight;
  • high training efficiency;
  • can be put without reference to the outlet;
  • makes little noise.


  • repair is much more complicated;
  • higher cost.

Inertial exercise bike

This variant of the projectile is also called block, because during training, resistance is created due to the snug fit of the brake pads to the flywheel. Inertial exercise bikes should be chosen by people who care about a wide range of possible programs. Their cost is higher than that of belts and the simulator is designed for advanced athletes. According to user reviews, such models imitate riding a bicycle. Below is a list of reasons why you should choose or refuse this option.


  • easy to use;
  • many load options;
  • smooth running;
  • affordable price.


  • repairs are relatively expensive;
  • makes noise;
  • there is no precise adjustment of the program;
  • It has significant weight and large dimensions;
  • pads wear out quickly;
  • cannot be disassembled for storage.

Two models of inertia exercise bikes

Which exercise bike to choose

Many types and types of this shell have been described above. For this reason, the choice of an exercise bike should be based on the needs, your physical condition, budget and dimensions of the apartment. You should not take large-sized models, if you have a one-room apartment, a mini-exercise bike or a collapsible option is better. It should be understood that the manufacturer’s brand, the quality of components, is the best influence on which exercise bike. When shopping, you should be guided by the following criteria:

  • budget;
  • dimensions of the apartment and the projectile;
  • physical health;
  • training goals (rehabilitation or weight loss).

Exercise bike horizontal or vertical

All types and types of simulator have been described above, so when you decide to choose one of them, the pros and cons of the model should be taken into account. As a rule, people have a question: is the exercise bike horizontal or vertical? These are the most common types of designs that have certain advantages. Based on them, we can say that:

  1. Upright fit well for people who plan to lose weight and do not have any health problems. The usual arrangement of arms and body is provided, you can adjust the height of the seat to fit your height.
  2. Horizontal. Choose such a projectile should be people who have problems with the spine, joints. Efficiency for losing weight is lower than vertical ones, but less likely to overload the body.

Compact exercise bike for home

This species is distinguished by its small size, which can not be said about the shoe. The portable exercise bike does not have a steering wheel or a seat, only a pedal block that can be twisted by hands or feet. Most models have a monitor that displays the number of calories burned, distance traveled, speed. You can choose this option for people who have a small apartment or often have to move. The load will be significantly less when working on a portable simulator than on any other.

Electronic mini exercise bike

Exercise bike professional

A separate category is bicycle ergometers, which are also called speed bikes or spin bikes. This is a professional exercise bike, which is powered by a network and belongs to the electromagnetic type. It has an electronic display, a heart rate monitor (measures the pulse), is able to measure the exact physical condition of a person in order to choose the optimal training program. The built-in computer will measure the distance traveled, heart rate, speed.

All this information will be used in the future to compile the program most adapted for a person. You should choose bicycle ergometers if you decide to engage in professional sports and want to prepare your body for serious loads. The model has the following positive and negative sides:


  • variety of programs; intelligent management;
  • helps to strengthen muscles significantly;
  • reliable mechanism;
  • smooth running, safety;
  • high efficiency training;
  • durability;
  • noiselessness
  • additional functions: music, video, etc..


  • high price;
  • you must always have a socket nearby to connect the device;
  • repair in the event of a malfunction will be expensive.

Exercise bike for the elderly

A separate such category does not exist, so you should choose one of the options described above. An exercise bike for the elderly should not put a strain on the spine, joints, so vertical models and bicycle ergometers are not suitable. According to customer reviews, horizontal and compact simulator models are well suited for these purposes..

Exercise bike model for the elderly

How to choose the right exercise bike

When buying a device, you should focus on your personal needs. Each model, type of mechanism has its pros and cons, which should be taken into account. The choice of an exercise bike for a home is based on several key parameters:

  1. Flywheel size. The larger it is, the greater the load will be created for training. If you want to carry out intensive training, then you need to choose a model with a large flywheel.
  2. Weight and dimensions. The simulator should not occupy all the space in your apartment. With small room sizes, you need to choose the compact type option.
  3. Your own weight. This is another important point on how to choose an exercise bike. It is necessary to focus on the boat family with the maximum weight. Some home exercise machines are not designed to exceed 100 kg, professional can withstand 150 kg.
  4. The presence of different programs. This will help you change the degree and intensity of the loads. the presence of such a parameter makes the simulator more versatile.
  5. According to customer reviews, it is better to choose a model with the presence of adjustment of handrails, saddles, so that all family members can use the exercise bike.
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