How to choose sports nutrition products for burning fat – a list of the most effective for women and men

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If you decide to lose weight by resorting to drying the body for this purpose, then special additives can be the solution to this problem. Fat burning sports nutrition is a supplement and fat burner that an athlete resorts to to shape his body. In this case, an integrated approach is used, which implies the use of sports nutrition along with environmentally friendly products, as well as mandatory trips to the gym. Only through this approach can you lose weight effectively by becoming the owner of an ideal body.

What is sports nutrition

Not everyone who wants to buy such supplements is aware of what constitutes a sports diet for weight loss. It means a special class of natural products used by many athletes in various sports. Specialized supplements are designed to provide you with all the necessary vitamins and minerals. Their intake helps to strengthen health, increase strength, increase muscle volume, reduce subcutaneous fat, and normalize metabolism. In Russia, a sportpit for burning fat is classified as a dietary supplement.Jars with sports nutrition

What sports nutrition is better for burning fat

Before considering the question of how to choose sports nutrition for weight loss, you need to find out what types of it currently exist. One of the best options for losing weight, who decided to resort to drying the body are considered fat burners. A separate group of such supplements is designed to block appetite. The list of the main active ingredients of fat burners consists of diuretics, thermogenics, calorie blockers and appetite suppressants..

Caffeine is a very strong stimulant of the central nervous system, which is able to reduce the fat layer, while increasing endurance and strength of the athlete. It is found in regular coffee, green tea. Often he is not taken seriously, but you need to know that he is an energy stimulant – this is his biggest minus. After his action comes to an end, the athlete will feel intense apathy and fatigue.

Workout Fat Burning Products

Strength training with heavy loads is far from always helping to lose weight. To solve this problem, you need a special athlete nutrition for weight loss, which should include drugs that are safe for the human body. The most effective among them are thermogenics, which are prohibited for people with diseases of the cardiovascular system. Popular supplements for burning fat during exercise:

  • Dopamine;
  • Levocarnitine;
  • Methylhexanamine;
  • Naringin;
  • Octopamine;
  • Orlistat;
  • Synephrine;
  • Tyramine;
  • Chitosan.

Sports supplements for weight loss

Fat burning sports nutrition is a great way to get rid of hated excess weight, making your body more inflated. To do this, you need to know which supplements are suitable for this, and which, on the contrary, will make the body weight even more. In this case, it is necessary to adhere to a certain menu and comply with the intake rate of the selected dietary supplement. Sports supplements that help you lose weight include:

  • BCAA (Branched-chain amino acids) are three essential amino acids: leucine, isoleucine and valine;
  • l-carnitine;
  • vitamin and mineral complexes;
  • protein;
  • fat burners.

Protein Jars

How to choose sports nutrition for weight loss

The biologically active substance L-carnitine, which helps to accelerate the transport of fatty acids, has gained considerable popularity, as a result of which fat is reduced an order of magnitude faster than usual. In addition, it helps to increase physical energy, mental activity and resistance to stress. A substance such as yohimbine has the property of accelerating the process of burning fat in problem areas, for example, in the lower abdomen.

Athletes before competitions often use diuretics, which are diuretics, due to which excess water can be removed from the body. A product containing omega-3 fatty acids, which is a passive supplement for burning fat, has gained considerable popularity. To normalize metabolism, it is very important to maintain a balance of nutrients, combining sports nutrition, diet and fitness..

Pay attention to BCAA (branched chain amino acids), which are ideal in this case. This is explained by the fact that sports nutrition of this type works directly during classes and immediately after them. At the same time, taking such a sports nutrition allows the body to recover faster than usual. Its main function is to protect muscle from destruction and fat breakdown..

For men

Due to the wide variety of sports nutrition, which you can buy today in an online store with home delivery or by mail, it is very difficult to choose the best option for a man. Despite the different names, they all come together in several large groups. Losing weight men need to remember the following five main types of sports nutrition: protein, fat burners, l-carnitine, vitamin and mineral complexes. Additional are:

  • omega 3;
  • fat and carbohydrate blockers;
  • cortisol blockers.

The girl measures the amount of muscle in the arm of a man

For women

The right purchase of sports nutrition, taking into account all the pros and cons, is the key to successful weight loss with finding the perfect relief. To lose weight, women, first of all, can help fat burners, which localize fat on the sides, chest, hips. They should be taken strictly according to the instructions and subject to intensive training, otherwise the result will be impossible. Fat burners for sports contain:

  • guarana extract;
  • red pepper extract;
  • caffeine / forskolin.

The price of sports nutrition for weight loss

Before ordering dietary supplements, whether it be anoretics or amino acids, compare prices in several stores in your city, for example, St. Petersburg. The fact is that in some places the sale of sports nutrition is carried out at a high cost, and in others – at a lower cost. In order not to purchase the supplement too expensive, do some kind of price monitoring so that you can buy the right supplement as cheaply as possible.

Store Name (Moscow)

The price in rubles L-Carnitine 300 g





Menu for athletes to burn fat

A several-week sports diet for burning fat involves increasing the intake of fiber-rich foods while decreasing the amount of fatty foods consumed. The diet should be designed so that losing weight does not gain excess weight. Meal should be carried out 5 times a day. Sample menu for one day:

  1. 5 tbsp. l cottage cheese, a glass of orange juice, 2 eggs, 250 g of oatmeal;
  2. Fruit salad;
  3. Cucumber salad, 150 g each of rice porridge and boiled turkey meat;
  4. Baked potato, a glass of kefir;
  5. Vegetable salad, 200 g of seafood.
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