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After 35 years, many men, women face the problem of sudden weight gain. Often this is associated with the abuse of a popular hop drink, but the relationship between this phenomenon is only indirect. Below we will describe what needs to be done to clean the beer belly at home and why it is not strongly associated with alcohol..

How to remove a beer belly from a man

The main reason for the growth of the tummy is not only beer, the main problem is hormonal failure, which leads to the accumulation of visceral fat. This type is dangerous in that it covers the internal organs, complicates their work and complicates the life of a person. After 35 years in the presence of a large number of fat cells, a hormonal malfunction occurs, which turns the male hormone into female hormone – estrogen. This can lead to the following consequences:

  • there is a feeling of depression;
  • decreased libido;
  • vitality decreases;
  • muscle mass decreases;
  • the man becomes irritable, quickly gets tired;
  • memory, mental abilities worsen;
  • metabolism slows down, leading to the formation of extra fat.

It is possible to remove a beer belly from a man only if the important hormone testosterone is increased. All actions in the fight will be aimed at reducing the total calorie content of the food, increasing metabolism and increasing the production of male hormone. Beer will also have to be abandoned, but this does not mean that you can no longer drink it. All the necessary actions can be done to get rid of a beer belly at home..

Man with a glass of beer

How to remove a beer belly for a woman

This wording is found in communication or on the Internet, but scientists, citing studies, argue that women do not have such a phenomenon. Weight gain is just an improper diet, abuse of alcohol, flour and sweets. To remove this problem follows the same means as the desire to just lose weight. The main task is to exclude factors provoking the growth of subcutaneous fat. To remove a woman’s beer belly, the following should be avoided:

  • Salty snacks: nuts, fish, kirieshki, etc. Such food retains fluid in the body, leading to swelling and weight gain..
  • Chips, snacks and beer give a total of about 1000 kcal, which makes up most of the total weight loss.
  • Salty, fatty foods, alcohol affect the liver. If its functions are violated, it increases, the stomach begins to grow.
  • Beer contains hormone-like substances, due to which unnecessary hormonal treatment is obtained. This leads to a malfunction of the hormonal apparatus and an increase in body weight. Hence the name beer belly.
  • A passive lifestyle slows down the metabolism, the lack of training negatively affects the condition of a person as a whole.

Obesity in women is not related to beer belly. However, there are some coincidences in the reasons for the increase in the amount of fat with men. To remove fat deposits on the abdomen, girls need:

  • eat rationally, counting calories;
  • observe a sleep pattern, get enough sleep;
  • Do not overeat, so as not to stretch the stomach;
  • refuse alcoholic beverages;
  • increase physical activity: running, bicycle, gym (at least exercise in the morning);
  • spend more time outdoors.

How to quickly remove a beer belly

The desired result can only be achieved if you train hard, follow a diet. It will not appear soon and should be patient, so many are looking for how to quickly remove the beer belly. If conservative methods do not help you (swimming pool, gymnastics, observing the daily regimen), then you can resort to plastic surgery – liposuction. During the procedure, subcutaneous fat will be removed, which will help remove part of the volume of the abdomen. In this case, the muscles will still be in a weak tone, so you will have to train.

Another option to quickly remove several sizes is abdominoplasty. The essence of the operation is that the patient will have abdominal muscles tightened and strengthened. Due to the proximity of the internal organs, the tone of the press is very important. Before the operation, a bowel cleansing is carried out, a tight bandage is applied to the body. When there will be a decrease in the digestive tract by several times, only then it will be possible to carry out abdominoplasty.

A man measures the volume of the abdomen with a centimeter

Beer Belly Exercises

Work on problem areas should begin with adjusting nutrition and increasing physical activity. Exercises for the beer belly can be divided into two main groups: cardio and strengthening the press. The first type will help you improve metabolism so that the body does not put off incoming nutrients in the form of fat, but immediately processes them into energy. Strengthening the abdominal muscles will help to remove the “protruding” stomach. As a cardio load, you can:

  • sign up for a swim;
  • buy a running simulator and exercise at home or run on the street;
  • arrange bike rides;
  • do circular workouts.

Downloading the press is the second most important task if you want to remove the volume in the waist and prevent the stomach from growing again. Work can be carried out in two directions: an increase in muscle volume or their strengthening. If you want to overcome the beer belly, the second option is preferable, so the static type of load is better suited. You can remove the extra cm from the waist with the following exercises:

  1. Lying on the floor, raise your legs so that you get an angle of 30 degrees with the floor. Keep as many of them as you can. Repeat 3-5 times.
  2. Strap. hold the emphasis as if you are going to do push-ups, keep the body level, there should be no deflection in the back, the butt should not be poked out either. Then lower yourself to the elbows, maintaining the position of the rest of the body. Stand in this position for the maximum amount of time. The exercise involves the muscles of the abs, back, shoulders and hips.
  3. Perform the exercise in the same plan as the first, but instead of the legs, lift the body and hold.

Girl performs an exercise plank

Beer Belly Diet

This is the most important aspect of the plan, how to remove extra pounds from the waist. A diet from a beer belly is not much different from plans that are designed to reduce weight. You should moderate your appetite and eat a reduced calorie diet for several weeks. Additionally, you can take fat burners (special preparations), but many do without them. To maintain proper nutrition, to remove the stomach, you should adhere to the following recommendations:

  1. Limit the amount of fatty (red) meats, fish.
  2. Limit or completely exclude sweet, fast food, fatty, flour and smoked.
  3. Every day, your menu should have fruits, vegetables and greens..
  4. Drinking water will help to remove the beer tummy. Drink before meals, while you can’t, so as not to disturb the digestion process.
  5. So that the beer belly does not grow, it is recommended to eat small servings 4-5 times a day.
  6. You can remove extra pounds if you eat at the same time every day. This will help improve metabolism, which is important if you want to get rid of the beer belly..
  7. Do not overeat, you need to get up slightly hungry from the table. This will prevent overeating, which often causes beer belly growth..
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