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Summer oatmeal porridge in a jar is a fashionable new way of making breakfast. The peculiarity of the dish is that it should be eaten cold. So it retains more nutrients. Is it possible to lose weight on oatmeal? A product such as oatmeal is indispensable for losing weight. In the morning, it energizes and gives a feeling of satiety, which lasts for a long time: complex carbohydrates are slowly digested, gradually giving the body energy.

The benefits and harms of oatmeal in the morning

There are healthy carbohydrates in oatmeal, no fat. By itself, it cannot become a source of weight gain. Fiber and proteins contained in it become the main “fuel” for the body, which goes to strengthen and build muscle tissue. These features of oatmeal make it an excellent food for athletes and for people receiving heavy loads throughout the day. The benefits of oatmeal in the morning:

  • It contains calcium, phosphorus – the building blocks of teeth, bones, nails.
  • The product is useful for people who suffer from eczema and allergic diseases. It helps treat gastrointestinal problems, reduces flatulence, normalizes stool.
  • Using Proper Porridge for Breakfast Benefits Patients with Cardiovascular Disease.
  • There is a lot of iodine in the oat dish, which is vital for the full functioning of the brain.

Oatmeal in Jars

Oatmeal Harm:

  • If you are too fond of additives – butter, sugar, meat, the calorie content of the product will be high in this case, and the weight may increase.
  • Oatmeal should not be consumed by patients with celiac disease – if the body is not able to digest cereals.
  • Oat porridge is better not to eat every day. This is due to the fact that the cereal has phytic acid, which has the ability to remove calcium, which will lead to osteoporosis.

Recipes for making lazy oatmeal in a slimming jar

The most useful porridge for health is Hercules. Such a dish contains a huge amount of coarse and soft dietary fiber, thanks to which a person can get enough even with a small portion. Lazy oatmeal in a glass jar for weight loss can be prepared with a variety of ingredients: chocolate chips, nuts, dried fruits. You can use cinnamon, vanillin, coffee. Lazy oatmeal for breakfast for weight loss can be prepared in the usual plastic containers that are easy to carry.

Classic recipe with yogurt and skim milk


  • a glass of fresh skim milk;
  • 250 g of natural yogurt;
  • 3 tbsp. l oatmeal;
  • any berries or fruits as desired;
  • 1 tbsp honey.

Girl eating cereal

Preparation of “summer” oatmeal according to the classic recipe in a glass jar with a lid:

  1. It is necessary to fill the flakes at the bottom of the can.
  2. Then we transfer honey, milk, yogurt to them. Close the lid and mix so that all components are connected.
  3. Add fruits or berries from above, if desired, mix everything again.
  4. Close the jar tightly, put it in the refrigerator overnight. The next morning porridge will be ready.

How to cook without milk and yogurt on kefir


  • 350 g low-fat kefir;
  • 3 tbsp. l oatmeal;
  • any fruit;
  • 1 tsp sugar (optional).

Oatmeal porridge for weight loss on kefir is considered the most low-calorie. To prepare it, you will need a glass 0.5 liter jar with a lid:

  1. Pour oats at the bottom of the can. Add sugar if desired and pour kefir on top.
  2. Next, the container must be closed with a lid and shaken well. You can also add any slices of fruit, so porridge will be tastier.
  3. A closed jar with lazy oatmeal should be removed in the refrigerator overnight. In the morning a healthy meal will be ready.

How to make with apple and cinnamon


  • 1/3 cup fresh milk;
  • 1 tsp honey;
  • ? glasses of yogurt;
  • ? tsp cinnamon
  • 3 fresh apples;
  • ? glasses of oatmeal.

Porridge in the Bank


  1. First put the flakes on the bottom of the jar, add honey. Next, fill with milk and yogurt, pour cinnamon.
  2. Close the lid, mix gently.
  3. Cut apples in small pieces in advance. Then we shift the apple blanks into a jar, once again we interfere.
  4. Close the lid, remove the jar for 12 hours in the refrigerator. In the morning we enjoy a delicious meal..

With cherries and chocolate chips


  • 1 tbsp. l grated dark chocolate;
  • ? tsp vanillin;
  • 1 tsp honey;
  • 1/3 cup fresh milk;
  • ? glasses of oatmeal;
  • ? glasses of yogurt;
  • a glass of frozen berries of cherry (you can fresh).

Chocolate Cherry Mix

Lazy oatmeal with cherries in a jar for weight loss is a nutritious, tasty dish that will appeal even to children. To prepare such oatmeal, you must:

  1. At the bottom of the can pour cereal. Next add honey, vanilla.
  2. Pour all the components with yogurt with milk.
  3. Cover and shake well.
  4. Open the jar, add chocolate, cherry, once again mix well.
  5. Close the jar and put away on the shelf of the refrigerator for 12 hours.

With orange and honey

Wonderful oatmeal, which does not need to be boiled, will delight the whole family with its unique taste. Ingredients:

  • ? glasses of yogurt;
  • 1 tbsp. l jam from oranges;
  • ? glasses of oatmeal;
  • 1 tsp honey;
  • 1/3 cup of milk;
  • 1/4 cup chopped dried tangerines.

Honey Orange Mix

For its preparation:

  1. At the bottom of the jar, you need to fill the flakes. Next, pour milk and yogurt.
  2. After that, add honey, jam to the resulting mass.
  3. Close the lid and mix. We open, on top on the mass we put slices of tangerines and again gently interfere.
  4. Cover, put on the shelf of the refrigerator at night.

With banana and cocoa


  • 3 ripe bananas;
  • 1/3 cup of milk;
  • ? glasses of oatmeal;
  • 1 tbsp. l cocoa powder;
  • ? glasses of yogurt;
  • 1 tsp honey.

Mix with banana and cocoa


  1. At the bottom of the jar we spread the groats. Add honey, milk, yogurt, cocoa to it..
  2. Cover and mix well.
  3. Cut bananas in small pieces in advance. We shift the banana blanks into a jar and interfere.
  4. We put a closed jar in the refrigerator. Keep porridge is allowed for two days. It’s better to eat it cold.

With coffee filling and nuts


  • 200 g of any crushed nuts;
  • 1/3 cup of milk;
  • 1 tbsp. l cocoa powder;
  • ? glasses of oatmeal;
  • ? tsp coffee;
  • ? glasses of yogurt;
  • 1 tsp honey.

Cooking oatmeal with nut-coffee filling:

  1. Need any jar with a lid. First we put the flakes in it, add honey and cocoa to them. Top with milk with yogurt.
  2. Next, dilute the coffee in a tablespoon of boiled water and pour into a jar with a mixture.
  3. Close the lid, mix thoroughly. Open the jar, fall asleep nuts, carefully mix everything.
  4. We remove the closed jar on the shelf of the refrigerator for the whole night. You can store porridge for three days.

Calorie dishes





50 g



70 ml


An Apple

100 g


Natural yogurt

100 ml



1 tsp.



1 g



1 g



7 g



100 g


Kefir 1%

100 ml



100 g


Jam from oranges

100 g


Nuts (walnuts)

100 g


So, for example, a serving of lazy porridge in a jar of milk, apple, yogurt, honey, cinnamon will be equal to 382 kcal, and 100 g – 115.8. The calorie content of a dish depends largely on additional components. It is simple to regulate it: the less you put sweet, fat, the more dietary the dish becomes. A nutritious option is obtained by adding nuts, milk, butter, and lean – on water.

Low calorie meals

Answers to frequently asked questions:

Is it possible to freeze jars with oatmeal for the future? You can freeze porridge for a period of one month. The main thing is that you do not have to fill the banks much, they can explode when freezing. It is better to lay the jar 3/4 of the total. Before using the product, the frozen jar should be moved from the freezer to the refrigerator. Porridge will defrost on its own, and it can be easily eaten.

How to heat oatmeal in a jar? Lazy oatmeal recipes are usually intended for cold use, but you can try and warm the porridge. If you want a warm meal, heat it with a microwave. To do this, just remove the cover. For warming, you can install a jar of porridge in the microwave for one minute. If you want it to be hot, heat the oatmeal for longer.

Which banks to use? You can cook lazy porridge not only in glass jars. Also, any pots, plastic containers or containers that are designed for food are well suited here. It is better that the size of the container is 0.5 liters, so it will be convenient for you to take them with you for training or work. Any container that easily holds a glass of liquid is suitable.

Video recipes for lazy oatmeal in a jar for weight loss

Reviews and results after losing weight

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