How to do an elliptical trainer to lose weight – training program for men and women

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When compiling a training program for yourself, you should also learn how to exercise on an elliptical trainer in order to lose weight, because when walking on an ellipsoid you need to control your pulse – only then exercises will benefit not only muscles, but also help you remove fat. Check out your existing workouts and choose the one that suits you best..

What is an elliptical slimming machine

This is a cardio trainer for weight loss with elliptically rotating pedals that simulate walking, cycling, climbing stairs, running. Another device is known as an orbitrek or cross-trainer. The simulator provides a uniform load throughout the body, which contributes to an effective reduction in body weight and helps to stay in good shape to all body systems. There are many models of ellipsoids for weight loss – from classic to “smart” options with different functions that themselves determine the level of training of the student, his general body condition and pulse.

How to do it on an elliptical trainer

If you are going to work out at home to lose weight or tighten your body, you need to prepare sportswear, comfortable shoes and get acquainted with some of the trainers’ advice on classes. So, the rules for training on an elliptical trainer:

  1. Perform a warm-up before each workout. After class, do not forget about the hitch, because it reduces muscle pain and makes them more elastic.
  2. Watch your pulse. Calculate your maximum age heart rate: subtract your age from 220. For beginners, 65% of the profit center is considered the norm, and for experienced athletes, the mark can reach 80%.
  3. During training, keep your head straight, while walking, step with your whole foot, do not forget to retract your stomach.
  4. If you want to lose weight faster, drink water while walking, but generally try to eat on the principle of PP.
  5. Eliminate watching TV, because all distractions can nullify all your efforts on an elliptical trainer.

The girl is engaged in an elliptical trainer

What muscles work on an ellipsoid

This cardio trainer is ideal for losing weight and for toning muscles, and you don’t have to worry that the figure will be like a “rocker”, because you won’t be able to gain muscle mass on an ellipse. What muscles are involved in the elliptical trainer? While you are engaged, the work is activated:

  • hands;
  • backs;
  • shoulder girdle;
  • press;
  • whole body;
  • buttocks and thighs.

How to lose weight on an elliptical trainer

For those who are going to train in order to lose weight and bring their parameters closer to ideal, experts are advised to start training on an elliptical cardio simulator from 45 minutes, because only after that the body begins to work due to “deferred” fat reserves. Ellipse for weight loss can be used even at a slow pace – you just have to set a goal to go a certain distance.

An organism accustomed to stress can be given more intense training, increasing speed, but decreasing mileage, because the number of calories burned will be the same. It is important not only to know how to exercise on an elliptical trainer in order to lose weight, but also how to eat at this time: it is advisable to eat in 2-3 hours, but not to overeat. You can drink plenty of water so that it speeds up the process of losing weight.

How much do you need to do on an ellipsoid to lose weight

If you want to reduce fat folds, it is advisable to diversify the program – so the muscles will develop evenly. The total training time on an elliptical trainer should be about 50-60 minutes, while it is necessary to engage 2-3 times / week. If you are going to start strength exercises, it is recommended to warm up the muscles on the simulator. If you repeat this action after a workout, you will help the body burn even more calories..

People do ellipsoids in the gym

Ellipsoid Weight Loss Program

In order for walking on an ellipse to give the expected result in losing weight, you need to not only choose a workout, but also learn how to stand on the simulator correctly: tighten the shoulder and abdominal muscles, abs, and look forward. The number of calories burned during a calorie lesson can be increased by connecting more hands: they need to pull and push the moving handles of the orbit track. The training program on the elliptical trainer for weight loss is classic and interval, and which one to choose is up to you.

Interval training

This is the most popular way to lose weight, because with the help of the orbit track you can give the body an additional load, alternating between power and cardio mode – due to this, fat burning is much faster. Interval training on an ellipsoid should be carried out no more than 2 times / week. A lesson, for example, could be this:

  • 10 minute warm-up;
  • A moderate pace of walking;
  • 4 minutes moderate pace for half an hour alternate with 3 minutes of maximum pace;
  • 5 min hitch.

There are several examples of interval training, and if you do not like too long classes, you can limit yourself to 20 minutes of working with a simulator, because both options are equivalent for burning calories. Here is an example of a second interval training:

  • warm-up, the duration of which is about 5 minutes;
  • for 20 minutes, the alternation of a 3-minute moderate pace and a minute maximum;
  • hitch, lasting as a warm-up – up to 5 minutes.

Stopwatch in hand

Classic workout program

Losing weight on an elliptical trainer with interval training is a painstaking process, because giving the body such loads for more than a month is extremely undesirable. Then it’s better to take a break and include classical classes in the program:

1st day:

  • 5 minutes warm-up;
  • moderate pace at a heart rate of 50-60% of the maximum allowed value;
  • 5 min hitch.

2nd day:

  • 5 minutes warm-up;
  • alternation of a 5-minute moderate intensity with a 3-minute accelerated pace within the planned training time;
  • 5 min hitch.

3rd day:

  • 5 minutes warm-up at medium intensity;
  • resistance increase for 15 min .;
  • lower resistance for another 15 min .;
  • 5 min hitch.

4th day:

  • 5 minutes warm-up;
  • a half-hour lesson with moderate intensity (in this case, you need to configure the minimum speed of resistance);
  • 5 min hitch.

5th day:

  • 5 minutes warm-up;
  • alternation of a 3-minute increasing load with a 2-minute maximum load (4 times);
  • 5 min hitch.

Girl on an elliptical trainer

Classes on the elliptical weight loss simulator

When combining proper nutrition with training on the orbitrek, you can make yourself a beautiful body by removing fat and tightening your skin. In order for classes on an ellipsoid for weight loss to produce tangible results, you need to give the body a load of 4-5 times / week, lasting 35-45 minutes. Before starting the course, it is recommended to consult with a personal trainer and a doctor who will give recommendations on the type of training.

For beginners

Training on an elliptical trainer for beginners involves 3-4 lessons / week for up to half an hour, while the frequency of steps should be a maximum of 50 per minute. When exercising, make sure that the heart rate does not exceed 70% of the profit center. At the beginning of the training cycle, keep the movement speed not too high, then gradually increase it, but only towards the end of the training. After 2 months, you can try your hand at a higher level of intensity.

For trained

Moving from a beginner to an experienced user of a bicycle ellipsoid, increase the duration of your workouts to 45 minutes and try to do 4-5 times / week. If you do not strive to achieve high sporting goals, but just want to learn how to lose weight with the elliptical trainer at home, then step at a speed of 60 steps / min. and do not let the pulse rise above 70% of the profit center. An elliptical exercise bike helps to lose weight and improve your figure: pump up your ass, remove and tighten your stomach, make your hips beautiful.

What is useful for an elliptical trainer

Ellipse is a hybrid between a stepper, a mechanical running track and an exercise bike, which belongs to the category of cardiovascular machines. Compared to regular running, the orbitreck has a more gentle effect on the human body. When training on the cross-trainer, many muscles work, among which the dorsal, gluteal and femoral are more involved. However, exercises for other groups can also be included in the lesson – it all depends on the goal.

Due to the peculiar design, the ellipsoid does not give a heavy load on the muscles and joints during exercise, which is impossible to control in normal running. The ellipsoid exerts a certain load on the problem areas of the student, without harming his body. The use of an elliptical trainer for a person is invaluable, because with its help it is possible to:

  • strengthen the cardiovascular system;
  • develop stamina;
  • effectively work out the muscles of the whole body;
  • strengthen the respiratory system, i.e. saturate all cells of the body with oxygen, due to which their nutrition will improve;
  • lose weight evenly throughout the body;
  • pull up any problem area.

Elliptical trainer and girl


Classes on such a cardio simulator represent a very strong physical activity, therefore, even if you are prepared and absolutely healthy, all the same, during training, do not ignore your body. The lesson should be discontinued in case of any deterioration in well-being – pain in the chest or area of ​​the heart, too much shortness of breath, nausea, weakness, or a feeling of lack of air.

You can not engage in an elliptical trainer for people who have severe degrees of cardiovascular failure, due to which asthma attacks can occur. Classes on the ellipse are also contraindicated for men and women suffering from edema, tachycardia, frequent bouts of angina pectoris, or thrombophlebitis. It is recommended to refrain from training with an ellipse for weight loss with cancer or with a diagnosis such as diabetes.

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