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Japanese massage is very popular among women of any age, which, thanks to its amazing ability to stimulate blood circulation, is able to restore female youth and beauty. Japanese masters have been developing and improving methods for rejuvenating and healing the human body for many years, and this kind of procedure can be performed not only in salons, but also at home. The main thing is to do everything correctly so as not to harm your health.

Japanese massage technique

Why do Japanese women of any age look young? The point here is not plastic surgery on the face or body and not the use of any miraculous creams, although Japanese cosmetics are also very effective. Oriental women are helped to maintain their youth by a special outlook, for which body and face care is an obligatory ritual carried out regularly. If you use Japanese massage equipment with the same frequency with which you brush your teeth in the morning, then the desired result from the procedures will not be long in coming.

Girl do Japanese face massage

Benefits for the body

The goal of the popular massage technique in Japan is to provide a rejuvenating effect by stimulating the body’s natural processes. Thanks to this effect, the features become harmonious, blood circulation improves, the face smoothes and becomes toned, the skin takes on a flowering healthy appearance. Existing oriental techniques help strengthen facial muscles, prevent sagging, wrinkle formation and other age-related changes..

The reviews prove that the massage procedure not only makes the skin fit and gives it a healthy color, but also improves the overall appearance and well-being of a person. In addition, popular methods in Japan contribute to the enrichment of the skin with microelements, oxygen, improve regeneration, nutrition. When you try the Japanese massage technique, your edema, signs of stress will be eliminated, and regular massage will help you to stay always young and well-groomed, regardless of age.

Varieties of Body Techniques

In oriental medicine, various massage techniques have long been practiced, and over the years they have improved, based on extensive knowledge of human physiology and anatomy. The most popular are Amma massage, which helps to activate the circulation of human energy, and Shiatsu – finger pressure treatment, used instead of acupuncture.


This Japanese technique is unique, does not require the use of massage oils during the session and the presence of a special table. For an Amma massage, you don’t need to go to bed or undress – the oriental massage master acts on the parts of the body with the energy “yang” (back side), while the vulnerable area with the energy “yin” is protected by pillows at this time. Using touch, the specialist determines the level of your physical and mental state, reveals areas of the body that are subject to negative changes..

In working with energy flows, the master exerts influence on some points of the meridians, where the movement of energy is blocked for some reason, while this removes the blockage and allows energy to move freely through the channels. Massage of meridians is the best way to activate the circulation of energy, in just 20 minutes you will be full of vitality, but at the same time you will feel complete relaxation.

All techniques of the Amma technique are directed from the heart. While working in places of acupressure points, stroking, stretching, kneading, tingling are used. Massaging is carried out with fingers, palms, elbows and to enhance the impact even with the knees. Amma is an effective method of treating pain in the lumbar region, with displacement of disks, headaches, hypertension, various injuries. Japanese technology also acts as an anti-stress procedure, because it helps to relieve both nervous and muscle tension.

Girl doing back massage


Finger pressure treatment has long been successfully used instead of acupuncture. Shiatsu affects biologically active points, which the master often chooses intuitively. They are pressed with the base of the palm and fingers. In the area of ​​the shoulder blades, chest, carotid artery and temporal region, pressing is performed with three fingers and the base of the palm, the back and limbs are massaged with the thumbs. The pressure is applied gently, without rubbing and tissue displacement, while the working finger is perpendicular to the treated area.

There are several Shiatsu receptions: the pressure is soft and longer – within 5-10 seconds by one point, without removing your fingers (with a repeat of 2-3 times), as well as light pressure without jerking on the point for 3-5 seconds. Many elements of technology are easy to learn, after which they can be performed at home. The duration of the general Shiatsu session is 60 minutes, private – about 5-15 minutes.

Japanese face massage

Below, we will consider the features of popular oriental techniques: the Shiatsu point impact, zogan massage from the Japanese stylist Yukuko Tanaka, and the effect on the skin using the Kobido technique. Each of the techniques has its own subtleties, but they all have one goal in common – providing a rejuvenating effect, healing, eliminating the undesirable effects of external factors affecting the skin.


The founder of this Japanese manual therapy by finger pressure is Takuhiro Nakimoshi. From exposure to specific points, the lactic acid accumulated in the muscles is replaced by glycogen, from which their natural contraction is restored. Thanks to Shiatsu, facial wrinkles resulting from muscle hypertonicity are smoothed out. In addition, pressure with your fingertips stimulates blood circulation and lymph outflow, eliminating edema, calming the skin, stimulating the work of organs.

When acupressure Shiatsu need to apply pressure of high intensity, using the pads of the thumb, forefinger and middle finger, while the skin should be cleaned and moisturized. The pressure time for each point is 5-7 seconds. The technique of Japanese Shiatsu is as follows:

  1. Put your fingers on your forehead: the nameless should be in the center, the rest should be located a little further away. Click on the dots for 5-7 seconds. Similarly, massage all areas of the forehead.
  2. Massage the skin of the eyes, eyebrows. With ring fingers, press on the edge of the eyebrow, which is near the temples. Pads of medium to press the middle part of the eyebrows. Click on the area near the eyes with the index.
  3. First click on the outer corners of the eyes, then on the inner.
  4. Massage the bridge of the nose: put three fingers between the eyebrows, press for 5 seconds.
  5. To affect the upper part of the eyes, you need to press with the ring fingers into the inner corners of the eyes, with the middle on the upper eyelids, the index ones should be in the outer corners of the eyes. Perform actions carefully and gently. By analogy, do the same on the lower part of the eyes.
  6. Next, place the 3 main fingers in the sub-cheek part of the face. Press with effort, pulling the skin up slightly.
  7. Click on the points located near the wings of the nose. Hold 5 seconds.
  8. Press a finger in the middle of the lip.
  9. To massage the corners of the lips, you need to press on them with the pads of the index fingers.
  10. You can influence the chin by clicking on the central dimple, which is located below the lips.
  11. Put three fingers along the cheekbones, place a large one under them. Press for 5 seconds. Repeat 3 times.
  12. Place 3 fingers along the neck and behind the ears. Hold no more than 7 seconds.

Shiatsu technique for Japanese face massage

Yukuko Tanaka

The Japanese stylist returned the forgotten massage technique of her compatriot Hiroshi Hisashi, supplementing it with new elements to increase efficiency. Zogan massage is a kind of gymnastics, in which surface tissues and deep muscles are exposed, due to which toxins are removed from the pores, the skin comes in tone. The provision of osteopathic practice simultaneously with lymphatic drainage massage contributes to the preservation of beauty and youth for many years..

Asahi’s face massage is performed in a sitting position or standing, while maintaining a smooth posture. The duration of one procedure should be about 10-15 minutes, and they need to be done daily. Do not forget to cleanse the skin before performing Japanese self-massage. Then you can learn Asahi massage, which improves lymphatic drainage from facial muscles. However, first learn the final movement, which will need to finish the exercise in any zone except for that done at the corners of the mouth:

  1. With three fingers (ring, middle, index) of the left and right hands, slightly press on the point located near the auricles – the area of ​​the lymph nodes.
  2. Press the entire length of each finger, pressing them firmly to the skin. Pressure duration is 2 seconds.
  3. After that, gently go down to the collarbone with the same pressure intensity.

Before starting the procedure, lubricate the face with massage cream, then prepare the skin by developing the area of ​​the lymph nodes. To do this, three times swipe the fingertips from the temporal region, descending down the neck to the collarbone. Then do the following exercises:

  1. Smoothing the forehead. Place the ring, middle and index fingers in the horizontal position of the forehead, hold them firmly. Press for three seconds, take the pads to the temples, pressing and pushing. Expand at a right angle, lead your hands to the side of the face, along the ears, along the neck towards the collarbones, reducing the force of pressure.
  2. Massaging around the eyes. Place the pads of the working fingers near the outer corners, lifting and spreading to the side of the elbows. Move to the inner corner, barely touching the skin. Lock in position by increasing pressure. Swipe, gently pressing, under the eyebrows, heading to the outer corner. Lock the position, and after three seconds, return to the inner corner, while weakening the pressure. After that, by pressing, guide your fingers along the lower orbital bone, moving to the outer corner from the inner one. Hold for 3 seconds while applying moderate pressure. Return to the inner corner by loosening the pressure to a minimum.
  3. Chin, lifting the corners of the mouth. Place the fingertips on the central dimple of the chin, press for 3 seconds. Circle the mouth, connect your fingers over the upper lip. Lock yourself to increase pressure.
  4. Lifting cheeks, lower face. Fix one part of the face, resting on the bone of the lower jaw. Slide with your other hand to the outer edge of the eye, moving away from the lower jaw, while exerting increased pressure. Stop, push 3 seconds. Similarly, repeat the action on the other side of the face.
  5. Smoothing nasolabial folds. Make 5 arcuate movements around the wings of the nose, glide to the bridge of the nose, rub the back of the nose with rubbing movements.
  6. Massage of the cheekbones, strengthening the middle of the face. Spread your elbows on each side, put your fingers on your cheeks, move towards your temples, putting pressure on your skin.
  7. From the second chin. Place one palm under the chin, lead it to the earlobe, squeezing the muscles well. Repeat on the other side.
  8. Face lift. Raise your hands to the chin, place your palms to the side, bringing your elbows together. Place the base of the palms on the chin, guide them along the cheeks to the ears, pressing. Lock at the extreme point.
  9. Open your palms to your ears with considerable effort. Smooth your face with your index finger and thumb. Lock at the extreme point for 3 seconds.
  10. From wrinkles on the forehead. Smooth your forehead by moving from right to left in zigzag movements. Complete the exercise, returning to the starting position.

The girl does self-massage asahi technique

Kobido Massage

This technique is one of the most popular massage techniques. Kobido aims to enhance the regeneration of skin cells, it helps to relieve stress, while producing a powerful healing effect. For self-fulfillment of actions, it is necessary to carefully study the anatomical atlas, paying special attention to the lymph nodes and facial muscles. The first step of Kobido is to cleanse the skin cells, steam, peel and moisturize with a special cream or oil.

After completing the first stage, you can begin to affect the lymphatic ducts and meridians. Massaging should be performed with extreme caution so as not to press on the lymph nodes, since they are sensitive and vulnerable. Next, you need to carefully work out the facial muscles. Fans of self-massage techniques should take into account that Kobido is better to entrust to professionals, because insufficient knowledge of the anatomy of the face can harm.


Conducting lymphatic drainage massages and any other effect aimed at rejuvenating the skin is contraindicated in people who have:

  • any infectious disease;
  • high pressure;
  • low intracranial pressure;
  • skin diseases: rosacea, dermatitis, allergic manifestations;
  • pain syndrome;
  • viral disease, for example, herpes;
  • diseases associated with tumor phenomena or neoplasms;
  • diseases of the liver, heart, lungs or kidneys of any severity.
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