How to do push-ups off the floor – technique and types, training program for muscle growth with video

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There is a whole range of exercises that do not require trips to the gym to maintain a beautiful figure and strong muscles. Classical push-ups from the floor, known from school physical education lessons, with a well-chosen program (number of approaches, types of bench press) can be an excellent daily workout.

What give push-ups from the floor

These exercises are a great way to build a strong and beautiful muscle frame. The training block is selected for any age and gender. Many believe that this type of exercise trains only a small amount of muscle, but with a shift in emphasis (supporting positions of the arms and legs) the whole body is included in the work. Active bench press of your own body from the floor makes you work:

  • large muscles of the chest;
  • triceps (triceps);
  • biceps (biceps);
  • deltoid muscles;
  • anterior dentate muscles (musculature of the lateral chest and upper ribs).

Muscle groups involved in push-ups

In addition to the formation and strengthening of the muscular skeleton, push-ups, like any properly built physical activity, develops proper breathing, lung function, improves blood flow in all parts of the body, strengthens ligaments and joints, and saturates the body’s tissues with oxygen. At the same time, there is no age limit: even children under adult supervision can push up.

For men

Standard push-ups from the floor with a properly designed program will form a strong attractive body for any man. In combination with a diet, you can achieve the classic advertised body relief, which is actively promoted by modern mass culture. It is also worth noting the enormous benefit of these exercises for those involved in martial arts: the joints of the hands, the muscles of the back and the muscles of the press are strengthened, some push-ups develop endurance qualitatively.

For women

Although many consider this workout to be purely masculine, it is ideal for shaping an attractive female body. Naturally, the number of approaches and types of exercises will differ from the men’s set, but with a correctly designed program you can achieve quick and noticeable results. In addition to the general physical benefits, exercises will help in the following aspects:

  • the load on the forearm prevents sagging and sagging skin;
  • excess weight is lost due to the active burning of calories;
  • correct posture is formed;
  • the pectoral muscles are strengthened, which improves the shape and tone of the female breast;
  • upper abs muscles form an attractive flat stomach.

Types of push-ups

There are many kinds of push-ups, depending on which muscle groups are emphasized. We must remember that you can not think thoughtlessly about training and immediately try to perform exercises with weights or weak muscles. The easiest consequence will be a strong fit in a few hours after the approaches, but you can get serious injuries to an untrained person. It’s better to start with classic push-ups, and after gradually strengthening the body, complicate exercises and stress on the body.


The technique of exercise is familiar from school physical education (the natural position of the torso when a person wants to rise from such a position). The emphasis lying is accepted with support on socks (legs together or slightly at a distance from each other) and open palms. The palms are slightly wider than the shoulders. Performance is considered ideal – to touch the chest and chin of the floor, look in front of you. The deltoid muscles, triceps, and deltas are being worked out. After several weeks, you can already raise the level of difficulty.

A man performs push-ups from the floor in the classical technique


Such push-ups are used by those involved in power sports. Their focus is designed for the deep development of muscle tissue more than for the formation of relief. It is important to remember that weights can not be done instantly, that is, on one of the days in the approach add 10 kilograms of extra weight. Ideally, when the load is increased, special vests are used, with which weights can be changed (they are tailored so that it is most convenient to distribute the load over the body).

In the gym, you can use a pancake from the bar, which the partner will put the trainee on the back and will make sure that the load does not fall. Bench press with a girl lying on the back of the athlete is often a simple show. Such add. load (40-50 kg) is virtually beyond the power of the average layman. To reach this level, you need to train for a long time and professionally..

Deep push ups

This technique is designed for maximum muscle development efficiency with a large vertical amplitude. To do this, the floor level is lowered (bottom point when pressing). In the halls you can often find athletes who perform exercises using chairs or dumbbells with wide pancakes. This is fraught with injury because the supports are unstable. The ideal solution would be to purchase special handles at a sports store to increase the amplitude.

Slow push ups

From the name it is clear that the exercise (of any type) is done at a slow pace. Its meaning is that endurance is trained without weight training, and with additional weight – strength. The main thing in slow bench presses is continuity. This means that at the lower and peak points of bending the arms you do not need to stop, but immediately begin to reverse movement. The speed is different from the standard push-ups, everyone selects himself, based on the fact that 8-10 repetitions should be done.

From the knees

A simplified form of classic push-ups, which is designed for beginners, older people and those who have contraindications to standard exercises. They differ from basic exercises in that the emphasis is not on socks, but on the knees, while the feet must be crossed. Studies have shown that the payload on the spine is reduced by about 15%. The press itself is no different from regular push-ups.

Wide grip

To emphasize the load on the pectoral muscles, a wide grip is used: the hands rest on the floor at a distance two times wider than the shoulders, the elbows diverge to the sides when lowering. Weighing such an exercise occurs by raising the legs on a bench or stand. Raising the foot support point 60 cm from the floor will increase the load to 75% of the athlete’s weight. It is important to constantly keep your back level and prevent sagging stomach, otherwise the meaning of the bench is completely lost.

The man performs push-ups from the floor with a wide grip

Medium grip

Such a grip will help to pump triceps, if done correctly. The palms are located clearly at shoulder width, the elbows when lowering the torso move parallel to the body, clinging to it as much as possible. Weighting or simplification of the exercise occurs according to the same scheme as for classical push-ups (adding weights, lifting the point of support of the legs or kneeling).

Narrow grip

One of the difficult variations of push-ups. The emphasis is on the palms (slightly turned outwards), which are located at a point corresponding to the middle of the chest. Legs shoulder width or slightly wider. At the bottom, the sternum should touch the fingers. In this position, the exercise gives the maximum load on the triceps and the frontal part of the deltoid muscle.

On one arm

Another of the difficult exercises designed for trained athletes. Those who are just starting to train are better off not even trying to do such a bench press, because there is a high probability of breaking the supporting arm. In this case, a person simply hits his face on the floor with a half-meter height. Proper execution: supporting arm in line with the body, the second – wound behind the back; legs spread wide to provide balance. At the lower point, the chest touches the floor, in the reverse movement, the shoulders are held parallel to the floor.

On fingers

Such an emphasis strengthens the brush and all its joints. The type of push-ups in this case is not important (the exception is only a narrow grip, since it is extremely difficult to arrange fingers comfortably). In order to understand whether it will be possible to do push-ups, one should stand a little in the starting position. If your fingers are tired and begin to hurt in the first seconds, then it is better to abandon the exercise, and work with the expander to strengthen the hand.

How to push up on the floor

The main mistake of all beginners is neglect of execution technique. In the best case, an incorrect position of the body will lead to a lack of a clear result, even after long months of training. At worst – to overstrain muscles, injuries to ligaments, joints, accidents. Proper push-ups from the floor include:

  • obligatory warm-up of the whole body before starting exercises, special attention is paid to the hands and shoulder joints;
  • the correct setting of the palms, feet and neck (chin to chest level);
  • the use of special wrist wristbands is recommended;
  • with all types of push-ups, the back remains flat, the whole body forms a single straight line: neck, back, hips, heels;
  • proper breathing: downward movement occurs on inhalation, return to straight arms – on exhalation;
  • training regularity: one approach per month, even with a hundred presses, will not have any effect;
  • the correct selection of the frequency of the load: it makes no sense to work on wear in one approach, when you can divide a workout into several stages.

The girl does push-ups from the floor in the gym

How best to push up

For beginners and people with poor health (diseases of the lower back, joints), it is better to start with classical push-ups, from the knees, without weights and at an average speed. In the description of the positions during the exercise, you can and should make adjustments based on your own anatomy. The bench should not bring discomfort and pain. Over time, if a person feels confident in strength, you can switch to more complex types of push-ups from the floor. Proper nutrition is also worth mentioning: for the normal functioning of muscles, a complete diet is required.

How many times

The most common problem for those who decide to start push-ups is to immediately make the maximum number of presses and fall to the floor, suffocating from fatigue. The number of sets and reps is determined exclusively individually. Ideally, find a coach and ask him to draw up a program. Independently a table of push-ups from the floor is formed based on the actual limit. For example, if the ceiling of repetitions is 10 bench presses, then in the set you need to include 8 with a decrease to 5 in the last approach, so that during the rest period the muscles have a supply of strength.

How often

Experts agree that an unprepared person should begin a course of push-ups every other day in order to understand the state of the muscular skeleton and avoid overvoltage, i.e. 3-4 lessons per week. After a month, a training plan is formed already daily. It is important to remember that in the presence of minimal injuries, you need to stop and wait for healing, so as not to provoke the development of pathologies.

The most effective push ups

The effectiveness of your own body press for a particular muscle or goal directly depends on the types of exercises and their combinations. The main thing to remember is that intense swaying of a particular part of the body will weaken the rest. In the process of training, you need to alternate the types of push-ups and other exercises for a holistic effect on the body. Push-up technique from the floor for muscle growth and shaping:



Types of exercises


Triceps Strengthening

With narrow arms. The main thing is the correct technical execution: the palms are as close as possible (fingers lie on each other), at the lower point of the amplitude of lowering the chest touches the hands, elbows are spread apart.

Medium grip when the elbows move as close as possible to the body.

Weighting or switching to fists in emphasis is added only after it becomes clear how well triceps work.


Getting high-quality terrain

Immediately you need to stipulate one nuance – the relief will not form if there is a large amount of subcutaneous fat on the muscles. The picture will be formed only if the athlete has enough muscle mass.

Effective exercises will help to make the hands embossed if carried out with a gradual sequential burden. Otherwise, the muscles will get used to weight and will only maintain their own state (even an increase in repetitions will not help).

The drawing of the muscles of the abdomen will help to form reverse push-ups. The correct technique is similar to the bench press: the arms rest behind the back on a bench or other elevation, the buttocks above the floor, the legs on the heels as far as possible from the palm rest point; the arms are bent to a position where the elbows form a right angle (a sharper position suggests good physical fitness).


Mass building

The first thing to learn if you want to gain weight is that the execution technique is completely changed. Normal exercises with a person weighing up to 80 kilos will not give any results. Important: a tight balanced diet for mass gain, a clear regularity of training, proper proper rest.

A classic push-up is used, which is performed extremely slowly with a power explosive completion. That is, the body descends slowly and smoothly to the lower point of the amplitude (2-3 seconds), is fixed for an instant and returns with a powerful force movement. The ideal amount is 8-12 for a 4-5 set per set. The muscle push-up push-up pattern implies that reps should be gradually increased over 15 weeks

A man performs push-ups

Floor Push Up Program

A properly designed system of push-ups from the floor is the number of approaches, the alternation of loads and rest, the frequency of completion. It will not only protect against injuries during execution, but will also give maximum results. It is ideal that a professional trainer draw up a training program based on the results of a test training, but you can write it yourself. It is important to adhere to the program and avoid gaps, incorrect loads, alternate with strength exercises, otherwise the benefit will tend to zero.

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