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Currently, medicine uses several different types of massage. One of the most popular and sought-after among them is visceral massage, which is a type of manual therapy that involves exposure to the abdominal organs (for example, the stomach) using the deep pressure method – this also improves the general condition. Such a therapy should only be carried out by a knowledgeable and qualified specialist..

Visceral therapy – what is it

Visceral chiropractic or visceral therapy is a specialized technique that involves the physiological action of the hands on deep-lying tissues of the body and internal organs. This type of massage is a method of manual (manual) correction of organs. The purpose of the technique is to normalize peristalsis, the functioning of organs and blood circulation.

Girl doing back massage

Visceral manual therapy provides the ability to restore the anatomically correct position of the patient’s internal organs. The fact is that diseases associated with the structure of the skeleton, inflammatory processes and surgical interventions lead to various changes in the ligamentous apparatus and displacement of organs inside the abdominal cavity. Indications for treatment consist of:

  • skin diseases;
  • violations of the digestive tract;
  • gynecological problems (omission of the uterus, menstrual irregularities);
  • hernias in the navel, inguinal, white line of the abdomen;
  • diseases of the gallbladder, pancreas, liver;
  • ENT diseases;
  • prevention of diabetes and pancreatitis;
  • diseases of the heart, blood vessels, kidneys, bladder, respiratory tract;
  • migraine.

Visceral massage of the abdomen

The therapy of abdomen with the help of hands nowadays finds its second life as one of the varieties of the Old Slavonic medical culture, which at one time was not accepted by official medicine. The gap in these two directions widened during the triumphant march of antibiotics. However, old diseases have replaced new ones, as a result of which there is a need for some old methods of treatment.

Visceral massage according to Ogulov, which was developed by the manual therapist Alexander Ogulov, is an Old Slavonic massage suitable for both male and female body. It differs significantly from many manual methods, because in many other methods, the effect is on the muscles, joints, nerve endings of the back and limbs.

A man does a massage of the internal organs of the abdomen

Before performing an internal massage, a specialist examines the stomach of his client to identify all existing lesions of the ligaments. After the examination, he proceeds directly to the session. This procedure can be used both for therapy and for the diagnosis of the body. With pressure, the doctor can check the skin-visceral connection and draw conclusions about the malfunctioning of any organ with the identification of the nature of the disorder.

Visceral self-massage of the abdomen

The main principle of this type of massage is to affect the abdomen. Before performing self-massage of the abdomen according to Ogulov, it is necessary to take into account chronic diseases, pain, disorders associated with the work of the genitourinary system, regularity of the stool. Only after this can an acquaintance palpation of the abdomen be performed, i.e. diagnostics with the help of feelings. It is necessary to conduct this type of massage yourself at home in a gentle mode:

  • Before starting, the stomach should be soft, without tightness and swelling..
  • Massage should be started with shallow and light pressure on the upper abdominal cavity.
  • After this, massage with light movements and press on the entire cavity.
  • Pressure should be done with your fingertips and the entire surface of the palm.
  • Then the movements should go through the center of the upper abdomen with smooth, but deeper palpations.

Massage of the internal organs

After preparation, a massage of the internal organs of the abdomen is performed, which involves careful advancement to the navel:

  • Massaging the pancreas, which is located at a distance of 2 fingers from the navel, is performed with the thumbs. The pressure on this area is deep, and the patient at this moment should be relaxed.
  • Similar pressure is applied to the stomach..
  • Then the intestine is worked out, for which movements are performed near the ilium, then – going along it and along the line of the colon.
  • Then, the genitourinary system and the kidneys are worked out. In the first case, pressure is produced under the area of ​​the pubic bone and bladder, and in the second, the space near the kidneys is carefully worked out.

Massage of the abdominal organs


Reflex zones according to A. Ogulov are the fruit of a life of observation and research, which made the work of modern masseurs easier. But this method of therapy of internal organs is not suitable for everyone, because in some cases, it can harm the overall health of the patient. A list of contraindications for a technique called visceral massage consists of:

  • acute tuberculosis;
  • any forms of oncology;
  • pathological severe organ malfunctions;
  • syphilis;
  • thrombosis
  • internal bleeding;
  • infectious diseases accompanied by temperature;
  • thrombosis
  • gangrene
  • drug condition;
  • mental disorder.
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