How to drink protein for weight loss and which is better to choose for girls or men

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Before starting training, it will be useful for girls and men to learn how to drink protein for weight loss, which is better – whey, isolate or soy. Information on the type of protein, its correct intake and amount will become important. The use of protein shakes will compensate the body for lost energy in class or training and will allow you to spend fat reserves for weight loss..

What is protein?

By the term protein is meant protein. In the sports version, these are special powder mixtures taken by athletes for the full intake of protein in the body. For those who are actively engaged in fitness, it requires more – more energy-consuming amino acids are absorbed longer than fats and carbohydrates. Use protein powder and in order to reduce weight. To do this, learn how to drink protein for weight loss..

Is protein needed when losing weight

There is an erroneous opinion that they can only recover from protein powder and those who are struggling with excess weight should not be included in the diet. So is it possible to drink protein for weight loss? Yes, because they have the following functions:

  1. They increase immunity, normalize protein synthesis in the connective layer of the dermis, restore elasticity, moisture level and skin tone. Supplements protect against early aging, menstrual irregularities with low-calorie diets.
  2. Protect against muscle loss, speed up the work of fat burners, keep satiety longer.
  3. Helps the body use fat reserves to compensate for increased energy costs..
  4. They support homeostasis, lower the rate of fat synthesis, increase the process of carbohydrate absorption to prevent insulin jumps and reduce hunger.

Girl with a shaker in hand

Which protein is better for weight loss

To understand the problem of which protein is best for weight loss, you should understand the subtypes. The main types are:

  • egg – natural, expensive, lacks cholesterol;
  • whey – contains 60% of amino acids, is quickly acquired by muscles;
  • whey isolate – contains 90% amino acids, well cleaned;
  • whey hydrolyzate – 95-98% amino acids, is expensive, has a bitter taste component;
  • casein – with slow activity, 60% of amino acids;
  • soy – suitable for vegetarians, allergy sufferers, low-calorie, cheap, 50% amino acids;
  • comprehensive – includes all types, even wheat, is expensive, the popular brand Proteine ​​Whey.

For beginners, a system of rules has been developed for accepting the best of the above types:

  • it is better to choose those that are absorbed faster;
  • egg or whey is suitable for weight loss, but not soy;
  • for weight loss it is good to use the complex active powder Sportvik.

Soy Protein Slimming

One of the cheapest types of protein is soy protein for weight loss, which is not the most nutritious. The positive qualities of the experts include low calorie content, cheap raw materials – soy, and the negative – the low amount of essential amino acids in the composition. The powder is half full of pure protein, so consuming just the drug for weight loss will not be enough.

Slimming Whey Protein

The most popular is whey protein for weight loss. It is inexpensive, the basis is whey, rich in essential amino acids. The minus of the powder is called the low content of pure protein – 60%. To increase the number of amino acids, whey is further purified. An isolate is obtained containing 90% protein and a hydrolyzate. The latter is a pure 100% protein, is expensive, is used by professional athletes, has a bitter taste..

Whey protein in packaging and glass

Casein Protein Slimming

Casein protein for weight loss, which is made from curd protein, is slightly more expensive than whey. Casein differs from all other types of case by the slow rate of assimilation, therefore it is drunk at night to protect muscle cells from a lack of nutrients during this period. Pure protein in the casein type contains up to 60%. For the expressed result of losing weight, this is not enough, therefore, it is combined with other types.

How to drink protein

Trainers and professional athletes advise you to drink protein correctly, mixing it with any liquid of different concentrations. It is important that this is not boiling water, because the protein denatures, coagulates and loses its beneficial properties. How to use protein for weight loss: divide the daily dose, calculated individually, into two doses. If you have strength training, you can drink a concentrated mixture before and after classes. If the day is free of fitness, drink a protein shake before lunch and dinner to burn fat.

When is the best time to take protein?

It is best and best to take protein in the morning a couple of hours before a workout and an hour after it. To maintain muscle, drink protein in between meals, and if you want to lose weight, replace them with lunch or dinner. Each portion of the cocktail is considered a full meal, so you do not need to supplement it with anything. For maximum protein action, redefine nutrition: eat more legumes, cereals, vegetable oils, fish, meat.

How many times a day to drink protein

There are no restrictions on how many times a day to drink protein, but it is advised not to use the daily intake at a time. Protein simply will not be absorbed, the body will lose energy, training will not be so high-quality. It is optimal to divide the dose into two, but if the volume is still large, you can drink the drink in 3-5 receptions. It is used unaccompanied by additional food..

Chocolate Protein Shake in a Shaker

How much protein to drink per day

Important information for beginners will be how much protein to drink per day. The daily norm for a person with no health restrictions is 2 g of protein per kilogram of weight. If you eat high protein foods, then supplements need half as much. If the diet is protein-free or low in content, consume 1.5 g of powder per kilogram. The approximate portion of the cocktail will be 30 g of powder, diluted in water or milk.

Can I drink protein without exercise?

Those interested in whether it is allowed to drink protein without exercise, you should be advised to calculate the protein norm. If the daily dose of incoming amino acids with food is normal, a protein shake is not necessary. An additional technique can even be harmful. If there is no protein in the diet, turn on cocktails to help balance the body’s energy consumption..

What protein to drink after training

Experts recommend drinking protein after a quick workout. It helps muscles recover quickly, avoid microtrauma. A little later it is recommended to take casein or another slow protein, which will provide muscles with amino acids for a long time. The supplement will help to restore muscle quality and avoid pain due to the formation of lactic acid..

Protein for slimming night

To achieve a quick effect in the loss of extra pounds without harm to the muscles, it is recommended to take protein at night for weight loss. If it is better to use a serum form for morning and afternoon use, then at night, replace it with casein or soy. They are considered slow species, digested for a long time, allowing the muscles not to weaken from lack of nutrition overnight.

Protein instead of food

For weight loss, it is important to take protein instead of food, replacing one or two main meals with cocktails. It can be breakfast and dinner, lunch and dinner, breakfast and lunch. While maintaining the daily calorie content, you can achieve a significant loss of extra pounds, subject to physical activity. It is useful to drink protein shakes and as a snack, the choice of athletes.

Different kinds of protein powder in scoops

Protein Slimming Girls

Protein for women is considered very important. Its basis is protein, which builds muscles, hair, bones, skin and nerve endings. Modern powders to maintain the protein balance of the body do not contain extraneous impurities, help to lose weight under intense load, accelerate muscle growth and reduce trauma. The use of protein shakes faster restores muscles after exercise, improves women’s health and appearance.

For effective weight loss, it is recommended that you follow the rules for taking protein powder and performing classes:

  • balance your diet, discard harmful foods, reduce the amount of fat consumed to 20%, and increase protein;
  • When calculating the daily dietary calorie intake, consider protein calorie content;
  • choose a good training regimen and competent exercises, do the first time with a trainer;
  • exclude alcohol, cigarettes and stress from lifestyle, ensure the quality of sleep;
  • give an analysis to determine the level of female sex hormones.

Slimming Protein for Men

How to drink protein for weight loss for men, it is useful to learn for everyone, but it is worth remembering that just taking protein will not help to cope with the accumulated kilograms and fat reserves. The main sports function of protein substances is considered to be the transport of amino acids to the muscles to restore and maintain their volume during fat burning. The risk of improper intake or incorrectly calculated amount of protein is the “burning” of muscles and their destruction from the inside.

The more amino acids enter the male body, the faster the body synthesizes new muscle cells, replacing the consumed ones. Protein affects weight loss and at the same time maintains maximum muscle volume. It is recommended to take it in an integrated approach with regular physical activity and a proper diet. Otherwise, weight gain will only increase.

Men are advised to take protein shakes between meals or replace them with dinner. You need to drink the mixture an hour after training to quickly absorb protein, provide the body with building material to restore mass and its speedy regeneration. Trainers advise choosing supplements with the maximum amount of protein (from 80%).

At night, it is better to drink slow protein shakes that help to nourish the muscles. Contraindications for use are diseases of the liver, gastrointestinal tract, and cardiovascular system. Side effects are unlikely, at first bloating and increased gas formation may occur.

Attention! The information presented in the article is for guidance only. Materials of the article do not call for self-treatment. Only a qualified doctor can make a diagnosis and give treatment recommendations based on the individual characteristics of a particular patient.

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