How to get rid of fat and remove creases on the stomach

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One of the problem areas of many people is the waist. When the skin with a layer of fat begins to come out ugly from under dresses and trousers, it means it’s time to deliver a serious blow to this place. How to remove folds on the stomach is a common question, because the sides and waist of many people quickly gain excess weight with a lack of movement and an excess of food. To solve the problem, you need to apply a set of measures, which includes sports, proper nutrition, massage.

Causes of Stomach Folds

The two main causes of an ugly stomach are poor nutrition and low activity. Hormonal malfunctions, stresses also provoke obesity, but it will not be possible to correct the consequences of such factors with exercises alone. Only after correcting health with the help of medical intervention can the figure be corrected. When we get fat uncritically due to our lifestyle, it becomes much easier to fix.

Both men and women are dissatisfied with their belly. In the strong half, fat accumulation can occur in the abdomen, while the whole body looks normal. Fat envelops internal organs, becomes dangerous, causing increased appetite and even greater fullness. In women, everything is different. They have a natural predisposition to fat in this place, which creates the necessary conditions for the future birth of children. Women who have given birth are also thinking about how to remove the fold in the lower abdomen, because after childbirth this is a common problem.

How to get rid of creases on the stomach

Many people dream of pumping noticeable cubes on their stomachs. Even more people want to get rid of body fat, make the stomach, if not perfectly flat, then at least toned and without noticeable folds. Only a general approach with serious work on yourself will help to achieve success. It will not be possible to do without active physical activity with effective exercises not only on the waist. Cardio workouts are needed that tone the whole body, drive fat from everywhere. It will be necessary to change the diet, which led to the formation of fat under the skin.

Belly fold


Physical activity is the first thing that starts to drive fat from the abdomen. It is necessary to draw up a training plan for yourself, which will include alternate workouts of different orientations. Three times a week, you can choose gymnastics, fitness, cardio loads in the form of jogging, cycling, jumping rope. Take 3-4 more times for direct work on the stomach. They help to cope with folds, make the abdominal muscles stronger and more embossed following classes. Perform them as a daily charge:

  • exercises for the press;
  • Squat with twisting;
  • hoop torsion.

Sports activities can not always be the answer to the question of how to remove the fat fold in the lower abdomen due to the fact that the skin after severe weight loss or childbirth just hangs. This means only one thing – you have to come to terms or decide on surgical intervention. The abdomen is one of the most difficult in terms of pumping. Even losing weight to the desired weight, a small fold below remains anyway.

Girl shakes the press


The main enemies of a slim and beautiful figure are sweet, flour, fried. All this must be eliminated by replacing with more wholesome food, so that the question of how to remove folds from the abdomen is completely exhausted. If the folds are not very large, then a strict diet is not necessary. Enough that you change your diet. This does not mean that you have to eat only fruits or tasteless fresh dishes and experience hunger. A few simple rules will help make daily food easier, contributing to weight loss:

  • Instead of flour products, cakes and sweets, eat more fruits..
  • Prepare as few dishes as possible by frying in oil, choose recipes that involve stewing, steaming or in the oven, boiling.
  • Include more dairy products in your diet, such as cottage cheese, cheese, kefir.
  • Arrange fasting days at least once a week, this will allow you to quickly remove excess weight, and with it any folds.
  • Avoid eating fatty foods. Even meat can be lean and very healthy..
  • Avoid late and plentiful meals.

Hard cheese


Another auxiliary method for those who are thinking about how to remove the folds on the abdomen is massage. It can not be used as the only means for losing weight, because the massage itself is not able to break down fat. It helps to cope with the accumulated fluid in the abdomen and the appearance of cellulite. A mechanical effect on the skin affects the subcutaneous tissue, in which blood circulation is enhanced and heating occurs. This leads to muscle tone and skin tone, increases cell nutrition. The appearance of the abdomen improves, and the skin tightens, helping to smooth wrinkles.

Doing a massage on your own is always not very convenient, especially when it comes to such an area as the stomach. It is impossible to put pressure on it, as there will be a strong effect on the internal organs. As massage techniques, stroking, rubbing, tweezing are suitable. All movements are performed clockwise for 15 minutes twice a day. The ideal option for efficiency and a pleasant sensation would be hydromassage. Standing in the shower, massage your stomach with a stream of water from the shower head. Do this also clockwise..

Attention! The information presented in the article is for guidance only. Materials of the article do not call for self-treatment. Only a qualified doctor can make a diagnosis and give treatment recommendations based on the individual characteristics of a particular patient.

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