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Absolutely all girls dream of having a seductive look, but not all nature and genes have endowed with chic eyelashes. In this case, modern lashmakers offer their help. Do not be upset if you can’t afford the ciliary gluing procedure. Give the look a volume, and you can bend the cilia yourself!

What eyelashes are better to build

If you are tired of starting every morning with a half-hour eye makeup, then it’s time to buy a kit for eyelash extensions. With such an assistant, any woman will emphasize her natural beauty, adding volume to her look. However, before you build beautiful eyelashes at home, you need to figure out what effect you want to achieve. Moscow salons offer a wide variety of options. The price of the procedure from an experienced master with high-quality materials is high, and the result is enough for 20-30 days. To save, it is better to do it yourself.

Self-extension eyelashes

First you need to familiarize yourself with the basic techniques. There are two most popular ways to build eyelashes at home:

  • Ciliary During the procedure, one or two artificial ones are attached to each natural hair with tweezers and glue. The result is to achieve the most natural effects..
  • Beam. If you want to get a puppet or a Hollywood look, then this option is for you. Multiple cilia held together for double volume.

In stores special palettes with cilia are sold. They differ in quality, width and long hairs. Please note that all materials are made of synthetic fiber. Names such as “mink”, “silk” speak exclusively about the thickness of the hairs. In addition, now these are no longer used. To carry out eyelash extensions at home, choose palettes with a width of 0.05-0.1 mm: they can be used even for the lower eyelid.

What you need for eyelash extensions

The use of false cilia will allow you to forget about the carcass for 1 month, followed by a correction. The duration of the socks depends on the quality of the material used, the chosen technique and your skill in this matter. In addition, “beauty” may hold less for pregnant girls. Many make the common mistake of wearing eyelashes for more than a month. This leads to the fact that their hairs begin to deteriorate. Timely correction guarantees a long and beautiful effect.

To transform the eyes at home, you will need:

  • palette with cilia of one or different sizes;
  • special glue;
  • degreasing solution;
  • tweezers;
  • hairbrush.

How to grow eyelashes for yourself

The process of eyelash extension may seem complicated if you are completely unfamiliar with the procedure. For starters, it’s better to look at the Internet for free workshops that professionals record, or take a private lesson. After that, you can navigate the effects (squirrel, foxes) and carry out the procedure safely for your eyes. The secret of how to build eyelashes at home is good as tweezers: it should have a medium bend and be very tenacious. This will allow even a beginner to carry out the procedure faster..

To stick on your own, you must proceed in stages:

  1. Sit at a table in front of a mirror in a room with daylight.
  2. Pour some glue onto a flat surface..
  3. Tear off the eyelash from the palette, dip a little dull end in glue.
  4. Gently attach the artificial hair to the place where natural cilia began to grow.
  5. To achieve naturalness, use short hairs near the inner corner of the eye, the longest – near the outer.

Tutorials for Beginners

Eyelash extensions for yourself is a great way to always be well-groomed and have an attractive appearance without spending a lot of money. A thick fan in front of your eyes can emphasize your beauty, give sexuality. Simple tutorials in beginner videos will explain how to build eyelashes at home. You can easily emphasize not only the corner of the eye, but also create stunning effects using a color palette. After watching videos, any technology will become clear.

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