How to lose weight after 45 years for women and men – diets with a menu for every day and recipes

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Some women dream of a slim figure in adulthood, while not losing hope of achieving their goals. When choosing an effective diet for weight loss after 45 years, it is important to consider excess weight, daily eating habits and characteristics of the body’s metabolism. This is a long process, which involves not only getting rid of excess weight, but also the need to improve the whole body.

Changes in a woman’s body after 45

With age, irreversible processes are observed in the body, which become one of the main reasons for weight gain. For example, there are hormonal disorders, and a representative of the weaker sex is personally faced with symptoms of progressive menopause. This is not only a rapid gain in body weight, but also frequent migraine attacks, frequent dizziness, and excessive sweating. A diet for losing weight after 45 is needed, which provides internal balance, self-confidence.

In the body of a woman, metabolism is disturbed – metabolic processes slow down, and muscle mass is replaced by a condensed fat layer. Attempts to lose weight quickly are not crowned with success, and the inability to restore one’s former shape becomes the cause of internal discomfort, spleen, and depression. Another reason why the figure began to look worse is reduced physical activity. After 45, a woman prefers a passive lifestyle, systematically violates the generally accepted rules of a diet for weight loss.

Weight norm for women taking into account age

To determine the standard of harmony at such a respectable age is very problematic, since the main criterion for evaluating is the growth of a woman. The first step is to find out this numerical value with the help of a height meter, and then subtract the constant number “100” from it. This will be the ideal weight of a woman, relevant only in her case. If the result is not inspiring, it’s time to improve it in the generally accepted ways – proper nutrition, the choice of a diet for weight loss, physical activity.

How to lose weight at 45 years old woman

A strict diet for weight loss will not help, only harm health. The approach to the problem should be comprehensive. It is important to choose a balanced and fortified diet for a woman after 45 years of age, and exercises according to their state of health and physical fitness. Otherwise, the planned effect of the training will be the opposite, and instead of a pumped-up body, the need for treatment will arise. It is advisable to coordinate weight loss after 45 years for a woman and a man with a nutritionist, while not hiding the chronic diseases of their own body from a professional.

Woman with carrot and chocolate in her hands

Proper nutrition after 40 years for women

Using the fasting method is strictly contraindicated. A strict diet for women after 45 years is also harmful, but the principles of proper nutrition at the same time cleanse the intestines, normalize systemic digestion, and contribute to the rapid disposal of extra pounds. The source of vitamins can be not only certain foods, but also medications, according to age. Here are valuable recommendations for the proper nutrition of a woman after 45 years for weight loss:

  1. Drink more fluids – up to 2 liters of pure water per day, while controlling the absence of edema.
  2. Fatty foods need to be replaced with non-greasy, control volumes of single and daily servings.
  3. Make breakfast plentiful and hearty, and dinner light and fast, for weight loss without overloading systemic digestion before bedtime.
  4. Strengthen the main metabolism on the diet, and for this include in the daily menu natural antioxidants, fat burners, natural diuretics.
  5. For weight loss, eating at bedtime is strictly prohibited, and during lunch or afternoon snack, it is advisable to eat yogurt or unsweetened fruit.
  6. To lose weight, you need to speed up metabolism, and for this to control not only the water balance, but also physical activity.

Diet after 45 years for a woman to lose weight

Before losing weight after 45 years to a woman, it is recommended to consult with your doctor in addition to detect hidden diseases. If these are absent, adjust not only the daily diet for weight loss, but also the usual way of life. To start, quit smoking and completely abandon alcohol, eat right and do not starve the stomach. The following is a reliable diet for women after 45 years, which is not harmful, but only for the benefit of losing weight and health:

  1. Breakfast: oatmeal on the water, unsweetened green tea.
  2. Snack: apple or non-starchy vegetables.
  3. Lunch: vegetable broth, a portion of boiled fillet.
  4. Snack: low-fat yogurt or fat-burning fruit.
  5. Dinner: stewed vegetables or a portion of boiled fish or low-fat cottage cheese with green tea.

Physical activity

It is impossible to find the answer to the question of how to build a woman over 45 without resorting to sports. This is not about exhausting, but about general strengthening exercises that will help to keep in shape already weakened muscle corset. Sport after 45 years is not easy for a woman, so increase the load gradually, taking into account the capabilities of the adult body. Mandatory presence of cardio exercises; approaches to the press, swimming, water aerobics, yoga and Pilates will not interfere. The real program is better to choose individually, given all the above arguments.

Girl doing yoga

How to increase metabolism after 40 years

At a respectable age, anyone can recover. It is important to “keep oneself within”, and not “give up” on an already problematic figure. The main goal is to strengthen the metabolism for weight loss, strengthen the weakened muscle corset and immunity. To stimulate the metabolism, walking long distances, 8 glasses of clean water per day, adding spicy spices to the daily menu, anaerobic exercise, and eating a diet tight at night are useful..

What foods are good for women after 45

On a diet, a sufficient amount of vitamins, proteins, complex carbohydrates, fiber and natural antioxidants should be ingested in an adult woman’s body. With their proper combination, the never-global question of how to lose weight after 40 can be considered resolved. The following is a list of required products for women over 45:

  • fresh tomatoes;
  • linseed oil;
  • all kinds of cabbage;
  • low-fat fish;
  • walnuts;
  • red meat of lean varieties;
  • strawberries, cranberries.

What diet to choose for weight loss

Having studied real photos of women who changed after correction of overweight, the issue of choosing a diet for weight loss after 45 years becomes especially acute. Most nutritionists strongly recommend that you adhere to the principles of proper nutrition, the rest do not exclude the choice of other, no less productive methods. The following is a list of diets after 45 years that, in the absence of contraindications and strict adherence to the prescribed recommendations, give a sustainable result:

  • separate food;
  • blood type diet;
  • 7 petal diet.

Separate meals

Menu for the week

When choosing a diet for weight loss after 45 years, it is important not to forget about maintaining the skin in good shape. To do this, include in the daily diet not only vitamins, but also antioxidants for the productive elimination of free radicals, eliminate wrinkles and prevent sagging zones. The approximate menu for the week after 45 women for weight loss is presented below, it is advisable to clearly adhere to these recommendations:

  1. Monday: oatmeal with green tea for breakfast, chicken broth and vegetable salad for lunch, a portion of fish baked with vegetables for dinner.
  2. Tuesday: breakfast – low-fat cottage cheese, boiled egg, unsweetened coffee; lunch – fish with boiled rice; dinner – vegetable casserole or salad.
  3. Wednesday: for breakfast – buckwheat with kefir, for lunch – stewed vegetables, a serving of lean meat, for dinner – fish in foil, unsweetened tea.
  4. Thursday: breakfast – 2 boiled eggs, brown bread, fresh salad, lunch – chicken or vegetable broth, steamed cutlet, brown bread, dinner – vegetable salad.
  5. Friday: for breakfast – yogurt, cottage cheese, kefir, for lunch – chicken with boiled buckwheat, for dinner – unsweetened fruits, smoothies.
  6. Saturday: choose your favorite dishes from the weekly mnj, while consume carbohydrates in the morning, protein in the second.
  7. Sunday: to fix weight loss it is necessary to arrange a fasting day on kefir and sour apples.
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