How to lose weight by 1 kg per day – principles and diet menu, contraindications and reviews

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Overweight people, despite the advice of nutritionists, are trying to find a quick way to lose weight, which is a diet of 1 kg per day. Not presenting difficulties in compliance, it is effective when you need to adjust the figure to some event. There are vegetables and fruits on the menu; you cannot call this method a mono diet. To lose kilograms, experts recommend giving up sweets and coffee, eating on a schedule and drinking only still water.

How to lose weight by 1 kg per day

During the struggle for a beautiful figure, often all means are good. Every girl wants to quickly get the desired shape and lose the hated excess weight. Nutritionists say that for people with a small excess of body weight, the allowable amount of kilograms dropped does not exceed 3-4 per month. Losing weight at 1 kg per day is also realistic, but you can only guess what consequences the body will have to pay..

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This method can be practiced occasionally, without making a permanent way of life. Overweight, as a rule, in the first days will go away faster than in the following, so continuing to eat so, for example, a week is not necessary. Women should be especially attentive to their health, since a constant calorie deficit in diets can adversely affect it..

Diet Minus 1 kg per day

Special nutrition should not affect digestion, and therefore should be balanced. The diet must include carbohydrates, proteins and fats in amounts acceptable for weight loss. Forget about fat and the first kilograms will go away by themselves. Diets that promise quick results, for example, minus 1 kg per day, have a place to be and are not too harmful if you follow the basic rules.

Diet features

There are many nutritional schemes that have their own mandatory rules. Features of the diet Minus 1 kg per day are as follows:

  • Have to completely abandon sugar and salt, any spices are also prohibited. The first product is unnecessary carbohydrate, while the second traps fluid..
  • There will be many meals and all of them are scheduled by the hour. It is important to strictly follow the sequence and not skip the next snack.
  • At the end of the diet, add your usual foods gradually, then the effect will not come to naught.

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Before you throw off 1 kg per day, evaluate the situation: answer the question of whether you can unquestioningly follow all the rules of the diet. The portions will be very small, it is possible that you will constantly want to eat, but it is important to endure this moment until the right time. You may have to leave the house with a bunch of containers, for which food will be distributed for a day. However, such a diet will really allow you to lose weight..


It’s not difficult to follow any already thought-up food schedule: you just need to stock up on certain products and prepare everything correctly. Water without gas in any quantities is always acceptable. The diet menu of 1 kg per day should look like this:

  • Breakfast. If you are not a lark, then you are out of luck, as the morning meal will take 7 hours and will consist only of green tea, which you need to drink 250 ml.
  • First snack. His time will come at 9 in the morning. To do this, you need to boil one chicken egg and eat this product.
  • Lunch. An 11-hour meal of this diet involves eating 1 tbsp. l raisins. It will need to be boiled before boiling.
  • Dinner. The protein component of the diet – chicken or veal weighing 100 g must be eaten at 1 p.m..
  • High tea. No sweets during the diet, only 250 ml of tomato juice at 15:00.
  • Dinner. This element of the diet completely duplicates the first snack and involves eating another chicken egg. It should happen at five in the evening.
  • Second snack. It is permissible to eat a ripe apple at 17:00.
  • Shortly before bedtime. To the digestive system worked well with a diet, at 9 pm, drink 250 ml of kefir.

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Any miraculous method has a number of reasons that can sow the seed of doubt about the appropriateness of its use. Before you throw off 1 kg per day, make sure that the diet does not harm you. During pregnancy and lactation, nutritional restrictions can only be done with the permission of the doctor who is watching you. Diet contraindications of 1 kg per day are not represented by a huge list, but they make people with any chronic diseases cautious about this method. It is not known what reaction will cause a diet with a limited composition of nutrients.

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