How to lose weight with a nursing mother – diet and exercises for breastfeeding

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After the birth of a child, any woman who wants to breastfeed quickly wants to return to their former forms, and for this, a diet for weight loss for a nursing mother is excellent. Before changing the diet, you need to carefully prepare, find out what you can and cannot eat. If you strictly follow the recommendations of nutritionists, adhere to the rules of nutrition for breastfeeding, then a positive result does not take long.

How to lose weight while breastfeeding

During the period of bearing a child, every woman gets better. Weight gain is provoked by the sex hormones estrogens, which gradually round off the forms of the pregnant woman. After the birth of the baby, as a rule, 4-6 kilograms immediately leave. Sometimes this is enough to return to their previous form, but not all women are so lucky. A month after giving birth, only 10 percent of mothers lose weight naturally, while the rest have to go on a special diet.

Proper nutrition for breastfeeding for weight loss has several basic rules:

  1. A balanced, nutritious menu is the key to a hearty, tasty and healthy breast milk.
  2. Diet for losing weight to a nursing mother implies the mandatory use of fluids (you need to drink 2.5 liters of water or tea per day).
  3. For weight loss during lactation, it is recommended to adhere to a fractional diet (5-7 times every 3-4 hours).
  4. It is necessary to drastically limit the number of flour, confectionery products, and even better to refuse such food during lactation.
  5. It is forbidden to eat preservation, fried, salted, spicy and fatty foods.
  6. Do not buy fruits and vegetables out of season.
  7. You can’t include a lot of carbohydrate-rich foods and foods that can cause gas in the lactation diet menu..

Girl chooses food in the refrigerator

What to eat when you are breastfeeding

Before introducing a new diet, you must first find out what you can eat breast-feeding. Experts advise to adhere to such dietary rules for weight loss:

  1. Need to eat more vegetables. They have few calories, but these products are healthy, nutritious, contain many useful substances..
  2. Protein food in the form of dairy products, fish, meat, it is recommended to eat twice a day.
  3. Cereal cereals can also be included in the dietary menu of a nursing mother. They are well digested, give satiety, supply the body with carbohydrates.
  4. As a snack between the main meals, you can eat fruits, natural yoghurts.
  5. When a woman is breastfeeding, she loses a lot of fluid. For this reason, the daily menu should include more water, dried fruit compotes. The liquid not only replenishes the supply of milk, but also helps the nursing mother to fight overweight.

What you can’t eat when you are breastfeeding

To effectively lose weight to a nursing mother, you need to familiarize yourself with the list of prohibited foods in advance. If you eat “harmful”, then there is a risk of harming the baby (this can cause allergies and other health problems). In addition to this, the weight will not decrease, the results of losing weight will be negative. Diet while feeding a baby for weight loss implies that the following products should be completely excluded from the diet:

  • any carbonated drinks;
  • alcohol;
  • smoked meats, sausages;
  • sauces (ketchup, mayonnaise and so on);
  • canned food;
  • fatty, spicy food;
  • fast food;
  • confectionery;
  • instant coffee, tea bags;
  • honey;
  • whole milk (cow);
  • pasta, potatoes (reduce to a minimum amount);
  • citrus.

Crossed out fast food

Breastfeeding Diet

Everything that a woman eats is reflected in the quality of breast milk and the well-being of the newborn. Given this, doctors are strongly advised to adhere to a healthy diet throughout the lactation period. A balanced diet, consisting of healthy products, helps to actively get rid of extra pounds. Diet for weight loss for a nursing mother should be well thought out, include vitamins, trace elements, have a permitted calorie content.

How many calories does a nursing mother need to lose weight

To quickly return a slim figure, you need to calculate how many calories a nursing mother needs. Such an indicator is calculated individually for each woman, but the total calorie content is not more than 1300-2000 calories. Calculations are easy; a special formula is used for this. Your weight should be multiplied by 24 (with low activity), 30 (average activity) or 44 (for the most mobile nursing mothers). To the obtained result, add 400-600 kcal. The result will be the norm of daily calories for weight loss.

Calorie-free foods in the refrigerator

Diet for nursing mothers – product list

As indicated earlier, the menu of a woman who is breastfeeding should include only wholesome foods. If you know what you can eat, then creating a new diet with delicious recipes will be simple. The list of products for a nursing mother while losing weight looks something like this:

  • stew or boiled lean meat (veal, chicken, rabbit, turkey);
  • pasta, whole wheat bread (do not abuse);
  • dairy products: cottage cheese, hard cheese, low-fat sour cream, milk;
  • fish: cod, hake, pike, pike perch, grayling;
  • cereal cereals: buckwheat, millet, oatmeal;
  • butter (not more than 30 grams per day);
  • chicken eggs (1 piece every three days);
  • olive, corn oil (15-20 g);
  • fresh, stewed or steamed vegetables (zucchini, beets, carrots, pumpkin);
  • compote cooked from dried fruits (raisins, prunes, dried apricots);
  • a nursing mother can sometimes indulge herself with pastille or marshmallows with a natural composition.

Red fish, chicken breast, vegetables and fruits

Diet for losing weight to a nursing mother for a week

There are many options for a diet for lactation, which depend on the individual preferences of the woman. Below is an approximate menu for losing weight for a nursing mother for a week (snacks and dessert – yogurt, kefir, biscuit cookies, fruits):

Day of the week



Breakfast: toast with hard cheese, tomatoes in their own juice.

Lunch: vegetable puree soup, baked fish, fresh vegetable salad and tea.

Dinner: steamed cauliflower or baked in the oven, vegetable salad with lemon juice, banana.


Morning: toast (whole grain), boiled egg, tea.

Lunch: steamed chicken meatballs, two toasts, banana.

Evening: “jacket” potatoes, boiled turkey meat, baked apple.


Breakfast: oatmeal with dried fruits, yogurt.

Lunch: buckwheat soup, a piece of boiled veal, stewed vegetables.

Dinner: spaghetti, carrot salad with raisins, tea or compote.


Morning: boiled egg, natural yogurt, pear.

Lunch: beetroot soup with sour cream, boiled turkey.

Dinner: buckwheat, boiled chicken (or steamed), apple and carrot salad.


Morning: oatmeal with dried fruits, pumpkin seeds, baked apples.

Lunch: vegetable soup, beef steamed cutlets, tea or compote.

Evening: vegetable stew, rabbit meat stewed in sour cream.


Breakfast: any porridge with butter, toast with cheese, apple.

Lunch: zucchini soup with cheese, baked cauliflower with chicken.

Dinner: fish stew with sour cream, carrot, yogurt and prune salad.


Morning: cottage cheese casserole with raisins, tea.

Day: low-fat fish ear, steamed meatballs from turkey, banana.

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