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There are many ways to lose weight with ginger at home – drink green tea, water with it or use the root as a seasoning for food. This product can be used in pure form or in powder form. Each option has its own recipes and recommendations for preparing a dish or drink. If you are still wondering if it is possible to lose weight with ginger, then study the information on its composition, useful properties and application for weight loss..

What is ginger

The plant itself belongs to the family of perennial, tropical and grassy. The homeland is the countries of South Asia. In cooking and medicine, ginger is often understood as a tuber-like dissected root of a plant, which is used in its pure form or milled. Outwardly, it is a roundish, palm-separated pieces, located mainly in the same plane. Ginger root is not the only part of the plant. It has an erect stem, elongated leaves, yellow flowers and a fruit in the form of a tricuspid box. But the root is used more often.

Chemical composition

All useful properties of this product are due to its chemical composition. Ginger contains up to 1.5-3% of essential oils, which give it a spicy tart flavor. The burning taste is due to the presence of a special phenol-like substance – gingerol. Of the useful elements necessary for a healthy body, the composition contains oleic, linoleic and nicotinic acid, iron, manganese, silicon, sodium, potassium, vitamins of groups C and B. As for the amount of nutrients, in 100 g of rhizome they are contained in the following amount – 9.2 mg of protein, 6 mg of fat and 71 mg of carbohydrates.

Beneficial features

In addition to anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic and tonic effects, ginger also helps to lose weight. Along with saturation of the body, it has a beneficial effect on digestion, and products are made easier and quickly absorbed. With systematic use, internal heat rises, the secretion of gastric juice is stimulated, and the secretion of the stomach improves. Ginger for weight loss is also useful as follows:

  • mild laxative effect;
  • normalization of the thyroid gland;
  • decreased hunger;
  • improving the digestion of protein products;
  • fat breakdown;
  • the removal of toxins and toxins from the body.

Ginger root

How does ginger for weight loss

Due to the content of essential amino acids, the effect of ginger for weight loss is to accelerate metabolism, which is the key to weight loss. Fat metabolism is also normalized due to better absorption of fatty acids. It does not matter in what form to use this product. In tea or the first dish, it helps to reduce body fat, which helps to lose weight. This is achieved by:

  1. The main component that activates the activity of muscle fibers in the digestive tract is gingerol. In addition, it accelerates chemical reactions, due to which food is processed faster..
  2. Suppresses inflammation and enhances glucose sensitivity, which also helps to lose weight..
  3. Increased levels of serotonin, which controls appetite.

How to lose weight with ginger

There are many options for losing weight with ginger, but it is important to maintain weight. The product itself must be used rationally in its menu. Nutrition must be correct. Continuing to consume sweets and junk food, losing weight will not work. Losing weight with ginger only accelerates, but the basis of the process is a balanced diet. At least small physical exertion will not interfere. In general, in order to lose weight, you will have to follow a ginger diet and properly consume the root of this plant itself.

Ginger diet

It is worth immediately setting up to follow a diet for 1-2 months. Only with such a duration will it be possible to lose weight. The developers of the diet promise weight loss of 5-8 kg, depending on the initial weight and timing of compliance. The system itself belongs to the category of soft, there are no serious limitations in it. Thanks to this, the ginger diet for weight loss acts slowly, but it is true – the extra pounds of oud will not return. There is no clearly defined menu here, but the basic rules that must be followed are highlighted:

  1. Do not exceed the daily calorie rate of 1800 kcal – this is the best option for normal life.
  2. Remove all sweet foods, fatty, fried, salty foods from the diet. Smoked meats should also be discarded.
  3. Instead of regular tea, drink ginger. The first time to eat in the morning on an empty stomach, and then half an hour before each meal or an hour after it. Tea recipe you will find below..
  4. Introduce moderate physical activity – exercise in the morning, stretching for the night and a couple of light exercises for the main muscle groups in the afternoon or at any convenient time.

Ginger tea

How to consume ginger

The main option, how to cook ginger for weight loss, is to simply add the product to tea or coffee – in pure or powder form. They can also replace salt and season main dishes for lunch and dinner. Although it is better not to use ginger before bedtime, because it has a tonic effect, making it difficult to fall asleep. Drinks with it must be drunk dosed. The maximum daily volume is 2 liters, and the optimal is 1 liter. Otherwise, side effects may bother you. It is better to use ginger in its pure form – this way it retains most of the nutrients.

Slimming Ginger Recipes

In addition to tea with ginger, other drinks are also made. Additional ingredients in the preparation are often honey, lemon, other spices and spices, such as cinnamon or red pepper. There are also recipes for kefir cocktails. They are very tasty and healthy, perfectly satisfy your hunger, especially before bedtime. What is the ginger slimming recipe to choose? It all depends on your personal preferences regarding products. There are several options for making ginger root for weight loss:

  1. Drink. For 1 liter of water, prepare about 10 g of ginger root and half a teaspoon of red ground pepper. Next, pour these ingredients with boiling water. Leave the product to infuse for about 2-3 hours. It is better to use during the day so as not to disturb the quality of sleep
  2. Salad. Great for a bite to eat or light meal. It is necessary to mix 300 g of grated carrots with 100 g of celery, orange zest and 200 g of baked beets. Add 4 tablespoons of grated ginger root there. Add olive oil in combination with lemon juice..
  3. The first dish is soup. Cook the beef broth, toss a couple of chopped potatoes 20 minutes before it is ready, and after another 10 minutes, grated ginger to taste. Cook a little more and add a few chopped cauliflower inflorescences. Cook for about 10 minutes, add grated cheese at the end, darken a little and insist under the lid.

Grated ginger


The most popular ginger drink is plain tea. His taste is not at all ordinary, but original, spicy, with a slight acidity. There is more than one ginger slimming tea recipe. Here is the easiest way to make such a tonic drink:

  1. Grate a small piece of ginger root to get about 2 teaspoons of pulp.
  2. Transfer the mixture to the bottom of the pan or jar, add a little lemon juice to it, pour 3 cups of boiling water.
  3. When the liquid cools down a bit, introduce a spoonful of honey.


The next original version of ginger tea is made with cinnamon and garlic. A 2 liter drink will require about 4 small pieces of ginger. Garlic also needs 2 cloves, and cinnamon is taken to taste. You can take some more red pepper. The solid ingredients need to be crushed, then mix everything and pour boiling water. It is better if the ginger drink for weight loss is infused for 2-3 hours. There is another recipe that is more suitable for the summer heat season. The drink is prepared as follows:

  1. Grind a small piece of ginger root to a state of gruel.
  2. Add a couple of fresh mint leaves.
  3. Pour a glass of boiling water.
  4. After 30-40 minutes, strain the drink, pour in about 70 ml of orange juice and 50 ml of lemon.
  5. Add a few ice cubes as desired.

With lemon

In another successful option, how can you lose weight with ginger, additionally use lemon. Making tea from these products is easy. Rinse a small ginger root, peel, chop finely. Repeat the same with the lemon, but do not remove the peel from it. It is better to wash the fruit with a brush. Then pour ginger with lemon with hot, but not boiling water, after a couple of minutes add a spoonful of honey. Leave tea with ginger and lemon for weight loss to infuse for about 2-3 hours.

Ginger tea with lemon

Green tea

If there is no time to prepare previous drinks, then brew regular tea. It is better if it is green, because it has a fat-burning and tonic effect. Then it just remains to simply add a couple of dry ginger roots to the tea. So that the drink does not bitter, after cooling it can be filtered. Green tea with slimming ginger contains many antioxidants, which is very important for weight loss..


In this method, how to cook ginger with cinnamon, not water, but kefir is taken as the basis. Reviews about him are very good, and preparing a healing cocktail is very simple. You will need ingredients from the following list:

  • ground red pepper – 1 pinch;
  • fat-free kefir – 1 tbsp .;
  • cinnamon – 1 tsp;
  • grated ginger root – 2 tsp.

The cooking method is very easy – just beat all the ingredients with a blender. To use a cocktail is necessary according to different schemes:

  1. Half an hour before each meal and in the morning on an empty stomach. This will allow you to eat less, which will affect the daily calorie intake.
  2. An hour after the meal. This will speed up the metabolism, because of which calories will be burned faster.
  3. Small portions throughout the day. The maximum dosage of a cocktail is 1 liter per day. Additionally, you need to take 2 liters of clean water.


Another way to lose weight with ginger is to include it in salads. They can serve as a snack or a light dinner. There are a lot of recipes for such snacks. You can try the following salads with ginger for weight loss:

  1. With sauerkraut. In addition to it, some fresh greens will be required. Grind these ingredients and then season with powdered or chopped ginger and a little oil..
  2. Chicken Boil the chicken fillet, cool and cut into medium-sized pieces. Add chopped small apple, preferably acidic varieties. Season with powdered ginger. You can add a little chopped cashew nuts or slices of pineapple.

Sauerkraut with Ginger


No matter how useful this plant may be, ways to lose weight with ginger have a number of contraindications. The root is not recommended for use with individual intolerance or allergies. In minimal quantities, it is still possible to consume, but only by agreement with the doctor. When treating with medications, you will also have to consult a doctor. Ginger contraindications include the following cases:

  • During pregnancy and breastfeeding;
  • liver disease
  • digestive problems such as peptic ulcer or gastritis;
  • pathologies of the cardiovascular system – atherosclerosis, blood pressure, arrhythmia;
  • problems with the female genital organs, including uterine bleeding;
  • infectious diseases, especially with fever;
  • hemorrhoids due to possible constipation;
  • skin problems like dermatitis.
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