How to make a flat stomach in a week: a set of effective exercises

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When the summer is just around the corner, and unwanted centimeters in the abdomen do not want to leave, it’s time to start hard training and revise your diet. It is known that fat does not disappear locally, and it is impossible to lose weight only in the waist. Find out in this article how to achieve a flat stomach and find a beautiful figure with exercise.

Secrets of a Flat Belly

A tight stomach, a thin waist – the dream of most women. To bring the figure closer to the desired ideal and get rid of the hated kilos will help simple secrets of a flat stomach:

  1. Beware of foods that trap fluid and cause bloating (smoked meats, alcohol, junk foods, and fatty foods).
  2. Exercise – Half the Success on the Way to a Delicious Waist.
  3. Anti-cellulite massage helps to improve muscle tone.
  4. Make a “vacuum” – an effective exercise based on proper breathing and contraction of the abdominal muscles.

Girls often use small tricks that help make their stomach visually flat. For example, correctly selected clothes play an important role in this – wide-cut blouses and dresses with high waist can delicately hide an imperfect figure. If you want to wear tight clothes, but worry about unattractive folds, shapewear will make the silhouette slimmer.

Try to distract attention from the problem – if you were not lucky to have a flat tummy, try to focus on other advantages. With the help of clothes, you can emphasize beautiful breasts or slender legs that overshadow the imperfection of the abdomen. Playing with flowers and prints of dresses, you can visually reduce the waist, giving the figure a slim fit.

Use the secrets of a flat stomach, but remember that you can find a truly beautiful figure and a healthy body only with the help of systematic sports and balanced nutrition. Take care of yourself, take time for active rest, avoid stress, eat healthy food, and your figure will certainly become beautiful and toned.

How to make a stomach flat at home

It is possible to find a flat tummy at home – it is not necessary to go to fitness centers if there is no money or time for this. In order for homework to be effective, you should adhere to several rules:

  • while doing exercises, only strain your abs, leaving your legs and lower back relaxed;
  • keep your back rounded, without deflection of the lower back;
  • repeat exercises for several approaches for fat burning in the abdominal region;
  • do not forget to stretch after a fitness workout, bend well in the back, while correctly alternating breaths with exhalations.

Girl performs stretching exercise

Effective exercises for a flat stomach

Wanting to get a flat stomach at home, girls mistakenly exhaust themselves with diets, forgetting about the importance of training. A properly designed exercise program for weight loss is no less important than a balanced healthy diet. Studying at home systematically, you can achieve amazing results. The following exercises for the abdomen at home will make the waist slim, and the press – toned and beautiful.

Flat stomach in 2 months

Two months is the best time to get your body in good shape. Having reduced sweets, fatty foods, flour products, fast food and alcohol in your diet, you will automatically get rid of fat. Since just having a flat stomach is not enough, go in for sports – toned muscles and a beautiful abs look much more attractive. It is quite realistic to make a flat stomach in 2 months by performing the complex of simple physical exercises indicated below.

Leg lift. Starting position: lying on your back, spread your arms to the sides, bend your knees, raise your legs. Tightening the press, slightly lift the buttocks off the floor, linger for a few seconds, then go back. The back is pressed to the floor, the breath is deep, measured. Do 3 sets of 10-13 reps, relaxing between them, breathing correctly.

Circles of the foot. Lie down, press your back to the floor, hands along the body. One leg is lifted, locked vertically. The toe stretches up, the heel is turned inward. The upper back is relaxed. Follow the circles with your foot, without lowering it. Keep the press in tension, do not forget about proper deep breathing. The number of repetitions – 3 times, 10 alternately with each foot.

Bike. Lying on your back, raise your bent legs, pull the feet closer to the pelvis. Keep your hands behind your head, spread your elbows. Straining the abdominal muscles, tear your shoulders off the floor and straighten one leg at an angle of 45 degrees, stretching the other shoulder to the knee of the bent leg. Performing movements is smooth. Repeat 12-15 times in 2 sets, taking short breaks.

Flat stomach for a month

When wondering how to make a flat stomach, girls often think about the terms that will be needed. A flat stomach in 30 days is a difficult but feasible task. If the situation is uncritical, and you just need to give your stomach an attractive relief, then a month is enough for the first tangible results. If there is a lot of body fat at the waist, then in a month you can start the process of losing weight and get rid of a few centimeters.

To the exercises above, add a more complex one – twisting with a lunge. From a prone position, pull your legs to the pelvis, hold your hands behind your head. Gently lift your shoulders off the floor, feeling tension in the abdominal muscles. You should pull the knee to the chest, then stretch the leg. Do 3 sets of 10-15 times alternately for each leg. Breath deep, measured, strain the press.

Girl doing twisting exercise while lying on her back

Flat stomach in 2 weeks

Wanting to achieve a flat stomach in 2 weeks, you will have to work twice as hard. Physical activity should increase – walk more, engage in active games, run in the morning. Avoid alcohol, carbonated drinks, as the liquid will linger, and it will become much more difficult to achieve the desired. The technique of exercises and the method of execution are changing – if you want to quickly see the result, increase the number of sets and reps, use weight weights for the legs.

Dilute your usual workout with fitball exercises that will help you quickly find a toned abs. Sit on the ball, place your feet at a small width, cross your arms over your chest. Stepping forward, gently lower your back on the ball. Keep your head on weight, legs need to be bent at the knees. From this position, slowly twist, applying the efforts of the abdominal muscles, alternately: head, shoulders, back. Slowly return to the first position. Do the exercise 12 times 3 sets.

3 weeks flat stomach

To get your figure in good shape and make a flat stomach in 3 weeks, eat correctly, take time for fitness training and regularly do the exercises for the flat tummy above. Add to them the effective exercise “plank”, and a beautiful abs will not take long to wait. The plank is a stance at the same time on socks and elbows, when the buttocks do not rise to a height, the abdominal muscles are tense. Start holding the bar for a minute, gradually add thirty seconds a day.

Girl performs an exercise plank

Flat tummy in a week

You probably will not succeed in finding the perfect stomach in a week, but you can try to tighten the abdominal muscles and remove a few centimeters from the waist. Eliminate junk food from the diet, exercise hard, focusing on the muscles of the press, and changes will surely please you. Pay special attention to different types of twisting – with a roller, on a fitball, with outstretched arms, legs raised up, reverse twisting. Do the exercise “vacuum” for the abdominal muscles, using the correct breathing technique, and after a week of training the tummy will become elastic.

Flat stomach without cubes

Many girls want to learn how to make a flat stomach without cubes and muscle building. A flat stomach without cubes is the result of a balanced diet and well-designed fitness workouts. So that the relief does not appear, but at the same time the waist remains thin, and the skin is tightened, be sure to stretch after exercise. If you work out in the gym, do not do heavy weight loads, and then your figure will remain feminine, and your stomach will be flat, without the appearance of cubes.

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