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Elastic neat curls are a hairstyle that for many girls is a synonym for celebration, although for some it is an everyday occurrence. They are again in trend, so each fashionista should learn how to make curls on her own. Is it possible to do without the services of a beauty salon and curl without a curling iron?

What are good curls

Girls try to straighten curly hair no less than curl a perfectly smooth canvas. However, curls have one important advantage that hairdressers use, before most hairstyles pre-doing their wrapping. This is the ability to style yourself so that even the simplest hairstyle looks like a festive. Even an ordinary bunch of curls differs radically from a gulk made of a straight tail. In addition, curls have several more advantages:

  • constant natural volume;
  • lack of need to be engaged in morning laying;
  • the hairstyle will not be attacked by the weather;
  • styling will give the face softness and tenderness.

Large curls on medium length hair

How to make curls at home without curling irons and curlers

The styler will give the most beautiful result, but its absence does not interfere with a beautiful hairstyle. If you were considering how to make curls at home with improvised means, it is worth considering this section. Below are some original and proven ways to wind hair into papillots, hairpins, through classic braids and even using scarves. For greater styling stability, it is recommended to apply a small amount of any fixing agent (foam, mousse) on wet hair.

Using two scarves

If you were looking for a way to make small curls at home, there is no need to consider this unit – this technique is focused on large curls that look good on long hair. Salt spray will create a highlight in the image, creating a fashionable effect of beach styling. Making a hairstyle is simple:

  1. Wash your hair or just carefully moisten your combed hair.
  2. Divide into 2 equal parts. Each of them begins to be plaited into a regular braid, with a neck scarf or scarf placed at the base. The ends of the fabric should lie parallel to the working strands..
  3. Tie a scarf at the end of the finished braid, let your hair dry.

Pigtails with curls

A method that is so popular with little girls, but not too loved by their mothers because of the large amount of time spent on work. The principle of operation is very simple, but the procedure can be very tiring, so it is rarely performed on thick and long hair. How to make curly hair at home by braiding braids? Following this pattern:

  1. In the evening (waving is best done at night) wash your hair, apply a little foam.
  2. Dry to a state where you can comb your hair without injuring it.
  3. Separate a thin strand with a needle, braid it in 3 parts. The finer it is, the smaller the curls will be..
  4. Repeat the previous step until the whole head is braided. Be sure to bend the ponytails, otherwise they will remain straight.
  5. In conclusion, you can make 1-2 large ones from small braids and go to bed.
  6. In the morning, carefully untangle each of them, do not comb.

Spiral curls on long hair

How to make curls at home from rags

A method that was popular a couple of centuries ago when hot tongs did not exist or did not have such accessibility as today. As a “tool” for wrapping, any large rag is suitable: not too wide ribbons should be cut from it. How at home to quickly make curls through these papillots:

  1. Wet every piece of fabric and be sure to moisturize your hair.
  2. To begin to wind a thin lock on a papillotka from a tip. Tie firmly at the root (or lower).
  3. Cover your head with a scarf, blow dry.
  4. Remove papillots, beat the curls with your fingers. For a larger volume, you can work out the roots with a diffuser.

Curls with hairpins

The method is simple and convenient, but it is recommended to use it during the day, because sleeping with such a design is uncomfortable. The attractiveness of the method as a result that can be obtained with it: curls come out elastic and small. To work, you need a lot of durable studs with a length of 70 mm and silicone rubber bands. How to make curls at home using this technology quickly and correctly:

  1. Separate wet hair, following the standard scheme. Choose a very thin strand.
  2. Make a revolution from the root around the parallel axis of the hairpin with the number “8” so that the coils cross in the center.
  3. Fasten the blank of the curls with an elastic band, repeat these steps for a new lock.
  4. Leave the curled hair for several hours or blow dry it with a hairdryer.

How to wind hair with hairpins

Curls on the foil

The result of this procedure is zigzag curls that look very unusual. To speed up the process, the strand can be heated between the ironing plates, but even without such an impact, the success of the undertaking is guaranteed. Winding curls on the foil, keep in mind that the locks in width should not exceed 2 cm, and work begins with the crown. Hair must be moistened before curling..

The action scheme is as follows:

  1. Roll a long wide strip of foil with a flagellum and bend in the middle with the letter “V”.
  2. A strand is wound around the ends of the foil, drawing loops. Fix the ends through the bend of the foil.
  3. Repeat the previous step with all the strands, blow dry your hair with a hairdryer or iron, or let it dry on its own.
  4. Sprinkle curls with varnish, remove foil.

How to make curls at home

When working with hot tools, one must take into account that the curls obtained cannot be thrown, especially to owners of long hair. Each curl removed from the styler is cooled and disassembled, immediately stacking as needed. So professionals in the salons achieve high durability hairstyles, beautiful silhouette and natural volume. In addition, there are a few more rules for neat and durable curls:

  • Never try to curl your hair on wet hair – you injure it.
  • Do not forget to use thermal protection.
  • Making curls on varnish is not recommended – it is better to resort to foam.
  • Hair curling is carried out at a temperature of 200 degrees.
  • You can’t go over the lock with a styler more than 2 times – it will stop remembering the form.

Fashionable curls wound using a curling iron

On long and straight hair

A feature of working in such a situation is the need to cool each curl for a long time and fix it one by one, otherwise small curls will quickly turn into subtle soft waves. Professionals warn owners of natural (unpainted) hair: any curl will not last long, curls under their own weight will gradually straighten. It is recommended to wind the strands on the tongs of the smallest diameter, but the curling iron should have a long working surface, otherwise the heating of the hair will be uneven.

The technology for creating curls is as follows:

  1. Wash your hair with a deep shampoo.
  2. Treat wet hair with thermal protection, blow dry.
  3. Divide your head into standard zones, start work from the back of the head.
  4. Screw a thin strand from the root onto the curling iron, ignoring the clamp.
  5. Hold no more than 15 seconds, remove with a duck hairpin or invisibility.
  6. When the whole head is curled, dissolve the curls alternately. Sprinkle with varnish.

Hollywood curls on long hair

Small curls for short hair

Here, the size of the curling iron plays an important role: for elastic African curls, tongs with a diameter of up to 19 mm are needed. Performing this styling is as easy as making curls at home for long hair: the only difficulty may be the occipital area — it may require an additional mirror. The essence of the method is as follows:

  1. Separate the lower layer of hair with a transverse line, collect the upper mass with a clip.
  2. Separate a very thin strand, wind the curling iron from the root on a cylindrical base, laying turns close to each other.
  3. After 10 seconds (for hard hair – 12 seconds), remove the curl and cool in the palm of your hand, squeezing it.

How to make curls at home ironing

This method of wrapping is suitable for owners of long hair, but has several features:

  • the iron should have narrow (up to 21 mm) plates;
  • locks before creating curls are not treated with anything other than thermal protection;
  • curling with an iron goes hard on porous hair.

The technique is very simple, but for the first workout it is recommended to start work with a cold tool to understand how to hold it and make a turn. The algorithm of work looks like this:

  1. Divide clean and perfectly dry hair into thin strands. Start curling in the face.
  2. Twist the working part of the hair into a not too strong flagellum. Holding the tip, clamp the base with hot plates, so that the tool is located diagonally to the floor.
  3. Turn the ironing around its axis completely, i.e. 360 degrees. Slowly stretch down to the width of the plates.
  4. Turn the iron again, while simultaneously removing the ring from its tip. Repeat previous step.
  5. Perform steps 3 and 4 until the lock is fully curled. Screw it on a finger, cool and disassemble.

Quickly wind the hair twisted into flagella using an iron

Curlers for curly hair

This device is considered safe and convenient for any length and structure of hair. The low cost of some of its varieties is captivating. How to make beautiful curls at home on curlers? Decide what effect you want to have:

  • Soft large waves will give Velcro large diameter.
  • African curls are easy to make with half balls or silicone coils.
  • Naughty curls and incredible hair volume give boomerangs.

Once the goal is defined, it remains only to watch a few training videos on YouTube and get acquainted with the basic rules:

  • With spiral curlers, wrapping should be done from the roots. With the rest of the varieties – from the ends.
  • Comb small curls with your fingers, otherwise they will lose elasticity.
  • After creating waves with Velcro, you need to go through your hair with a comb to make it softer.
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